Truthers is an exciting new Young Adult novel written by Geoffrey Girard. Although this fast paced thriller is aimed at teens, readers of all ages will find it a real page turner.  We "admitted truthers" will be thrilled at the prospect of teens being exposed to the carefully balanced information that Girard presents in this transcendent work.

The plot deals with the plight of high school junior Katie Wallace, an admirable, brainy, diligent teen who suddenly witnesses her father, a troubled military veteran, being whisked away by persons unknown.  Dad is described as an eccentric, prone to public outbursts about 9/11 suspicions and threatening Dick Cheney.  

She sets out on a roller coaster ride to find and free her father.

Katie is determined to do whatever it takes, and along the way is exposed to the depth and complexities of 9/11 truth and some of the other myriad secret dealings of our government.  Other topics such as PTSD, mental illness, and foster care are woven into the exposition.  Along the way she encounters Max, a mysterious, nerdy and brilliant friend. Romance is inevitable and the obligatory high school prom scene is served up with relish.

You will find yourself fraught with anticipation and curiosity about the conclusion of this book.

It’s obvious that Girard has done considerable, objective research and he weaves it all into this suspenseful thriller.  Even questions such as what might have happened to the plane passengers are explored.  He purposely doesn’t set out to prove or disprove any theories surrounding the events of 9/11, but offers readers an opportunity to do their own exploration. In interviews, Girard describes the research he did in preparation of writing Truthers:

“No exaggeration, 20+ books and too-many hours on the web (some ugly stuff out there, as you know). My favorite part of writing is probably the research; always has been. I read up for six months, easily, before Katie took form or writing a single word. Both sides, all sides. Different conspiracy theories about 9/11. The actual 9/11 Commission Report. Other conspiracy stuff, altogether. I include a specific list at the end of the book [including and books by David Ray Griffin!] in my hope is that readers will dig around after and come up with their own conclusions.

As a teacher, I see/hear what my students are interested in. 9/11 was fifteen years ago, and for 95% of them, the only thing they know (or care) about 9/11 is the conspiracy stuff. I’m hoping her “conspiracy story” forms a bridge to a bigger journey for readers, I prefer to present both sides as fairly as I can, provide some tools for next steps, and trust the reader/student to take it from there.”

This practice of avoiding preaching and embracing neutrality is a brilliant strategy to thwart and circumvent the gatekeepers and to insure that he reaches the most readers possible.

As I was researching the writing of this review, I became aware of a most delightful trend.  Girard’s observation about his students’ strong interest in conspiracy theories was echoed by many of the educators and parents reviewing and commenting on this book.  I’ve also noticed growing anecdotal evidence from other folks about this same phenomena. How beautiful is that?  This generation was largely spared the “official story” brainwashing by the mainstream media.  Many apparently are open minded and willing to draw their own conclusions after researching the wealth of information available on the web.  Perhaps a fruitful path for us to take would be to encourage high school “Conspiracy Clubs”!

After you’ve given this book as a holiday gift, make sure you mention that you’d like to read the book when they’ve finished.  It’s so addictive, you won’t wait long!

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