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Monday, January 13, 2020

A 2020 Vision for 9/11 TAP

TAP’s "9/11 Reset" Initiative is Calling You

Written by 911TAP Outreach Department

The year 2020 is opening with a bang for the 9/11 Truth Action Project, with new volunteers stepping up to support or initiate important projects.

We have added two new people to our Board and I’ve been on the phone a lot with others, building leadership for our priority projects such as Truth Booths, Podcast, Newsletter, Volunteer Management, Social Media, Marketing, and more. But more are needed.

2019 was a fascinating year for people with a macabre sense of humor and awareness of the ongoing impact of 9/11 on our national life. The national focus on impeachment was an obsession for the mass media. But our interest in the media circus lay in the many reminders that those who have joined in covering up the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center since 2001 just cannot be believed. Justifiable mistrust has polluted civil discourse in all our institutions, including now the Internet.

The 9/11 Truth movement has striven for years to overcome Americans’ excessive trust in their institutions: “Someone would have said something!” “They could never do something that evil!” “I’ve never seen anything around that in the papers!” But in 2019—

  • Even as the Washington Post did an “expose” on the lies sustaining the Afghan War, the endless wars continued in Syria and Iraq and are poised to spread;
  • Americans remained designedly unaware of the history, nature and impact of their interventions in Iran, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere;
  • Julian Assange was held in brutal solitary confinement in the U. K. without trial, pending extradition to the U. S., despite having offered to testify about the provenance of “hacked” DNC files that he published;
  • The Office for the Prevention of Chemical Warfare’s (OPCW) report on alleged chlorine gas poisoning of children in Douma, Syria (which precipitated a U. S. missile attack near Russian bases), was disavowed by its own investigative staff;
  • The CIA and FBI were implicated in entrapping Trump campaign officials in a “Russian collusion” narrative.

We remain free to act—but feel bound down by the invisible threads of organized mass persuasion. Our political and judicial systems won’t respond to evidence; our media controllers divert our attention and dismiss inconvenient truths as unfounded. We feel helpless—by design—as we see 9/11 going unpunished and its consequences—endless wars and suffocating propaganda—flourishing.

Thus there is a need for a grassroots-based organization to fight back, to recover a lie-free space for civil discourse and political action. Such a mass movement, to reach a size that makes action effective, needs a unifying alternative narrative:

Industrialization in the 19th century led to the emergence of the Robber Baron class and, inexorably, to concentration of wealth and power, imperialism, war, clandestine operations, propaganda, and the managing of the public mind, to the point where “State crimes against democracy” like 9/11, and the quest for hegemony through endless war, go unpunished.

TAP’s 9/11 Reset is all about spreading that narrative, and building that movement into a community. To spread the word, it needs volunteers to help with marketing, writing, web design and support, social media, media outreach, and managing teams.

Most of all, TAP needs volunteers interested in building local groups that hold Truth Booth actions and participate in the political process as a civic force, building a base from which to demand an honest and diverse media, governmental disclosure and accountability, and an end to the promotion of war and the protection of privilege.

The challenge of launching TAP’s sustained growth lies before us now, at the start of 2020. The challenge is difficult for a small group; but if we focus on generating and managing growth, it will be exhilarating. I am constantly reinvigorated in this movement by witnessing the effect of empowering talented but previously isolated people. I invite you to share in that exhilaration. The opportunity is now, the time is now. Contact us at and volunteer.

You can also donate to TAP using the PayPal button on the website.

Here’s to a New Year for Truth and Action!

Bill Jacoby, Chair (wsjacoby [at]

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