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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Liberty Lives in the Light: Illuminate + End "False-Flag" Terrorism

Written by Karl N. Golovin
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Dear President Trump & Congress,

The "official story" of 9/11 is not true. Yet what are Americans - and their elected representatives, gathered in Washington, DC - to do about it?

"World Trade Center Building 7 fell symmetrically at free-fall acceleration into its own footprint at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001," reads text on the back cover of the 48-page, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( ) publication, BEYOND MISINFORMATION: What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7 (

beyond misionformation book cover lg 0ec7c copyDelivering AE911Truth's 'Beyond Misinformation' (here to Senator Feinstein's D.C. Office) Sept 2016 - Join the 'JFK Vigil' 5/29/17 - (Image by Karl N. Golovin) Permission - DMCA - Click for details

Most Americans have never heard of WTC-7; omitted from the 9/11 Commission Report and well-avoided by most mainstream media. However, in conjunction with the fifteenth anniversary of events, copies of AE911Truth's publication were hand delivered to the offices of every Senator and Representative in the U.S. Congress.

carl golovin lg 88cc6 copyKarl Golovin, delivering's texts to offices of all 541 Members of Congress; Sept. 2016 - Join the 'JFK Vigil' 5/29/17 - (Image by Karl N. Golovin) Permission - DMCA - Click for details

By contrast with the mysterious, never-quite-fully-available "28 Pages" of Congress' own investigation of 9/11 (alluringly suggested by some to implicate Saudi, even Israeli culpability), AE911Truth's "48 Pages" of scrupulously peer-reviewed, scientific analysis are freely available, demanding both acknowledgement and, rather than a simplistic imputation of all responsibility for 9/11 to purely external forces, inviting necessary, responsible, introspective consideration - and action - by all Americans.

rep sessions lg 513e9 copyRep. Pete Sessions welcomed AE911Truth's text, invited Karl Golovin in for this picture; Sept. 2016 - Join the 'JFK Vigil' 5/29/17 - (Image by Karl N. Golovin) Permission - DMCA - Click for details

The 47 floors of WTC-7 collapsed in seven seconds in a process recognizable as "controlled demolition." Circumstantial evidence suggests all three towers (1, 2 and 7) explosively collapsed not due exclusively to two of those towers being hit by fuel-laden, commercial aircraft, but in all three instances due to pre-planned, controlled demolition.

History repeats itself, say some - others clarify that even when not precisely repeated, at least events usually rhyme. And it is in the history of an earlier, formative event in the memories of most aging baby-boomers - the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy - that one may look for a rhyming of the forces and processes revealed in each event, and for guidance in reclaiming the nature and direction of America.

History evidences that governing power and benefits accruing to select persons, gangs, groups (and now corporations), have expanded most reliably through cyclical patterns of instilling fear, hatred and/or chaos within and between populations, alternated with solutions offering temporary security; inevitably at the expense of personal freedoms.

rulers of evil lg e7349 copyEssential Reading: 'Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies' by F. Tupper Saussy - Join the 'JFK Vigil' 5/29/17 - (Image by Karl N. Golovin) Permission - DMCA - Click for details

Among techniques evident in that pattern of history is "false-flag terrorism," wherein allied interests cooperatively perpetrate acts of real and imagined violence against even their own populations, accomplished in ways that blame may be attributed to politically expedient, real or imagined enemies.

Declassified in the 1990s, "Operation Northwoods" was a post-Bay-of-Pigs "false-flag" plan proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Kennedy, calling for terrorist acts against U.S. citizens to create a pretext for invasion of Cuba. Rejected by President Kennedy, his own assassination later exemplified "false-flag" action on an even grander scale, wherein the one framed via intelligence operations (Footnote #2) to appear his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was officially manipulated to best allow attribution of the actual crime to Cuban and/or Soviet Union sponsorship, justifying potential military action against either or both nations. Recall that advisors had encouraged President Kennedy, who of course refused, to himself launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

freda false flag art lg dea3d copyArtwork by Anthony Freda; demystifying 'False Flag Terrorism' - Join the 'JFK Vigil' 5/29/17 - (Image by Karl N. Golovin) Permission - DMCA - Click for details

In Operation Gladio (Footnote #3) by Dr. Paul L. Williams, evidence is found that for decades after World War II, NATO assets in Europe were systematically employed to carry out acts of terrorism on local populations, orchestrated so that events could be attributed to communist groups, thereby demonized in the public's perception.

Circumstantial evidence, notably the controlled demolitions of WTC towers 1, 2 and 7, points to 9/11 itself as perhaps the most daringly contrived and executed "false-flag" event in history.

If the direction of America is to beneficially correct, it most likely will occur only from awakening of an overwhelming sentiment in the American people - and their elected representatives - that official secrecy and perpetual expansion of intrusive, militarized "national security" are but false idols, reliant upon "false-flag" terrorism, and must end; as can only occur with a renewed respect for and adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

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Imagine this May 29, 2017 (concurrent with celebration of JFK's 100th birthday), millions of Americans joining together in "peaceable assembly" (not to "protest' or "demonstrate" - ineffectual notions not found in our U.S. Constitution) everywhere across the country, yet especially - and symbolically - upon even all available public terraces of The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, "petitioning by our presence for truth, from the events of JFK through September 11, 2001." [Join Here! -]

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Please encourage and spread awareness among your constituents, that they may join together in bringing this concept to fruition, that in the process we may advance towards worthy objectives; even to "Make America Great Again!"



Karl N. Golovin


1) The text of this letter was printed in The Washington Times, January 20+23, 2017, pages A9+A13 respectively; pdfs of those ads (and documentation of below-referenced USPS Certified mailings; hand deliveries) are available via "Drop Box" files to which is currently forwarded domain In early April 2017, copies of this letter (plus a followup letter dated March 29, 2017, with attached 4x6 cards and "The JFK Button" samples) were: hand delivered (or mailed USPS Certified, in the specific case of Sen. Leahy) by the author to the Washington, D.C. offices of all 541 Members of Congress; mailed USPS Certified to President Trump, VP Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer (The White House); James Roth, Acting Director (The JFK Presidential Library & Museum); Kenneth R. Feinberg, Chairman and Ms. Caroline Kennedy, Honorary President (John F. Kennedy Library Foundation); David M. Rubenstein, Chairman and Deborah F. Rutter, President (The John F. Kennedy Memorial Center for the Performing Arts - "The Kennedy Center"); Newt Gingrich (Gingrich Productions, Arlington, VA). On April 12, 2017, the author personally handed an envelope containing each of the above items to Ms. Conway as she entered Washington's Capital Grille restaurant following her appearance in an earlier event at the neighboring Newseum. On April 19, 2017 the author mailed a USPS Certified envelope containing each of these items to Marty Baron, Editor (The Washington Post; official slogan/motto: "Democracy Dies in Darkness").

2) Last Word: My Indictment of the CIA in the Murder of JFK by Mark Lane, ISBN 978-1-61608-428-8 (click here)

3) Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia by Paul L. Williams, ISBN 978-1-61614-974-1 (click here)


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