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Sunday, April 23, 2017

911TAP Petition Project Quarterly Progress Report

Written by 911TAP Organizational Development Committee

This is the second in a series of articles that will be published at the beginning of every calendar quarter. In these articles we will present the updated status of the 911TAP Petition Project at the end of the previous quarter. We will show you which areas of the country are making the most progress towards generating that "groundswell of civic action" we are all striving for. We will explain how the leaders became the leaders, and what they are doing to maintain their leads. We will highlight the up-and-coming areas and what they are doing to overtake the groups ahead of them. Background information on the 911TAP Petition Project and its service to the 911TAP Strategic Plan is available in the following two articles, respectively: Petition Plan Article, Strategic Plan Article.

Petition Collecting Methods

Starting in late August and prior to early December, all petitions were obtained using the 911TAP paper petition form. The petition became available for signing on the 911TAP website during the first week of December.

To this point, Facebook posts are responsible for most of the petitions signed at the 911TAP website. These include posts to 9/11 Truth groups, posts to the 911TAP page, and sharing in personal timelines. Some credit is likely due as well to private Facebook messages, emails, and other forms of word-of-mouth communication.

Before the start of the 1st quarter, Portland, Salem, and Tucson accounted for all of the paper petitions collected (and processed). In the 1st quarter six additional cities have joined in, across the states of Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and New York. The complete list of cities, and the number of paper petitions they have collected, is shown here. (Note that teams collecting paper petitions will sign up people who do not live in their state, especially during tourist seasons. The list shown here counts the efforts of the teams doing the collecting -- not the home states of the people who sign the petitions.)


Portland,OR 410
Salem, OR 136
Tucson, AZ 51
New York City, NY 50
Milton, MA 11
San Diego, CA 10
Phoenix, AZ 5
Pomona, CA 5
Boston, MA 3
Total Paper 681


Current Standings

At the end of the 1st Quarter, 2017, a total of 1284 people, worldwide, had signed the 911TAP petition. This is an increase of 669 over the previous quarter. Of these, 1169 listed a U.S. address as their residence and 115 a non-U.S. address. A total of 603 petitions were signed on-line and 681 were gathered using paper petition forms. The ranking of the top ten states is shown here. The numbers for all 50 states are shown at the end of the article.


 1  Oregon  539
 2  California  92
 3  Arizona  74
 4  Washington  59
 5  Massachusetts  35
 6  Florida  34
 6  New York  34
 8  Texas  24
 9  Pennsylvania  21
10 Colorado 15
10 Ohio 15



Oregon maintained its position in 1st place, increasing its lead with an additional 186 signers. Of these, 145 were collected using paper petition forms in Portland. Many of the 41 website signers were motivated to sign by email requests for them to do so.

California moved from 3rd to 2nd place, in part, due to paper petitions collected in San Diego and Pomona (and Portland, OR). The rest were the result of California being California, a huge-population state with a relatively high level of 9/11 awareness.

Arizona moved from 4th to 3rd place, due mainly to the effort of the team in Tucson, with help from Phoenix. A total of 43 of the 58 Arizona signers were obtained using paper petitions in these two cities.

New York moved from the 8th position into the 6th spot, with 27 new signers in the 1st quarter. Five of these signers were among the 50 paper petitions collected by the New York City team in Washington, D.C. for the Women's March in January. The 22 on-line signers give testament to a significant awareness of 9/11 Truth in New York state, combined with the large population there.

Next Steps

The 911TAP Petition Project is off to a successful start, with early results in line with expectations set by the prior experience of 911TAP (AE911Truth legacy) action teams at petition-based outreach. Volunteer recruitment from these petitions is initiating petition gathering in new areas of the country. This type of positive feedback should only increase in magnitude going forward.

We are looking for people to help distribute 911TAP brochures and collect petitions using the paper petition form. A fixed number of 75-brochure packages are available each week at no cost to qualified individuals who request them. Additional packages are shipped out at our cost ($12). Please also consider a financial donation to the 911TAP Petition Project so that we can provide additional no-cost brochure packages to speed the rate of action team formation into new geographic areas. Of course, we ask all readers who haven't signed the 911TAP petition to sign on-line at, and invite your friends to join you. Send all requests and inquiries to dfura [AT] 911tap [DOT] org.

Given the long, 3-month duration before the next quarterly report is written in July , it would not be unexpected to see cities and states surge ahead in petition gathering that are not mentioned in this report. We look forward to writing about you.

Complete 1st Quarter Statistics

 Oregon 539   New Jersey 11   Alaska
 California 92   Wisconsin  Arkansas
 Arizona 74   Nevada  Iowa
 Washington 59   New Mexico  New Hampshire
 Massachusetts 35   North Carolina  Oklahoma
 Florida 34   Hawaii  Vermont
 New York 34   Kentucky  Wyoming
 Texas 24   Missouri  Delaware
 Pennsylvania 21   Connecticut  Louisiana
 Colorado 15   South Carolina  Mississippi
 Ohio 15   Maine  Montana
 Illinois 14   Nebraska  Kansas
 Michigan 14   Utah  North Dakota
 Minnesota 13   Alabama  Rhode Island
 Virginia 12   Idaho  South Dakota
 Georgia 11   Indiana  West Virginia
 Maryland 11   Tennessee  Non-US 69 


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