What Is the Evidence for Controlled Demolition

Monday, June 02, 2014

2012 New Evidence of 9/11 being an Inside Job Controlled Demolition

Written by 911TruthOutreach Staff

We present this video for to augment your perspective of what happened on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center Complex. This video is available to the public on YouTube, but if anyone is aware of copyright restrictions on the use of this video please let us know through the Contact Us form.

We think this video is well done and would like to know the contact information of the authors of this video so that we can properly represent their interests on this site.

We suggest that you watch this video in its entirety.

The Nation Institute of Standards and Technology asserted, in their final report on the collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings, that what caused the upper section to begin collapsing was when the floor trusses began sagging and pulled the perimeter columns inward. But this video clearly shows the antenna at the top of the World Trade Center North Tower, which sat on top of of the core columns, moved downward several feet before the rest of the top of the building began moving downward. This suggests that the core columns were cut first and since all the trusses were connected to the core columns they would have been pulled inward as the core began moving downward in advance of the general collapse of the top section of the building.

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