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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

US Conspiracies and “Fake News” – Then And Now (WGDR +)

Written by Jim Hogue

“The statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame on the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience– soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and will refuse to study any refutation of them.” – Mark Twain, conspiracy theorist


The scream from the 1978 remake of the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, came to mind the other day. The scream horrified movie-goers as it was meant to do. Once you have seen the movie you can’t forget it. In the final and tragic scene, the expectant and vulnerable Veronica Cartwright rushes to Donald Sutherland, the one man left she can trust. But he unleashes at her the ghastly scream. His body is no longer his own.

This scene came to mind while I was waiting in a doctor’s office. The radio was on faintly, but loud enough for me to understand what was being said. It was a program called On Point from Vermont Public Radio. A caller was just beginning to mention one of the lies in the official story of the crimes of the 9/11. The host let out a scream. Not the scream from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but to me it represented the real voice of VPR. The host, upon realizing where the caller was going, ejaculated a remark as sickening as the scream from Donald Sutherland. The remark was programmed into the host and mandated by his sense of allegiance to those whose bodies had been snatched. He knew how his bread was buttered and how to marginalize those who question the approved story. His anger seemed to be inflamed because he had been tricked.

I tell this story because I had a conversation with a radio station manager some days later. He had heard similar events on VPR. He was particularly angered by the open and visceral hostility toward any point of view that does not subscribe to the main stream line. The metaphor of body snatchers fits this theme because those people who had gone through the sinister transformation were placid and normal-looking, unless of course they spotted an un-snatched human in their midst. Then they reacted in a chorus of screams to identify the outsider. This is how the host reacted on VPR. This was not a reasoned response. It was programmed and aggressive. And it fit into his social environment. This is what the snatched bodies do. They point at the outsider and scream.

The host knew that his behavior was acceptable. He didn’t have to consider it. All he had to do was react, with no hesitation, with no politeness, and with none of the social graces associated with community intercourse, in a way that was noticeably outside the realm of intelligent thought, and yet acceptable to Vermont Public Radio.


“The lie flies and the truth comes limping after.” – Mark Twain.

Know the enemy – the media et al

1) Why is the media the enemy?

Among the functions of the media is to manufacture consent for war. They ignore, they invent, and they alter. They ignore the stories that would lead to peaceful solutions. They invent and alter stories to lead us to war.

2) Behind the lies

It’s not a question of the chicken and the egg. It’s a question of relationships, past and present. The National Security Agency, the CIA, the State Department, the military, the arms merchants, the central banks, the Center for Disease Control, AIPAC, Philip Zelikow, Michael Chertoff, David and Nelson Rockefeller, Pierre DuPont…

There is a web of relationships and co-operation among sources and the media for the purpose of telling the stories they want told in the way they want them told. The sources of “news” are interwoven with the media.

The Rockefellers and the media told the stories that fostered business opportunities and genocide in Guatemala and the Amazon basin. Anaconda and Kennecott Copper got the stories they needed to prosper in South America. The media never tells us of the connection between these companies and the “disappeared.” We remain in ignorance or we are misinformed.


The Currency Act and the War of Independence

The history we are taught is tainted, not thoroughly, but enough. Are we taught that the Currency Act caused the War of Independence because it prohibited the colonies from creating their own money? The Currency Act ended a period a unheard-of prosperity. Ignorance of this prevents us from knowing that sovereignty and money creation go hand in hand. We don’t learn in our studies of the difference between sovereign (public) money and bank created (debt) money. In the words of Henry Ford: “It is well that people of the nation do not understand our banking or monetary system, for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

The Spanish American “War”

I place the word in war in quotes because it was hardly a war. The “war” in 1898 and the Treaty of Paris that followed were but fig leaves to expedite the annexation of Cuba and the Philippines by the US.

Who lied and what were the lies?

The press, the military, and the government lied about the war, the peace, the annexation, the slaughter and the casualties.

They told the American people 1) that Spain had started it by blowing up the battleship Maine, 2) that the US would enter this war to liberate the people of Cuba and Philippines.

From the beginning, President McKinley gave written orders to General Mitchell that the Philippines were to be annexed by the US by any means.

