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Sunday, September 11, 2016

“I Am the Face of Truth”

Passive Marketing of the Truth

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

Would you like to help get 9/11 Truth into the public discussion—or are you okay with another decade going by? Would you be willing to do a very small task to help speed things up?

As the founders of the burgeoning I Am the Face of Truth initiative say: "If you want change, then represent change! Your first step to help the Truth movement can be a small but powerful step. Don't underestimate the power of your Facebook profile picture. Combine it with 9/11 information and you will become a powerful instrument to spread awareness about the real events of 9/11.

Your profile picture goes with you wherever you go on the Internet. Post something, there it is! Comment on something, there it is! Your face, with "9/11 TRUTH" emblazoned alongside it, will help get the 9/11 message out there. Passive marketing is always effective because it's personal. It is also easy to do because it's within your everyday activities."

Real-life faces help spread the message because social media users tune out the usual signs and banner. The average American sees 3,000-5,000 advertising messages a day, but a real-life face helps make your message personal and attention-worthy. The world needs to know that "Truthers" are moms, dads, architects, engineers, firefighters, scientists, teachers, nurses, cops, doctors, environmentalists, pilots and iron-workers—all of whom are intelligent, caring, loving, empathetic and cool!

This subtle message helps break through walls of denial. Many of those we encounter in our outreach efforts do not even know that there are problems with the official story about 9/11. Some know that there is controversy, but are encouraged by the 24/7 corporatized news media to view those who raise questions as "lunatics" that deal "fast and loose" with the facts. Curious, open-minded newcomers on the other hand can see that we are friends and neighbors who have become aware that the official 9/11 story doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

With an estimated 1.23 billion monthly active Facebook users, a little 9/11 awareness seeding from us Truthers can make a BIG difference. Consider what can happen when banners are added to profile faces and our images become ubiquitous. These explicit photos can surely help awaken the masses.

To see the potential, compare Facebook profile pictures before and after banners were added:

before-bannersBefore banners

after-bannerAfter banners

Awakening Stories

Claudio Marty, one of the founders, recounts his journey to becoming aware of what happened on September 11th, and invites others to share their own awakening stories.

"I watched the destruction of WTC 1 and 2 from a rooftop in Brooklyn. A few days later, I discovered that my cousin had perished in one of the towers. In 2009, it was my son who planted a seed in my head when he said at breakfast one morning, '9/11 was an inside job!' I didn't know what he was talking about and I didn't inquire. It was before I had my coffee and we were in the typical morning rush routine, but I never forgot that comment. It was like a tattoo in my brain. Then in 2011 after watching the controlled demolition of the WTC 7 video, it took me around 20 seconds to realize that our government and news media had lied about 9/11 when they said WTC 7 came down because of office fires. That's when I realized that my son was right!"

Creating A New 9/11 Awareness Facebook Page

We wouldn't want you to hurt your business or job because of political or controversial views. Millions of Facebook users have created separate accounts so that they can avoid intermingling their personal lives with their activism. This is especially true with important issues such as exposing the 9/11 fraud since it is an issue many uninformed people choose to ridicule.

It is not difficult to create a new Facebook identity for yourself.

  1. Get a new "clean" email account from providers such as Google (gmail) or Yahoo
  2. Log out of your current Facebook account
  3. Create a new account for your 9/11 advocacy using your new email address
  4. If you want, you can even change your name and other information when you create the new account. For example, change your current Facebook name (e.g., John Doe) to a new Facebook name (e.g., Truth Teller).
  5. To create a 9/11 awareness picture, email any profile photo that prominently displays your face to IAmTheFaceOfTruth [AT] gmail [DOT] com. We will then email you back your photo with "I Am the Face of Truth" text across your image. You can now upload that photo to Facebook or any other site to help promote the 9/11 cause.

Tenets of "I Am the Face of Truth"

Anybody who has ever stepped up for organized advocacy has encountered some level of personal attacks to discourage them from succeeding. Claudio says, "Because of my leadership with this effort, I now have a lot in common with the rear bumper of a car that's been taking a lot of abuse. All activist leaders are attacked because of the threat we pose to actually exposing the true criminals in our society. They always attack the messengers, especially if we're organized."

The I Am the Face of Truth movement is a credible, worldwide grassroots movement for 9/11 truth and justice comprised of Facebook profiles representing dozens of countries. The Face of Truth movement has two key tenets:

  1. Treat others with respect and empathy. Not everyone has seen what you have seen or know what you know. Therefore peoples' thoughts need to be heard. Provide them enough time and space to educate themselves.
  2. Be associated only with evidence that can be held up to the harshest scrutiny in any fair court on the planet. Advocates for theories that cannot be scientifically supported (e.g., directed energy weapons, nuclear weapons, "no planes" at the World Trade Center towers, etc.) are encouraged to ask hard questions about what evidence those theories are based on and, more importantly, what they ignore or disregard.

Albert Einstein who was courageous in opposing Adolf Hitler in Germany before World War II advises us that: "Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act!"

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