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Sunday, April 08, 2018

9/11 TAP Engages at the Tucson Peace Fair & Music Festival

Tucson and Phoenix 9/11 TAP Groups Join Forces

Written by Organizational Development Department

The Tucson and Phoenix 9/11 Truth groups joined forces for the second year in a row at the Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival in downtown Tucson on February 24, 2018. Members of the 9/11 Studies and Outreach Club at Arizona State University drove the two hours from Tempe to Tucson to join Janet Zampieri who runs the Tucson 9/11 Truth Action Project group. They were joined by two members of the Tucson group, Allen and Dave. They set up canopies and tables with plenty of banners, signs, flyers, and even a TV screen showing on continuous loop the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

thumb Tucson Peace Fair pic 2 ace3bThe Tucson Peace Center has been hosting the Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival every year for 34 years. It attracts groups from the peace, social justice, environmental, truth, and local first movements, as well as politicians and food vendors, and is the largest event of its kind in Arizona. Janet Zampieri joined the board of the Tucson Peace Center in 2016 to promote the message that the events of 9/11 have caused the perpetual war on terror, and we need to demand justice and truth of the 9/11 events to find a path towards peace.


The Tucson chapter of the Truth Action Project was started by Janet two years ago and holds monthly meetings open to the public. The meetup location is now at a room in a Tucson library and shows videos followed by discussions. Go to for meeting details.

thumb Tucson Peace Fair pic 3 93db9The Tucson Peace Fair started a new feature last year called the Community Soapbox, to allow organizations to give a 15-minute presentation. Janet signed up and gave a presentation this year about the new 9/11 Truth Action Project to a small but attentive audience, explaining how the organization was formed as a spin-off of AE911Truth to create a movement to take action in our communities, educate people about what happened that day, make changes in our government and media, and give support to lawyers working to expose the lies and injustices of 9/11.


TusconFair thumb 029f7The Truth Booth folks had lively discussions with many people throughout the day, handed out flyers, invited people to the monthly meetings, and got 30 people to sign the 9/11 TAP petition calling for a new 9/11 investigation. Several of the petition signers expressed an interest in getting involved with Tucson's local group or requested to receive our newsletter. It was a rousing success and a great way to get our name and mission out to the public!


The Tucson Peace Center

thumb TusconPeaceCenter 6e35aThe Tucson Peace Center has been hosting the Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival every year for 34 years.  The mission of the Tucson Peace Center is to promote the cause of peace, social justice, labor equity and a sustainable environment by supporting non-profit organizations working in the Tucson community through the publication of the Tucson Peace Calendar and through the annual Peace Fair & Music Festival.

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