Spain had already lost possession of the Philippines in her defeat by the Filipino forces. The hastily arranged Treaty of Paris (signed Dec 10, 1898) was an agreement between Spain and the US: 1) to cover up the fact that Spain had been defeated by the Filipinos, and 2) so that the US could pretend to take possession of the Philippines and Cuba from a country that actually possessed them. (The US paid Spain $20 million for these cover-ups to consummate the deal.)

The most bloodthirsty lie in this story is the ever-popular one about the great, good nation of self-sacrificing citizens and soldiers freeing the oppressed from their oppressors. Under implied orders from McKinley

American forces in the Philippines took it upon themselves to slaughter the Filipinos and Filipinas who stood for independence. Total Philippine deaths were 1.5 million. These were mostly civilians, but that was fine because it was all the “white man’s burden.” In the words of President McKinley, “They were unfit for self-government . . . There was nothing left for us to do but to take them all, and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and civilize and Christianize them, and by God’s grace do the very best we could by them, as our fellow-men for whom Christ died.” Manifest Destiny. When will it end?

Some in Congress were aggrieved by the slaughter of civilians. Two commanders were taken to task. Major Littleton Waller was tried by court martial and acquitted of executing prisoners. Gen Jacob H. Smith was “admonished.” Blame was also leveled at Secretary of War Elihu Root for ignoring the war crimes. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1913. American liberators killed more Filipinos in three years than the Spanish colonial power killed in three hundred.

Vietnam and Iraq

I will not repeat the details of the lies that led the US to invade Vietnam and Iraq to help save them from themselves and to make it possible for them achieve democracy. The lies were simple to come up with and disseminate. The talking heads were happy to report the lies of The Gulf of Tonkin, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. The New York Times pushed the stories, knowing they were lies – knowing that the details were lies, the details that built the stories that manufactured your consent with “conscience soothing falsities.”

The Six Day War

There is no clearer case of acknowledged top-down conspiracy than that of the Israeli attack against the USS Liberty. Steve Green had to fight with the CIA to publish his book, Taking Sides, but nothing in it has ever been challenged as incorrect. From the stand-down of the air force by Johnson, McNamara and McCain, to the strafing of the lifeboats, to the orders from Johnson to the crew to remain silent, to the complicity of the press – this incident is vivid proof of the use of conspiracies and lies. The conspirators aided and abetted, and then covered up, an attack against a US vessel, the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. They committed war crimes and treason.

The Constant

What the lies mean for history is that students don’t learn why wars are fought. They don’t learn why we have a debt-based money system or of the connections between debt-based money and war. Conventional history books record the struggles for territory, for resources, or of good and evil leading the righteous into war against the infidel and the aggressor. The works of Frederick Soddy (The Role of Money), Smedley Butler (War is a Racket), Ellen Brown (Web of Debt) and John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) record and explain the role of the debt-based monetary system.


We are – if we don’t reject and combat the constant barrage of pabulum that congratulates itself for its insights – for the kissy kissy gabble gabble of insipid drivel that diverts us from the essential task of telling the truth.

Writers have tackled the theme of the conformity that causes a deadening stupidity. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World and Ira Levin wrote This Perfect Day on the subjects of drugs in lieu of thought and slavery in return for comfort. Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco turns conformists into rhinos and The Madwoman of Chaillot by Jean Giraudoux pits courage and eccentricity against corruption. Benjamin Franklin wrote “Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for temporary security deserve neither.”

These are the thoughts of humanitarians. The qualities of courage, ingenuity, insightfulness and public spirit make us caring, lively human beings. These qualities keep our bodies from being snatched.

A soviet journalist once asked an American journalist, “I know why we lie, but why do you?” The question of why the media lies is an easy one. The real question is why the public seems to believe the most transparent of lies and why they conduct their lives as though the lies don’t matter. This fight is against human nature at large.


Three Collaborators and some Good News

We may have them on the ropes, thanks to many people turning off the main stream media and looking independently for news. It may also be thanks to the absurdities that the MSM expect us to swallow if they keep pounding them into us in unprecedented desperation. That the Washington Post on December 31 fabricated a story about the Russian “hack” into Burlington Electric is a case in point – a story that was picked up by the rest of the snatched brains because it fit the bigger absurdity of the Russian hack into the DNC.

