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Mission of the 9/11 Truth Action Project

The 9/11 Truth Action Project (9/11 TAP) is a new organization that grew out of the aspirations for grassroots action expressed by several previous 9/11 Truth groups.

9/11 TAP’s mission is to build and mobilize a global grassroots movement to create a groundswell of civic support that achieves transparency and accountability for the crimes of 9/11, justice for its victims, an end to unwarranted wars, and restoration of our civil liberties.

The goal of this new movement is to achieve an independent, comprehensive Congressional investigation, by mobilizing and coordinating the efforts of volunteers across the U.S. and abroad, through local Truth Action Groups coordinated at the state, regional, national and international levels.

The way 9/11 TAP envisions that this will be accomplished is to:

  • Create a groundswell of civic support;
  • Educate the public regarding the events of 9/11, their origins, and their consequences;
  • Promote independent, Truth friendly media;
  • Overcome propaganda, psychological warfare, and intimidation waged against 9/11 transparency and accountability;
  • Support local efforts to achieve a Truth-friendly majority in the U. S. Congress.
In news from Guantánamo, the US military announced yesterday that it had shut Camp 7, the secretive prison block where Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other so-called “high-value detainees” have been held since their arrival at Guantánamo from CIA “black sites” in September 2006, and had moved the prisoners to Camp 5...
The entire video record of the conference — estimated at around 24 hours of material — was mysteriously disappeared from YouTube say conference organizers.
Saturday, March 20, 2021

Scott Atlas: The Last Word

It is always a great pleasure, and an important part of my job, to speak to students. It is essential for students to hear ideas from many sources, especially ideas they may not agree with.  That is a key part of learning how to think critically – and critical thinking is the most important lesson to learn in college, in my opinion. The coronavirus pandemic has been a great tragedy, there can be no doubt about that. But it has also exposed profound issues in America that now threaten the very principles of freedom and order that we Americans often…
The Great Reset represents the best rubric we might find for grasping much of what’s going on in the world today: the prevalence of woke ideology and cancel culture; the draconian COVID responses; the seemingly endless Antifa/BLM riots; the supposed Biden presidential victory; Big Tech censorship; and the endless stream of propaganda, double think, and gaslighting propagated by mainstream and social media. Even if not by design, as I will show, all of these seemingly disparate elements interlock in a way that support Great Reset objectives, and the Great Re-setters favor all of these developments. Likewise, once we are able…
Our adult daughter was Skyping with my wife and me when she asked where we stood with getting our COVID vaccinations.  My wife responded with her frustrations at not being successful at finding an opening in any vaccination-center schedule to get hers. I responded with my intention of avoiding it for as long as I was able...
That January 6 attempt by so-called insurrectionists to overturn the election results was not the real coup, however. Those who answered President Trump’s call to march on the Capitol were merely the fall guys, manipulated into creating the perfect crisis for the Deep State—a.k.a. the Police State a.k.a. the Military Industrial Complex a.k.a. the Techno-Corporate State a.k.a. the Surveillance State—to swoop in and take control...
The detention center at Guantánamo opened January 11, 2002.  It is now in its 20th year of existence.  Biden is the fourth U.S. president to administer the prison. A particularly atrocious aspect of 9/11’s legacy, Guantánamo has largely faded from the public discourse.  But forty men are still detained there, and activists who have been demanding...
The Communist Party of China has been covertly sending arms to extremist Antifa militants in the United States in preparation for the civil war which is expected to take place after Joe Biden declares himself President for Life and institutes a Marxist dictatorship. The weapons shipments include rocket launchers, directed energy weapons, nunchucks and ninja throwing stars...
September 11, 2001 seems so long ago to some. There are even young adults alive today who weren't yet born on that clear, transformative, and devastating day. One may be tempted to see the harrowing events of 9/11 as an aberration best left in the past.  However, there are still many unresolved aspects of the 9/11 tragedy that continue to affect today's society, and lessons that have yet to be learned. An examination of these issues shows clear parallels between 9/11 and what is currently unfolding around Covid-19.
Wednesday, September 02, 2020

9/11 Drama on Zoom!

