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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Introducing 9/11 TAP "Truth Booths"

Because They Are Easy and Effective!

Written by 911TAP Outreach Department

In the run-up to the eighteenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, 911TAP is launching “9/11 Reset”, a campaign to launch 25 Truth Action Groups (TAGs) around the country.

The TAG’s will organize simultaneous Truth Booth events in their communities on that date and again later in the year. Truth Booths will be an educational event for the community and a focal point of TAG activity.

TAG’s are support groups for local TAP members, nuclei for interaction with other grassroots movements, and building blocks of the national civic movement to push for 9/11 TAP’s strategic objectives:

  • Building power at the grassroots level;
  • Educating the citizenry about the events of 9/11 and their significance today;
  • Promoting understanding of the unifying TAP narrative;
  • Conducting anti-propaganda education;
  • Promoting independent “Truth-friendly” media;
  • Working for a Truth-friendly Congress.

Truth Action Booths will be informational tents where knowledgeable volunteers will distribute literature, answer questions, and invite passers-by to join TAP and participate in TAG meetings and events throughout the year.
The Booths will distribute information from:

  • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, about the World Trade Center;
  • The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, about its legal initiatives;
  • 9/11 TAP, about the Alternative Narrative, Truth Action Groups, alternative media, and the Truth-friendly Congress planning project.

Truth Booths

EASY and EFFECTIVE: Last year, Portland, Oregon 911TAP volunteers put up their own truth booth at two street fairs, carefully tracking results. Every volunteer, including the shy ones, found discussing 9/11 with strangers to be easier than expected, even enjoyable.

People approaching the booth did so on their own initiative, versus being interrupted by someone with a clipboard on the way to work, on the street, etc.. The “push” approach does call for some courage and skill, whereas a nice looking booth in and of itself, “pulls” in the full spectrum – from curious skeptics to the already-awakened-and-ready-to-roll with us – and those in between.

WhyTruthBooth 01 f8afd tnTruth Booth attracts and educates crowds in Portland Oregon.

WhyTruthBooth 02 35edd tnA second Truth Booth attracts and educated more people in the Portland, Oregon area.

Why Look the Same?

UNITY: Division within any citizen movement obviously hurts mutual interests. Showing a united front with a strong image says we are not going away! When we are uniform in our appearance and consistent in the content we display and the information we give away, the opposition will perceive our permanence. All of us as TAP volunteers have our own opinions and world views, yet when we speak as 911TAP volunteers, we logically do so within a disciplined frame of reference and code of conduct applicable to each one of us.

EXPOSURE & RESPECT: Like it or not, first impressions matter. In our case, the general public will see that we are not wild-eyed, conspiracy nuts, but increasingly aware citizens who still believe in America’s founding principles despite losing so many of them after 9/11. Consistently well informed and courteous Truth Boothers from coast to coast will draw increasing media coverage. With each new Truth Booth, people will respond like they do, for example, when learning about the Lawyers Committee, with, “It’s about time!” TAP is NOT political, but centered on CIVICS. Achieving its goals requires unity far beyond politics. And Truth Booths could germinate the grassroots movement we have been waiting for, so every booth matters! In a united state of mind, America can be great, even better than before 9/11.

WhyTruthBooth 04 91e56 tnThe Truth Booth dove shows that Truth is the way to peace.

A Truth Booth For Your Community Outreach


  • Pop-up steel frame 1-3/8“ wide w/ telescopic legs (5 set-pts.) snap into place at heights of 123" to 135”.
  • Top: 600 gauge, denier polyester. Rope & Stakes. 43 lbs. 
  • All graphic images are on vinyl banners, adhering to the topper using Velcro.

TruthBooth August2019 WithBanners 10117

TruthBooth August2019 PrimaryBanner 5732b


You can review the Truth Booth brochure on the 911TAP website.

To inquire about obtaining a Truth Booth for your local outreach, Contact us.

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