The Burlington Electric Department pointed out that there was no such thing: “We detected the malware in a single Burlington Electric Department laptop not connected to our organization’s grid systems.” It’s not even worth repeating since the story about the hack via Russian malware is bogus in the first place. And who fell for this crap and exaggerated it to the point of fear mongering about a Russian attack on the electric grid (without knowing anything about it)? VT Senator Patrick Leahy, former VT Governor Peter Shumlin and VT Congressman Peter Welch. The story is as believable as Godzilla eating Boston, but that doesn’t deter the body snatchers because, according to them: you will believe anything they tell you.

If you still have a brain, and if you read the writings of Paul Craig Roberts, James Corbett, Jon Rappoport, Ray McGovern et al., who point out the impossibilities of the assertions made by the media, you know that impossibility has nothing to do with their promotion. Leahy, Shumlin and Welch are worried about Putin shutting down the Vermont electric grid. Really?

Why would he do that? Does Putin know where Vermont is or care? What are Leahy, Shumlin and Welch playing at? Or are they butt ignorant?

Do they acquire so many points toward Democrat heaven if they spout the DNC line, no matter how ridiculous? Are they knowingly part of a plan to set us up for a false flag operation, or are they being played for useful idiots? Note that Shumlin couldn’t resist the extra credit points for calling Putin “one of the world’s leading thugs.” The rest of the world, outside of Washington sycophants, happens to regard Putin as a restrained statesman. The questions many ask are how long will Putin tolerate the US’s insidious, peevish sword-rattling and the pathetic lies. And what will he do?

But more important, what about you? Did you fall for the story because people you respect voiced a concern? If you respect them, why do you respect them? We are all easily persuaded by those we respect. The good news is that more and more people have no use for main stream media, and are hungry for the truth.

In a poll by CNBC, 83% believed Wikileaks, while 17% believed US intelligence officials. In an LDT poll, 94% believed Julian Assange, and 6% believed Obama. This would not be possible if the claims of Obama and the intelligence services were plausible; but they aren’t.


Repetition seems to be the most effective weapon in the hands of the media and it’s collaborators. We can’t compete with their ability to stay on message any more than the characters in the movie could resist the invasion of the body snatchers.

Is there a way to convince more people that 1) the media, the too-big-to-fail- banks, and members of the government are committing crimes against democracy and that 2) there is something we can do about it? If so, then perhaps we can make strides in accountability. I am aware that the judiciary is equally culpable here, but let’s imagine for the moment that the people en masse have some sway. So do the individuals who do the hard work in the trenches. State crimes against democracy have been exposed through Freedom of Information Act requests, whistle-blowers, and courageous reporters.

What language is potent and effective? Paul Craig Roberts points out how the CIA came up with the term “conspiracy theory” to marginalize the truth and anyone who dares to tell it. The media had no problem disseminating the negative connotations of the term.

Never mind that any covert or secretive action conducted by more than one person is a conspiracy. If you are capable of identifying an action as such, then there is something wrong with you. This negative connotation sticks so successfully that an entire population is afraid of the offenders. If you spot any official malfeasance, you had better keep your mouth shut or you and your evidence will be discredited. Tough spot, and it proves the power of language and the power of those who (conspire to) manipulate it. We must acknowledge the power of the words. In the words of Chuck Watts of Empathy Surplus Project – “If you use their language, you are shooting yourself in the foot.”

Remember the term “freedom fighters” used for the Contras? The game of naming things goes on. How did “truther” get turned against those seeking truth? Why does even the alternative media use the term “detainees” or worse, “terrorist suspects” when, in truth, the captives in Guantanamo are kidnap victims? The reason for the kidnappings is to manufacture consent, from us, for the war on terror. Torture leads to the correct narrative.

Your child ruptures his appendix. You take him to the shrink. The child dies, but you console yourself in knowing that you did all you could.

