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Saturday, December 10, 2016

9/11Truth Action Project at the Presidential Inauguration

Written by 9/11 Truth Action Project Staff

January 20, 2017 is expected to mark a new era in protests and civic action across America. The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President is seen by many as “throwing down the gauntlet” to the progressive movements. It is expected that progressive movements will be respond by activating a large number of Americans to protest the real – or perceived – change in the direction under the newly elected political leadership.

On the other side of the political spectrum, a large number of Trump supporters will also be activated to support changes that they have long been awaiting. This clash of ideas and political perspectives will be fueled by each side staking out positions based on their adopted set of facts and observations about the world.

The 9/11 Truth movement has the opportunity to bridge this “reality gap” by demanding openness and transparency in government. This bridge would be based on educating people about the events of 9/11 showing it as an irrefutable example of “facts” that have been ignored by the mainstream media and which, by its absence, has amplified the divisions throughout the political spectrum. Incredibly, these divisions have been foisted upon America – and the world – by a media that cannot report on simple physical realities. A 47 story steel-framed skyscraper cannot descend at free-fall acceleration without the use of explosives and a gravity-only collapse of a 110 story skyscraper cannot leave firefighters in the 4th floor stairwell looking up a blue sky above them.

America cannot come together, cannot heal, without exposing the crimes of 9/11 and coming to grips with the institutions that allowed the facts to be obscured.

Openness and Transparency in Government

In the midst of this tumultuous chance civic engagement, one issue that all sides of the political spectrum should agree on – supporters and opponents of the new administration – is the fundamental issue of openness and transparency in government and media. Many of the supporters of President-elect Trump are said to have been swayed by “fake news,” which include skepticism about the veracity of the government explanation about the events of 9/11. Anecdotal reports in the media suggest that many Trump supporters are aware of problems with the official story about 9/11.

The issue of what happened on 9/11 crosses the left / right political divide because all the voters want a government that is open, transparent and truthful. To that end, the 9/11 Truth Action Project is planning to interact with participants across the entire political spectrum on inauguration day and the days that follow.

Inaugural Outreach

The large, energetic protests seen in the major cities after the election are a barometer of the appetite for civic engagement and political activism. At the upcoming inauguration, there will be huge crowds of both Trump supporters and protesters. In addition to them, there will be members of the Washington establishment plus mainstream and alternative media. Many alternative media outlets that have gained traction over the last election cycle, now constitute an aggregate information resource that citizens rely on that is able to counter the mainstream media silence about the events of 9/11. The Washington Post reports that up to a million people could converge on Washington for the inauguration.

Two such examples of the activist energy among the protestors heading to Washington are:

These protesters will intermingle with supporters during these inaugural days. This confluence of activist energy represents an unprecedented opportunity to create visibility for the cause of 9/11 justice that will go beyond the presence the 9/11 Truth Movement had at the 2014 Climate Justice march in NYC.

9/11 Truth Action Project (911 TAP) at the Inauguration

The 911 TAP will be present with a pro 9/11 Truth message and will neither be pro-Trump or anti-Trump. 911 TAP will do outreach to the general public, get petition signatures and network with other organizations.

Because of the different constituencies that will be present, banners and signs should have different messages for the various target audiences. The goal is to have some messages appealing to Trump supporters and others appealing to opponents. Additionally, there will be media from around the world representing media on all sides of the political spectrum. This will provide a major opportunity for communicating why 9/11 truth is so vitally important. Here are some ideas for banners and signs that have been discussed:

  • Make America Great Again - Rethink 9/11
  • Make America Truthful Again
  • There are still 80,000 pages on 9/11 to declassify
  • 9/11 Truth is Good for America
  • Message for President Trump and Congress - Unite for Full Spectrum Justice
  • Make America Say No To Tyranny
  • Tired of endless wars? Serious about peace? Expose the 9/11 lies to end the global war on terror
  • Want real revolution? Learn the truth about 9/11
  • Protect JASTA. Say no to amendments. Say yes to full accountability for 9/11

Outreach Using the 911 TAP Petition

The recently launched 911 TAP petition will be used as the centerpiece of this outreach. In this way, signatories will be added to the petition and awareness of 9/11 will be improved among many constituent groups. The petition can be seen and signed on the 911 TAP website.

Nuts and Bolts of Outreach at the Inaugural

Getting close to the official parade route will be difficult. There will be checkpoints along Pennsylvania Avenue for entry to the parade route and tickets may be required. It is reported that crowds usually begin lining up at 6:30 AM and these could be locations for 911 TAP outreach activities. Another major location for outreach opportunities would be where Trump supporters line up for tickets to get into the area at the Capitol where the inauguration takes place.

Veterans of previous inaugural events suggest that there will be opportunities for outreach at Union Station and other Metro stops. There will likely be a large area which is at a distance from the inaugural parade which is set-aside for protests. 911 TAP will want to do outreach to people in a free-speech zone as well.

Observations from a Washington Resident

Finally, a presence in this kind of chaotic and busy times might be misinterpreted as a protest against Trump, which could sour relations among his many supporters. 911 TAP would like to achieve visibility for its achievable 9/11 Truth goals, not fight supporters of the new administration across the board right at the start.

In sum, what might seem like a good time and place to make a statement runs into many practical difficulties. Picking another time, however, such as a Senate confirmation of a Giuliani, for example, if he gets a big nomination would create more of stir and have a more focused impact. So would visits to elected officials’ offices, or another event/press conference, etc.

Call to Action for 9/11 Activists

To be successful, we need as many people as possible to participate. If you live within a few hours of the Capitol, you can help make a huge difference for the cause of comprehensive 9/11 justice. Planning is under way. Subscribe to our Yahoogroup by sending an email to: 911truth-in-action-subscribe [AT] yahoogroups [DOT] com. Alternately, be part of planning conference calls by emailing Les Jamieson, Chair of Political Action for 9/11 TAP, at artisan3 [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

911 TAP is looking to raise $1,000 for cost of banners and literature. Please make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal at donate [AT] 911tap [DOT] org to support our educational outreach activities. Use the option to "Send money to friends and family" to avoid PayPal fees for transmitting fees (or use the Donate button on the website.

We’ve got 5 weeks to organize so seize the day. Let’s make history!


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