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Monday, March 27, 2017

9/11 TAP Educates Inaugural Washington

Michael Moore Supports the Call for a New Investigation

Written by 9/11 TAP Staff


On January 20th, 2017 the world witnessed the presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. All the pageantry and formality to be expected with any inauguration was in full display. With a highly polarized public, a response to the election took place in the form of the Women’s March on Washington. By all accounts, it was the largest ever protest of an incoming president. With similar protests in other cities, 3 million people hit the streets to protest Trump’s behavior towards women and various policies women take issue with. The overall message was that women will organize and resist in a show of their numbers and power. The massive protests made news around the world.

But there was also another important message to be included. With the recent use of the term “fake news”, it was only logical to call attention to one of the most blatant fake news stories of our time. It only stands to reason that making America great again means addressing the fake news of 9/11 and taking a stand that calls for real news, real facts, and objective science. Members of the 9/11 Truth Action Project and local activists were there to raise awareness about the importance of understanding 9/11, how 9/11 has been used as a pretext for war, and to support 9/11 families by calling for the support of the Justice For Sponsors Against Terrorism Act, also known as JASTA.

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In addition to signs addressing women’s concerns, others addressed a variety of domestic issues such as immigration reform, climate change, gay rights, racial discrimination, a ban on Muslims the Dakota Pipeline, promoting social harmony, and more. But there were virtually no signs about ending war, and besides our presence there were none about 9/11, despite the continuing priority of 9/11 related war spending that drains funds away from women’s issues and the rise of Islamophobia that were amplified by the 9/11 attacks.

Lessons from Occupy Wall Street

Let’s consider another recent mass uprising, the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which arose and spread great hopes for substantial change. It had powerful symbolism, a timely message, large marches, and plenty of media coverage. However, that movement also failed to take on the war profiteers or the 9/11 deception.

The militarized police state showed how political power is wielded and how roadblocks will be used to derail and dismember mass movements that challenge the corporate establishment. This emphasizes the necessity for a real mass movement that can “fly under the radar screen” of the militarized police state that will effect change – and a mass movement demanding truth, accountability and justice for 9/11 is just such a cause. 9/11 Truth is a cause whose time has come. Imagine the potential.

The Way Forward

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The way forward is with the 9/11 Truth Action Project. 9/11 TAP’s mission is to build and mobilize a global grassroots movement to create a groundswell of civic support that achieves transparency and accountability for the crimes of 9/11, justice for its victims, an end to unwarranted wars, and restoration of our civil liberties.

The goal of this new movement is to achieve an independent, comprehensive Congressional investigation, by mobilizing and coordinating the efforts of volunteers across the U.S. and abroad, through local Truth Action Groups coordinated at the state, regional, national and international levels.

Michael Moore Supports a New Investigation

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With many people, support for a new investigation is simmering just below the surface. For example, Michael Moore was one of the many celebrities that attended the Woman’s March on Washington. Sander Hicks, one of the 9/11 TAP volunteers from New York 9/11 TAP chapter, asked the author about the need for a new investigation and the 9/11 TAP petition – he received an affirmative response. See:{jwplayer}&file=“9/11 TAP NYC at Trump's Inauguration&popup.height=480&popup.width=853&image={/jwplayer}

[Sander]: Michael, you're a very courageous filmmaker. Fahrenheit 9/11 was an incredible film. I'm Sander from New York I'm here as an activist today. In the light of 60-Minutes covering the 28-pages in April and the release of the 28-pages - and the JASTA bill, what would you say to fans of Fahrenheit 9/11 today? Would you support a new petition to get a new investigation of 9/11 to the U.S. Congress? See: 

[Michael Moore:] Yes.

[Sander]: Thank you! Great! Would you sign a copy of my petition for me please?

[Michael Moore]: Sorry, I can't do that right now. I don't have time to read it -- but I am in support of what you just said.

[Sander]: Thank You Michael, I'm just going to leave you with this. I'm Sander Hicks, I've written two books about 9/11. Thank You. Keep it up.

Next Steps

For starters, please sign our petition to show your support for an independent, comprehensive investigation of 9/11, which has yet to occur. You can subscribe to the newsletter and get active with like-minded people in your area. An action team leader will be in contact with you.

You can sign up as a member and any donation is tax-deductible.

There are many ways you can help the cause and help direct the course of history by raising awareness of the many unresolved issues of 9/11 where it is needed most. With a concerted effort, justice is possible.

Sure, there are differing views on how 9/11 occurred, but for sure the boxcutter theory doesn’t add up and – it’s time to take 9/11 activism to the next level. Come get active and BE THE CHANGE at

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