The cost of doing nothing, or doing the ineffective thing, or playing by the rules of traitors and murderers is that hundreds of thousands of innocent people die. Others lose their livelihood, their land, their families, their possessions and their freedom. It doesn’t take that many people to tell the truth to make a huge difference. Look at the effort employed to silence them! Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Sibel Edmonds, Daniel Ellsberg, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Bradley Manning, Mordechai Vanunu, and countless others, from the cigarette industry to the CIA.


Below are the cases of three whistleblowers. The reports can be found under my name at They expose the virus that infects the government, the banking system, and corporations. This virus protects the criminals at the highest levels. We all need to become the media to expose the truth. We are the only antidote.

William Bergman

William Bergman was a financial market analyst for the Federal Reserve who discovered anomalies in the cash component of the M1 money supply (cash circulating outside of banks) at the time of 9/11. He reported this and was removed from his position.

He currently serves as director of research for Truth in Accounting, a nonprofit dedicated to informing citizens about government financial reporting. He teaches at Loyola University.

His conclusion about the funding of the 9/11 attacks vs the official story:

“The official story-line is that the attacks were accomplished by ‘the evil-doers’ on a shoe-string budget with little money changing hands. Therefore, according to Zelikow et al., it is pointless to look at large flows of money in an investigation of the attacks. That makes perfect sense – unless you happen to have a brain.”

The simple facts that Mr. Bergman uncovered are as follows:

1) The currency component of the M1 money supply surged to over $5 billion over the norm for a two month increase.

2) The increase in August alone of 2001 was the third largest single monthly increase since 1947 even after the large increase in July.

3) People and institutions hoard cash in anticipation of disasters such as war or bank failures. In the late summer of 2001 there was no disaster on the horizon known to the public.

4) Warnings of the events of 9/11 were disseminated to some individuals who acted on these warnings and later reported them.

Mr. Bergman’s investigation of those warnings and their connection to the cashing out of billons of dollars was curtailed. The official 9/11 Commission Report states that the National Money-laundering Strategy Report of 2001 “didn’t mention terrorist financing in any of its 50 pages.”

No-one except Philip Zelikow will say that those facts should not have been investigated. Zelikow was the executive director of the 9/11 Commission.

Something is seriously rotten when the agencies mandated to investigate treason, murder and other state crimes against democracy refuse to do so. And worse, when good, law-abiding citizens and activists refuse to consider the facts that contradict the “soothing falsities” they are told to believe. And even worse, when people are kidnapped and locked up for refusing to lie, and released if they consent to bear false witness.

Vivienne Rerrie

Vivienne Rerrie reported drug trafficking and espionage against the US to her superiors at the CIA. She was eventually fired. She discovered, the hard way, that there are highly placed moles in the CIA. But there is a more sinister explanation, the kind that John LeCarre understands so well: that such crimes are systemic and go on under the auspices of those in the chain of command in the CIA right up to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the President. This was covered in the series for the San Jose Mercury News called “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb. His death was the price of investigative journalism when it threatens the wrong people.

Vivienne Rerrie has a more striking story since it also involves espionage, and therefore the cover-up involves treason.

Rerrie was a CIA secretary from 1987 to 1999. She served in the US, Venezuela, Germany and Thailand. She received two certificates for performance, two cash awards, and was nominated for secretary of the year.

Ms Rerrie sold her home to pay for legal bills.

The Facts

1) In 1994 – 1995, while stationed in Bangkok, Ms. Rerrie reported the suspicious behavior of a man who made trips back and forth to Malaysia.

2) No investigation followed, but she received negative reports leading to a psychological evaluation.

3) On Thanksgiving of 1994 Ms. Rerrie began reporting that the suspect was using a postal facility (code name Evergreen) in Bangkok as a trans-shipment point for drugs, utilizing CIA diplomatic pouches and the mail service. She identified the man responsible and deposed her evidence to the regional security officer at the US embassy.

4) She was sent stateside, given an office with nothing to do. She sued and won the case on the grounds that the CIA had retaliated against her. She was then reinstated to the job for which she was trained.

5) Confirmation of her reports was later acquired. She then filed her report as a whistle-blower.

6) She was sent home on administrative leave and terminated on 1/19/99.

Attorneys for whistle-blowers state that identifying oneself as a whistle-blower before providing information is a trap, and that Deep Throat did it right.

