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Thursday, December 05, 2019

9/11 Truth Action Project Booth at WellsFest2019

A Truth Booth in Action

Written by Michael Atkinson

Editors Note: This is a recounting of an outreach initiative in Jackson, MS during September 2019.

Today it went fairly well with the 9/11 Truth Action Project booth at WellsFest 2019 in Jackson, MS. In addition to the booth, I rented a 8 foot wood "event" table. The booth was set up at 7:30 am.  Each booth at WellsFest had an assigned spot and mine was located in the shade of a large tree. I recruited some help to set it all up, to hang out together and help me take photos. Not everyone could be there all day, so I had to recruit others throughout the day to help me take photos.

I couldn't really say how many people passed through my area. The booths around me weren't placed in a straight row. It's hard to say how many people walked by during the day. People attending WellFest2019 were in "relax" mode and listening to live blues or country music or eating under big tents or inside a large fenced-off children's play area. There was a children's pet parade at one time where little kids came thru in a line with dogs and a few parents.

A few people approached me for information during the day and I, of course, greeted them with "Hello Ma'am" or "Hello Sir" then told them I was promoting the Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and gave them the basic information about the 9/11 Grand Jury Petition, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) and 9/11 TAP. Then I would mention the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Commissioners recently announcing their support for the 9/11 Grand Jury Petition and calling on others to do the same.  I also mentioned the recent release of the $300,000 study by the University of Alaska at Fairbanks on WTC 7.

Atkinson 01 f70e6Then I would bring attention to the Jackson Free Press magazine I had on the table with it open to the page with the ad that I had placed recently. Depending on how the conversation would go, of course, I would include as many of these topics as possible. There really weren't that many questions that were asked to me. I remember being basically asked "What do you have here?" a few times when someone walked up. I had one young couple that walked up smiling and told me they were conspiracy theorists. They were receptive and took some information and a contact card. A few people told me they had heard of the basic information about the WTC buildings being  blown up on 9/11.


On the table I had a stack of AE911truth WTC 7 cards, a stack of AE911truth Twin Towers cards, a copy of Beyond Misinformation, the DVD of Stand for Truth with former NIST employee Peter Michael Ketcham, a stack of Announce the Grand Jury Petition Lawyers' Committee handouts, a copy of the AE911truth co-signer statement to the House of Representatives and the Senate, some business cards (I called contact cards) and put them in a business card holder, some Bobby McIlvaine Act Cards, a magnetic bumper sticker, a newspaper from AE911truth called 911 Investigator, a stack of 9/11 TAP brochures 'Why the Truth about 9/11 Still Matters', and one copy of 'World Trade Center Physics - Why Constant Acceleration Disproves Progressive Collapse'.

Booth Set-Up

I ordered the fitted white table cover to the rented 8 foot wooden table. I used a pack of multi-colored tacks and used white tacks to hold up the American flag and black tacks to hold the dove peace banner. The only way I figured out how to make the 9/11 ReSet banner work on the tent canvas was to order some Gorilla Glue double-sided tape and added it to both sides of the Velcro strips (that came with the booth) before I cut them into 1 1/2 inch pieces.

I took a small cooler with some ice, water and lunch for me and my help so I could stay with the booth the entire day.

It turned out to be a hot sunny day and I forgot my sweat towel. Dang. However, there was a good breeze but the wind was blowing harder at times than I'd wished. One time the wind caught me off guard with some handouts I hadn't weighted down and a few of them blew away making me run to go catch them. So I recommend having some weights for any documents on outside event tables. I used various things like an all-in-one tool I had in my pocket and truth booth metal stakes to weigh things down. Also the large rubber bands I had around all cards and brochures helped tremendously. After I thought about it, I moved the paperweights to where they didn't cover the main message on each card or document.

Atkinson 04 b4411 copyThe way I arranged the booth felt comfortable and logical. None of the people I talked to stayed long at all. Soon after I figured out they supported us I offered them the contact card and asked for a photo.

