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Saturday, October 06, 2018

Dr. T-Ruth on Mis-information and Dis-information

While researching what really happened on 9/11/01...

Written by Dr. T-Ruth

Dear Dr. Truth:

While researching what really happened on 9/11/01, I frequently run into articles where one researcher accuses another of being a “disinfo” agent – someone disguised as a 9/11 Truth activist who is actually working on behalf of the perpetrators of the attacks. Given all the contradictory and often absurd supposed “Truth” being bantered around in our movement, I have grown increasingly suspicious of the intentions of some researchers and their websites. I am angry about this and I want to fight back somehow. What is your take on this subject and what do you recommend as the best way to handle it if I think someone is deliberately trying to misguide me and other Truthers?


Angry and Bewildered

ZenMaster ca0e8

Dear A&B,

As our search for the reality behind the 9/11 attacks deepens, uncertainties are bound to evolve about who is worthy of trust and in what ways we do well to let ourselves be guided. Nonetheless, answering your questions effectively is an essential task for the 9/11 Truth movement if we are to succeed in our ambition to unify our efforts into a successful force for unmasking the Truths of 9/11/01.

While your anger is understandable, please avoid overreacting with your own accusations. Rather, keep in mind that well intended, careful researchers may honestly disagree on certain aspects of what exactly occurred on 9/11/01 – not to mention with regards to the raging debates abounding about the “Why” and “Who” of all that happened on that tragic day. Additionally, due simply to poor research techniques, inaccurate 9/11 “Truth” misinformation will inevitable be posted on the WEB at times and then passed along by individuals who truly wish to promote the cause and aims of the mainstream 9/11 Truth Movement.

There is, however, ample reason to assume that deliberate disinformation is also being spread by opponents of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Without doubt, the goal of such disinformation specialists is to discredit our challenge to the formal US government backed 9/11/01 narrative while also spreading distrust, rancor and conflict throughout the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Clearly, we must all address misinformation and confront disinformation. Dr. TRuth has noted with concern, however, that some sincere advocates of 9/11 Truth are increasingly challenging both misinformation and probable disinformation with back stabbing, name calling and invective. This type of response to either misinformation or disinformation can only undermine 9/11 Truth Movement solidarity. Furthermore, what we might thus call the “Character Assassination” approach to critiquing ideas we may perceive as misguided, bizarre or duplicitous, is bound to weaken our case in the eyes of those who still hold fast to the formal 9/11/01 narrative.

 With the above concerns in mind let’s first consider how to distinguish valuable 9/11 Truth research from likely mis/disinformation. Here are a few questions worth exploring that will facilitate this process:

  1. Does the researcher’s work reflect careful scientific analysis of the data or is it merely speculative with a basis in supposed “common sense”?
  2. Does the researcher respectfully disagree with others who have come to different conclusions or do they disparage the character of those with whom they disagree?
  3. Does the researcher welcome constructive critique and respond to it in an attentive and detailed manner?
  4. Does the researcher turn to needlessly elaborate interpretations of forensic evidence when less complex explanations can explain all, or most, of the data?
  5. While contemplating 1-4 above, be chewing on the question “Is this researcher’s unspoken goal to unite the 9/11 Truth Movement or to divide it?”

In the 5th century BC, Siddhartha Gautama - who would one day become known as “The Buddha” - taught “Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed. This is an ancient and eternal law.” Twenty five hundred years later, Dr. Truth believes this teaching - reflected in modern times through the lives and work of such remarkable political activists as Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King – still holds true! Accordingly, once you have determined that someone’s 9/11/01 research is inaccurate, the Movement Building Approach to addressing both misinformation and disinformation is to simply challenge Inaccuracies with the force of truth and love.

Principles of Non-Violent Confrontation, and the application of the Force of Truth, include the following:

  • Confront ideas and behaviors without personally attacking or needlessly maligning the motives of the person who holds these ideas.
  • Offer your audience a clear pathway to hear your opponent’s perspective.
  • Offer your audience access to credible, detailed information that refutes your opponent’s perspective.
  • Speak respectfully without name calling or swearing.
  • Hold fast to the desire that proponents of both misinformation and disinformation will be freed from mistaken ideas and misguided allegiances.
  • It may also be helpful to refer your readers to the work of the Consensus911 –The 9/11 Best Evidence Panel, to show where a great deal of agreement has been reached by 9/11 Truth researchers about the facts of 9/11/01.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, let’s all humbly recognize that we too are sometimes “mistaken” and needlessly in conflict with others. From that recognition could we all just soften our hearts a bit? And in the silence of that soft space let’s seek to forgive our enemies – including those whom we may need to incarcerate for years to come once 9/11 Truth prevails – and release our harsh and unkind judgments of those we see as “wrong”.

 In support of mastering the strategy recommended above, Dr. Truth invites all who desire to bring the darkly hidden secrets of 9/11/01 out into the open Light of day, to study Gandhi’s principles of Satyagraha – described in the brief video “SATYAGRAHA - 100 Years of Nonviolence” and detailed in greater depth at - as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles of societal transformation – articulated in this brief video “Martin Luther King on the Power of Non-Violence” and described in more detail at The King Center Website.

Key to both Gandhi’s and Dr. King’s visions was their commitment to respectful confrontation of political opponents by means of loving kindness, sustained non-violent activism and the proclamation of Truth. Likewise, these will be the keys to the ultimate success of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

 And finally, let’s all remind ourselves from time to time, that without resorting to controversial theories, or rancorous debate, the disingenuous nature of the formal 9/11/01 narrative can easily be exposed by attending to the obvious implications of many of the undisputable facts of that day. Link here to examine Forty Fact-Based Reasons to Question 9/11!

About the author

This month’s Dr. Truth column was written my Christopher Gruener – Licensed Mental Health Counselor and 9/11 TAP Board Member. While 9/11 TAP does not formally endorse either his professional philosophy nor his personal political perspectives, Mr. Gruener’s professional work can be explored at Crossroads Counseling Services and his political concerns can be examined at Imagine Peace and Plenty.

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