Sibel Edmonds

The Edmonds case has been well documented in several reports including her autobiography: Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story.

Sibel Edmonds, while working as a translator for the FBI, reported moles from Turkey in the translation section shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The moles found employment through a nepotistic relationship with one of her bosses, also a mole. Documents proving these allegations were deliberately ignored. Documents proving malfeasance on the part of the Turkish Council were ignored. Down the line, Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert’s paychecks of over $500,000 for favors to the Turkish Council were documented and ignored. Hastert then joined the Council’s lobbying firm.

Ms. Edmonds’ claims were never countered. She trekked over several years through the chain of command all the way to Leahy on the Senate Intelligence Committee and to the Supreme Court for naught. At every step along the way she ran into the same road block: Classified for reasons of national security. State secrets. The FBI did not want the courts to know that Turkey was running moles in the FBI. Now that we know, nothing changes. Profitable military relationships trump national security. For two and a half years she fought the government for the right to publish Classified Woman. Finally, she had to self-publish.

In my latest radio interview with Ms. Edmond’s she explains why this is possible: no-one of potent influence in the US congress, nor the president, nor his cabinet, nor the judiciary, nor the media could hold the positions they hold if they were not controllable. This is a plausible statement given the ardor with which the establishment attacks the truth, and the lack of coverage given to alternative candidates. Ron Paul is a prime example: he was out of the loop, so he was not acceptable. Sanders’ votes in the Democratic primary were stolen from him, which is all the more interesting since some polls show that he would have beaten Trump. Better for your party to lose than to have the wrong candidate win. The panic within the Republican party and media over Trump is a further indication. He did not subscribe to the agenda of poking the Russian bear. Note the unified attack against JFK when he foiled the CIA war plans against Cuba and began negotiations with Nikita Krushchev. That he began to extricate the US from the war in Vietnam sealed his doom.

Sibel Edmonds: “ . . . the attacks on our government are from within, from our very own government; and unless we recognize these attacks and stand up and speak out — no, shout out — against those in government who are attempting to silence the brave few who are warning us, then we are doomed to wake up one sad morning and wonder when and where our freedom died.”


Peeling back the layers of lies is one way to look at this. Another is to see how they were disseminated. I will restrict this to the lies of war which leaders of peace movements have bought, thereby nullifying the efforts of many devoted peace activists and sacrificing the lives of millions.

The people of the US were lied into every war they ever fought since the War for Independence, but I will site cases where the evidence is most easily verified.

Isn’t it astonishing that good people, well-meaning people buy the argument every time, throughout history, that the powers that lead us to war are “mistaken” and “misinformed?” “If only we could get to the war makers and reason with them they would see the error of their ways.” If you think that, you have had your brain snatched.

Did you believe the lies reported to you by The New York Times that a passport had floated down to earth from a plane? Never mind that nothing else from the plane floated down. Never mind that the plane disappeared in total destruction. Some give the Times a pass, but that is mental laziness. A newspaper cannot tell that story without knowing that it is a lie and that they are supposed to tell it. That is one of the many obvious lies told by the media that the peace movement refuses to challenge. Why? And why does the peace movement persist? Is there no tale too laughably idiotic for it to challenge?

Where was the peace movement when the war mongers fed it the story of Russia taking over our elections so that the Department of Homeland Security has to take them over to save us? Where was it when Hillary Clinton said she would respond to (the non-existent) cyber attacks with military force? Do the peacemakers not see the build–up to war?

It’s funny that their enemy, Trump, does see the build up and trashed it; but that’s another irony too subtle for snatched brains. We have been told in so many words that the next attack against us will be by Russia. Peace activists, go after the lies now if you want to stop the next war. Telling lies is how the media manufactures consent. When you buy into them you help lay the ground work for the war.

François de La Rochefoucauld

But what if there is no longer any need for hypocrisy? What if the crimes are blatant? What if the criminals are rubbing our noses in our cowardice and stupidity? And what if we don’t even know it? Or, worse, do?

One might say that we are in a new era: the era that Orwell predicted. One could say that we are still emerging from frightening times of racism, fascism, communism, dictatorships and brutal repression. “Look at the great progress we have achieved.”

