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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The 9-11 Investigation: A Farce

A Play About the Four False Assumptions

Written by Dr. Robert Soloway

I am the author of a stage-plays called, The 9-11 Investigation: A Farce. It's a comedy. Yeah, that's right, I wrote a 9-11 comedy. At the end of this article I will explain why I wrote it.

Through the experience of raising money for my play, I have become aware that over 90% of the people who believe the official story have never looked into it. They just believe it. I was wondering if there was anything I could say to convince these people that the official story of 9-11 has many unanswered questions. However, they know so little about the events of that day, that no amount of information I could present would sway them, because we aren't arguing facts, we are arguing assumptions.

Four Basic Assumptions

There are four basic assumptions that stop most people from even questioning the official story.

  1. The government by way of the 9-11 Commission Report has looked into it. It's solved.
  2. No American would intentionally kill so many Americans.
  3. The media would tell us the truth if the official story was wrong. Popular mechanics etc.
  4. It couldn't be kept secret if someone else did it. Someone would leak it.

These four assumptions keep most people from even considering an alternative version. That means that we have to attack these assumptions and not just the facts of 9-11.

These four assump- tions keep most people from even considering an alternative version

Attacking the Assumptions

Attacking 1. We have had many Congressional Commissions in the past. Many have been wrong. Oswald did not act alone. MLK was killed by a conspiracy as well (A civil court has actually found this). A Congressional Commission on assassination in 1978 found that both JFK and MLK were probably killed by conspiracies, yet no one went on to solve the crimes. That alone is a crime. So much for assumption 1, that the Commission Report got it right. Commission Reports are notoriously wrong.

Attacking 2. As for American politicians killing Americans, here is a story you should know. Candidate for President, Richard Nixon had his people contact the South Vietnamese and tell them to decline Johnson's peace deal in 1968. Nixon promised he would give them a better deal after he won the election. That kept the war going until 1973 and cost about 40,000 American lives. You can actually hear this for yourself, because Johnson's phone records have been released and in a conversation with Senator Dirkson, Johnson tells him that he knows Nixon has done this and that it is treason. Oh, but no American would do anything like that and cause the deaths of so many of his fellow citizens. Well Nixon did.

Attacking 3. People assume the media keeps us well informed. Did you know Jack Ruby worked for Nixon at one time before the JFK assassination. Wait, if that were true, our media would have told us. Isn't that so? You can hold on to that belief if you want, but given that 63% of Americans thought Saddam had participated in 9-11 at the time of the invasion, the media slant should be obvious. If you think the media is a good source for truth, you had better start looking elsewhere. Five corporations run our news outlets. Several are also defense contractors. Did you know there are multiple intelligence assets in every major media outlet? I can list hundreds of news items that have never been reported by the mainstream media. Did you know that John Hinckley Jr., the guy who shot at Reagan, is the son of a good friend of George Bush, the V.P at the time. Don't you think it newsworthy that a friend of the man who would become president, shot at Reagan? Where did that story go? How about this one: did you know that E. Howard Hunt, Watergate burglar and known intelligence asset, gave a deathbed confession admitting to being part of the Kennedy assassination? How could that not be newsworthy? He reports that LBJ was involved in killing JFK. Not news?! How about Osama Bin Laden's denial? Ever hear that on the news? Oh yeah, the video of Osama Bin Laden “confessing” is fake and the experts all know it. Ever hear that? No, but you saw the fake on TV and probably still believe it. Did you know that the FBI has admitted that it is possible that the 19 terrorists are not the right people. The BBC claims that at least 5 are still alive. Ever hear that on US TV? These are just examples from within the “conspiracy” world. Your news is being filtered and you are not being told.

Attacking 4. Then there are those who believe the official story because they think it would take large numbers of people to commit 9-11 and that it is unreasonable to assume that all those people went along with it and aren't talking.

This is wrong on two counts. First, the official version probably involves 50 people or so, 19 of them the actual hijackers. Why should it have taken so many more people for anyone else to do it? Well placed people, like Dick Cheney, could handle a lot of it. Did you know that in May of 2001, just four months before the attacks, Dick Cheney was placed in charge of implementing the “seamless coordination” of all military exercises and war games pertaining to weapons of mass destruction. He was placed in charge of managing and overseeing these operations as declared by executive order from George Bush. Get it?! Cheney was put in charge of the many military drills that were going on that day and all related military operations. The executive order was eliminated in October, 2001. What a coincidence! So Cheney was in charge that day. Oh goody.

As for keeping it a secret, that's not so hard for people who are willing to kill 3000 innocents. If you were involved and had any doubts that they would kill you if you snitched, that should have ended on 9-11. These people are killers, and one more wouldn't matter. Also there have been secret projects in the past, like the Manhattan Project, that developed the first nuclear bomb. That project involved thousands of people but was kept a secret.


  1. Commission Reports are frequently wrong.
  2. The media has covered up news before.
  3. Presidents have killed people in large numbers.
  4. It may not have required thousands of people, not even hundreds, and those involved are scared to death to talk.

Art Raises Awareness

So if you have friends or relatives that still speak to you about 9-11, stop trying to tell them the suspicious facts from that day, and attack their underlying assumptions.

I frequently tell them that I wish I didn't believe what I believe. I tell them how it has cost me friends and lovers. I have seen people at parties roll their eyes and act shocked that anyone of any intelligence can believe a 9-11 “conspiracy”. I have stopped wasting my time asking them question after question about the event, because they don't know the answers, but are still convinced I'm nuts. I explain that it's not easy being a 9-11 Truther, but it's a devotion.

Another point I like to make is that the 9-11 Truth movement is a peace movement. We don't believe the Arab world is our enemy, but we are turning them into enemies, to the massive reward of just a few in the military industrial complex. After the Soviet Union fell, we all thought we were going to have a peace dividend to use to help our nation. Unfortunately, some people had different ideas of what to do with that money. They created endless war with a hyped up enemy and infinite spending on intelligence and defense.

Then I make my final pitch. If you want the peace dividend back, if you want a return to sanity in our government, put in a few minutes, look up the facts. We can put our country, and indeed the world, back on track.

Okay, so I admit that most of the time all this fails. That's what lead me to write a comedy.

We all know that the mainstream media ignores or belittles the 9-11 Truth Movement. How can we penetrate this blackout?

Here is my theory; The mainstream media is so confident in their position and that Truthers are nuts, that they will not be able to refrain from attacking a 9-11 comedy. They will call it “inappropriate, disgusting, insensitive, and attack it mercilessly. But that is the trick! In their attempt to discredit and belittle the play, they will provide the publicity it needs. They won't be able to attack the facts in the play, so they will resort to attacking the concept of a 9-11 comedy. This will be very welcome attention, more attention than we have been able to get through any other means. I believe the mainstream media's eagerness to squash this play will bring the publicity it needs to succeed.

My project is currently looking for backers. If you have any interest in helping produce a 9-11 stage play, feel free to contact me.

Thank you. Robert Soloway rmsolo [AT] comcast [DOT] net


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