The booth beside me was a painter selling his work and the wind kept blowing his stuff over to my booth.  Later he came and sat beside me under the 9/11 TAP booth and he eventually asked for a contact card. He was really laid back. Only a few people approached the table and took something but didn't want to take a photo. I asked everyone who I could tell was a supporter to take a photo. One guy with face paint was a veteran and a biker who hung out with me on and off during the day.

I stood up for most of the day and only sat down a couple times late in the day when it looked like no one was coming. We tore down and left at 4:30pm.

I'm happy I was able to pull it off at all in spite of my anxiety - I'm usually a pretty reserved person. But it wasn't so bad. I only had two men, in their 60's maybe, come up, not say much, not look at me much, read a little off the table, ignore me asking them if they've heard of the Lawyers' Committee, and then walk off.

Special thanks to Matt Van Slyke who told me about WellsFest in time for me to register and make it happen. All I know is I will try to go again next year. 

Resources For Booth Set-up and Display

These are links to  some useful booth items:

  • You can get the same fitted 8 ft. white table cover I used here.
  • Get the same weather-resistant 3 ft. x 5 ft. American flag I used here.
  • I got the colored tacks, a small box each of black and white, from a local Revell Ace Hardware store. You could use a couple of white tacks for the dove peace banner too if you can't find black tacks. I found some colored tacks here.
  • I found the clear plastic photo holder that held the printout I created saying 'Contact Cards Please Take One' from Walmart. I found one similar here.

These are links to informational materials I brought:

  • WTC 7 evidence cards here.
  • Twin Towers evidence cards here.
  • Bobby McIlvaine Act Palm Cards (50-Pack) here.
  • DVD of Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out here.
  • Book of Beyond Misinformation: What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7 here.
  • World Trade Center Physics: Why Constant Acceleration Disproves Progressive Collapse here.
  • Trina Maria sent me the 9/11 TAP brochures I had. I'm anxious to see when the new 9/11 TAP brochures will be released.
  • Trina Maria tipped me to use vistaprint for the contact cards. I created an account there, went to the business card part of it, and chose "Work with a designer" where you can review in real-time with a designer or thru email. It has you describe your ideal card and upload a logo if you have one. I gave the text of the card in my description and chose it to be a one-sided, light blue card with dark blue lettering on it. They showed me a preview of what they came up with; I thought it looked ok so I went with it with no changes.

More Thoughts

My city of Pearl turned me down when I tried to become part of the chamber of commerce event and have a booth at Pearl Day each year. The lady in charge told me it wasn't a fun event and that they didn't even allow banks to have a booth at Pearl Day for that reason. I had dressed up and went to her office with a copy of Announce the Grand Jury Petition, AE911truth co-signer to House and Senate, and a printout of the 9/11 TAP article on 9/11 TAP truth booths. There were two younger women at desks outside her office that I also showed the documents I had. I actually left the documents until the next day because the lady in charge wasn't there when I first went, then I went back to talk about it the next day and got rejected. Maybe you will have better luck in your city.

I was once part of a Ron Paul 2008 booth at the MS Trade Mart where they have gun shows (see a 9/11 Truth tabling event at a gun show here). It was at that time I began to learn, and share, the best truth I could in my spare time. Although Congressman Ron Paul wasn't public about 9/11 truth I did eventually find that he said "...the [9/11] investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up and no real explanation"  I learned a lot from Ron Paul even though he will only cover so much. I learned about these "neocon" infiltrators, the Patriot Act, the assault on Habeas Corpus, a foreign policy of trade and peace, liberty, end the Fed, wars of aggression, and more. 

I'm always trying to learn and also admire Jill Stein and this green movement idea, so far, and was glad to recently see this page about 9/11 is still up. 

I work part-time and also take care of my 91 year old grandmother once a week as well.  Also, thanks for sharing the best truth you all can.


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