There are those with blinders and those who see the full spectrum. There are the lies that are covered up and the lies that are thrown openly in our faces. And most people take it because it is so easy to do so and so difficult to face the alternatives. Hypocrisy is advocating truth and repeating lies.

Allow me to ask you – Do you want to stop WWIII? Am I being an alarmist? Let’s say that I am – that the lies aimed at Russia to frighten us and make us wary have no warlike purpose. So then it’s acceptable to acquiesce? It’s acceptable to ignore the professional wrestling going on in Washington among the snatched bodies and the body snatchers.

Every day new sycophants join the ranks: “We must have a thorough investigation into cyber warfare.” That seems benign and even sensible doesn’t it? Makes sense. But the NSA FBI, DHS, CIA etc. already wage that war. and honest analysts among them have blown the whistles. But the lie grows and grows until everyone agrees that the Russians are a threat to our security. Then the next one comes at us. The peace movement and our good friends and neighbors chime in. We have our bodies snatched; and where there were brains there are now mandates to agree with the word, “and the word is God.” What ends up in our heads starts with an absurd lie and ends up with the deaths of millions. And the lie is allowed to grow and to grow slowly so that we frogs in the warming water don’t see the damage ahead. “Spain blew up the Maine! North Vietnam attacked our ship! Osama bin Laden attacked New York City and Washington DC! There are Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and they are emptying incubators!” Gigantic lies in the interest of tyrannies and shams.


A majority of US citizens would not now nor have they ever been in favor of the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians. The method for manufacturing their consent is simple: don’t tell them. Lie to them.

And the effectiveness of the lies is directly proportional to their size . Make them big enough and the people will believe them. Congress will not dare challenge them even if they see an evil purpose behind them. The media will promote them avidly and both congress and the media “will refuse to study any refutation of them.”

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“The greatest tragedy is not the brutality of the evil people, but rather the appalling silence of the good people.” – Martin Luther King

Those who lead the opposition are destroyed or marginalized, and often left hanging out to dry. Dave Dellinger and the Chicago Seven paid for their opposition to the Vietnam War, but they paved the way for the rest of us. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were among those who paved the way for desegregation. The Berrigans led the effective corps of the peace movement. Gary Webb and Michael Hastings died for telling the truth as did whistle-blower and DNC staffer Seth Rich after leaking emails proving DNC corruption. CIA whistle-blower, John Kiriakou, and NSA whistle-blower, Thomas Drake, are fighting for us now. Senator from MN Paul Wellstone and Senator Mel Carnahan from MO were the only two Senators standing in the way of US aggression. They lived and died in the service of humanity. Their deaths changed history.

Where was the peace movement when its great leaders on the front lines were murdered? Why weren’t they filling the streets with demands for impartial investigations? If those who had killed JFK had been brought to justice, the Vietnam war would have ended. If those who had committed the crimes of 9/11 had been brought to justice, there would have been no war in Afghanistan or Iraq, and an era of peace might have begun.

Those who ordered the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, Wellstone and Carnahan had a common motive. Those who manufacture consent for war have a common motive. The Neo-cons even published a document that lays it out: The Plan for a New American Century – a plan that could only be carried out with the silence of the good people. Silence in the face of lies allowed for the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya – for the attacks against Panama, Granada, Syria, El Salvador, and Guatemala and attempted coup against Venezuela. NATO has 27 bases surrounding Russia. What does the peace movement do when a man becomes president who wants to be friends with Russia? In league with bear-baiters of the deep state they attack him and fall for the transparent fiction that Putin got him elected. Never mind that his election may have foiled the plans for war.

Let’s goose-step our way to deep state “democracy” along with the tag-team of Michael Moore and William Kristol. Let’s applaud the treason of the media, McCain and McMaster that leads us into war with Syria.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers tells the story of bodies snatched without their knowing it. Brave New World tells the story of a programmed society and of mass acceptance of the pleasurable drug, soma, administered to make us all contented slaves.

These works describe the vast majority controlled by those who rule, and those who reject the conformity imposed upon them — those who can still think and who dare to do so.



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BIO: Jim Hogue is a Vermont-based journalist, radio host, thespian, and Ethan Allen chautauqua’ist.


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