SCENA THEATRE Cordially Invites You to a Reading (90 min. + Q & A) of...  A BLANKET OF DUST
Monday, August 31, 2020

Upcoming 9/11 Anniversary Events

UPCOMING 9/11 EVENTS   These are virtual events.  Attend and share your ideas...
The present COVID-19 situation exemplifies why supporting the Truth Action Project now is essential for people like YOU who are concerned about the kind of world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.  As one who has discovered the government’s complicity in hiding the facts about 9/11, you have an insight others may lack, especially during this time of unprecedented upheaval. The majority agrees that they should not be consulted on whether we should be at war with one or more countries.  If we’re at war, it’s probably for good reason.  Pay up and shut up...
In these times when there is so much evidence that the official story about 9/11 is a lie, we--those of us in the 9/11 truth community--often wonder what is it going to take to bring this issue into a public conversation.  After all, the evidence is there! Unfortunately, in human society individuals have differing abilities to deal with discontinuity. That's probably the primary reason some folks prefer a rural or suburban lifestyle instead of an urban one...
Attorney Mick Harrison and AE911Truth Director of Strategy Ted Walter discuss the Request for Correction submitted on April 15th, 2020, to the National Institute of Standards and Technology with Andy Steele of 9-11 Free Fall.  The RFC seeks correction of material errors which structural engineers have identified within the 2008 NIST report analyzing the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, which NIST concluded was caused by fire alone...
Thursday, April 02, 2020

TAP In a Time of Pandemic

Some time ago, a TAP recruit told me that he had decided to withdraw from active involvement with TAP because he had become convinced that a climate crisis would crash down upon us within ten to twenty years, making it unlikely that 9/11 accountability would occur regardless of our efforts.  He had impressive evidence to support his view.  More recently, another TAPper shared with me his fear that geo-engineering poses a threat more serious than even the most totalitarian scenarios that could arise from a continuing successful 9/11 cover-up...
Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The final report of the University of Alaska Fairbanks analyzing the collapse of World Trade Center 7, a 47-storey building which fell into its own footprint on Sept. 11, 2001, was published March 25th, 2020.  An excellent video explicating the differences between the NIST study done of this collapse in 2008, and the UAF study...
One of the unanswered questions about the events of September 11, 2001 is why the Twin Towers were destroyed in such an energetically outward manner. The destruction was neither typical of a fire related gravity-driven collapse nor of a controlled demolition using pre-planted explosives. The mechanism employed has baffled researchers since 9/11. A new paper, “Investigating the Mechanics of Destruction at the Twin Towers on 9/11: The Case for Propelled Demolition” proposes a method...
Everyone in our house is now out of work as we continue all this quarantine, self-shut-in and social distancing time based on the Coronavirus crisis.  Who has time to take temperatures, wear masks and buy toilet paper when there are YouTube channels to watch? Ironically, I am busier now than when I was working full time five days a week.  Amidst the cacophony of YouTube talking heads, squawking pundits and shrieking propagandist channels were hidden gems: some hosting politicians on the interview circuit.  Take this for example: “How do we best provide support...
Monday, February 24, 2020

Welcome to 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers

My name is Captain Dan Hanley, the director of a global grassroots effort called '9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers', whose purpose is to recruit experienced civilian, military, and airline pilots alike, both active and retired, from around the world who would be willing to examine the available evidence and testify before a committee on camera or in person to the difficulty of the maneuvers supposedly executed by 19 Muslim hijackers on 9/11, such that even the highly trained pilot testifying could not have flown the given profiles on that fateful day.
In a key piece of actual extensive, on-the-ground reporting, the New York Times’s Alissa Rubin (Editor's Note: This is a link worth following) has raised serious questions about the official US account of who it was that attacked the K-1 base near Kirkuk, in eastern Iraq, on December 27. The United States almost immediately accused the Iran-backed Ketaib Hizbullah (KH) militia of responsibility. But Rubin quotes by name Brig. General Ahmed Adnan, the chief of intelligence for the Iraqi federal police at the same base, as saying, “All the indications are that it was Daesh” — that is, ISIS.  She…
Friday, February 07, 2020

The Mockingbird Congress

Since the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Operation Mockingbird,” an operation to infiltrate the press in the 1950’s, “Mockingbird Media” is now part of the everyday lexicon.  We all know, or should know, the press is controlled by “Intelligence,” in quotation marks here because the mastermind which benefits from such intelligence is unidentified. 
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