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Mission of the 9/11 Truth Action Project

The 9/11 Truth Action Project (9/11 TAP) is a new organization that grew out of the aspirations for grassroots action expressed by several previous 9/11 Truth groups.

9/11 TAP’s mission is to build and mobilize a global grassroots movement to create a groundswell of civic support that achieves transparency and accountability for the crimes of 9/11, justice for its victims, an end to unwarranted wars, and restoration of our civil liberties.

The goal of this new movement is to achieve an independent, comprehensive Congressional investigation, by mobilizing and coordinating the efforts of volunteers across the U.S. and abroad, through local Truth Action Groups coordinated at the state, regional, national and international levels.

The way 9/11 TAP envisions that this will be accomplished is to:

  • Create a groundswell of civic support;
  • Educate the public regarding the events of 9/11, their origins, and their consequences;
  • Promote independent, Truth friendly media;
  • Overcome propaganda, psychological warfare, and intimidation waged against 9/11 transparency and accountability;
  • Support local efforts to achieve a Truth-friendly majority in the U. S. Congress.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Take Action

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The ultimate mission of those involved with 9/11 Truth Action is to achieve an independent investigation with subpoena power into the destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11 which would expose the true perpetrators and their motives, hold them accountable and ultimately stop and attempt to reverse some of the disastrous consequences that resulted from the official account (wars, lost civil liberties, abuses of those in power). But in order to achieve this, strong pressure must come from below, and that requires that more and more people be made aware of the scientific impossibilities that underlie the…
Researchers into the causes of President Kennedy's assassination and 9/11 attacks hold an advantage over most others in deciphering news about national security intrigues that rely on dubious evidence. Students of those crimes have by now detected so much media self-censorship or exaggeration in reports about those attacks that it’s relatively easy for them to discern similar patterns in treatments of other high-stakes issues. Democratic and Republican Campaigns DecodedOne is the current alarm by U.S. officials and mass media over “fake news,” particularly as applied to propaganda involving 2016 election results. The term "fake...
This article is the first in a series of articles that will be published at the beginning of every calendar quarter. In these articles we will present the updated status of the 911TAP Petition Project at the end of the previous quarter. We will show you which areas of the country are making the most progress towards generating that "groundswell of civic action" we are all striving for. We will explain how the leaders became the leaders, and what they are doing to maintain their leads. We will highlight the up-and-coming areas and what they are doing to overtake the groups ahead of them. Background information on the 911TAP...
On January 20, 2017, Washington DC will be ground zero for celebrants and activists raising many important issues. A joint outreach effort by DC911Truth and 9/11 Truth Action Project (911 TAP) will be calling for a greater awareness of the events of 9/11. Building on the bipartisan support for the release of the 28 pages and the passage of Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA or Bill S-2040), the DC911Truth effort is using this issue as the basis for their outreach.  The 911 TAP message will include an appeal for openness, transparency and accountability in government and media.  These reminders will be...
On September 16 and 17, 2008, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees respectively, conducted “Amerithrax oversight” hearings consisting of questioning FBI Director Robert Mueller.  Despite widespread concern about the integrity of Amerithrax, the colloquy during these hearings was largely feeble. Congressman Nadler did manage to ask the $64,000 question. journalist Glen Greenwald recounted this as follows: “Nadler asked one of the most central questions in the anthrax case: he pointed out that the facilities that (unlike Ft. Detrick) actually have the equipment and personnel to prepare dry, silica-coated anthrax...
9/11 truth actions are challenging but also rewarding. We garner both positive and negative attention, and our volunteers end up in many fascinating interactions. Attendance at these events totaled over 200,000. Our signs, banners, and poster displays attracted crowds, many standing and reading the information for long periods. We distributed over 1,000 DVDs in addition to hundreds of flyers and brochures. Our knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers talked to countless numbers of people. We also held an action in front of the Boulder NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in order to promote a new website aimed at...
You approach the square and face the typical gaggle of clipboard-waving petition gatherers. This time you have a couple of minutes to spare and you stop. How could you possibly know how much the next 30 seconds would change your life? It turns out this clipboard waver is here for none of the issues being advertised on the radio. They are here to talk about September 11, 2001. What the heck? Isn't 9/11 part of ancient history by now? The words you're hearing are making your head spin. You don't know what to say and, besides, you can't move a muscle anyway -- your stunned confusion is controlling everything. The next thing you know...
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29 May 2017 - 12:00PM - 03:00PM
Peaceably Assemble for Truth: JFK to 9/11
31 May 2017 - 08:00PM - 09:30PM
9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference

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