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Friday, January 25, 2019

911TAP Truth Booth Travels to Eugene Saturday Market

Educating the Public About 9/11

Written by Oregon Action Teams

Following its successful debut at two street fairs in Portland (see Portland Truth Booth Article), the 911TAP Truth Booth made its first out-of-town appearance this past October at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene event received more of the same strong interest and positive response seen in Portland. Based on this repeated experience, it is clear that the 911TAP Truth Booth is ready to break out in 2019, across more cities and towns and across more states in the country.


Eugene, Oregon, is a college town, home to the University of Oregon, and a noted hotbed of counter-culture thought and action. It is fertile ground for our topic, as 9/11 awareness is already high and the open-mindedness of the non-aware is also high. This is a small city that turned out 200-strong for a presentation by David Chandler a few years ago. So, we were expecting to be well-received here, and we were not disappointed.

The Eugene Saturday Market is a popular, well-attended market spread over two city blocks in downtown Eugene. The southeast corner of the market is a reserve-by-the-week zone with space for two booths for non-profit organizations. The area is a moderate-traffic area with a lot of space for people to hang out and take in our information. In addition, the public sidewalks on the edges of the market have a lot of traffic and present good opportunities for approaching people with petition clipboards and brochures.

IMG 1438 d4f6d tnThe 911TAP Truth Booth Setup in Eugene


The booth event in Eugene was organized by Eugene-resident Joel Henderson, who spent all day alternating booth duties with sidewalk clipboard duties. Fellow Eugene resident Michael Grillo also manned the booth the entire time. David Fura drove the booth materials down from Portland and, like Joel, spent the day back and forth between the booth and sidewalk duty with a clipboard.

IMG 1441 a18fd tnVolunteer Joel Henderson at the Booth

IMG 1436 f92e6 tnVolunteer Michael Grillo at the Booth

The Eugene volunteers are experienced and very effective at communicating 9/11 evidence to the public. Being well-versed in the World Trade Center evidence compiled by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, their focused, "stay on topic" approach was well-received by the visitors to the booth.

The estimated "reach" of this event is approximately 200 people, who either took in the materials or conversation at the booth, or chatted with us on a sidewalk. A total of 42 people signed the 911TAP petition, with 26 choosing to receive the 911TAP newsletter, 14 the action alerts, and 6 to volunteer. While the number of signers here is comparable to the Portland street fair numbers, the percentage of people selecting the contact options is considerably higher, suggesting a deeper enthusiasm for our topic here in Eugene. It would be interesting to see how this response compares to that of other college towns across the country.

IMG 1450 51d7d tnSome of the Visitors at the Booth

The display materials and handouts were again solid performers. As we saw at the previous events, the banner hanging at the back of the booth and the tri-fold display on the front table received a lot of attention and prolonged study. Having display materials that can carry so much of the teaching load removes a lot of stress from the booth personnel, who can more easily manage how and where they spend their time.

IMG 1456 31640 tnThe Booth Displays Don't Need Breaks


This Eugene event in October marks the third successful booth event out of the three run so far. Eugene is the second city for these events and the craft market is the second type of venue, following the street fairs of Portland in August and September.

Given these successes, it is clear that the time has come to expand the reach of booth events to all regions of the U.S. To that end, 911TAP is launching the "Truth Booth Project," a formal project of the Organization Development Department to organize multiple events across the country. If you are interested in participating in this project, for a city big or small, send an email stating so to information at 911tap dot org, and help will be on the way to get you going.

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