Physicists Explain Why Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Ruled Out

Monday, June 02, 2014

Dr Greg Jenkins Interviews Dr. Judy Wood UNEDITED Part 1

Written by Dr. Greg Jenkins (re-posted)

This is the FULL, 'unedited' interview of Dr Judy Wood by Dr Greg Jenkins.

The reason for this upload is not to discredit either Dr Judy Wood or Dr Greg Jenkins but is to provide viewers with a perspective currently not shown on Youtube.

Several claims have been made on the Internet that Dr Jenkins was using 'ambush' techniques and that Dr Wood was simply caught 'off-guard' during this interview but I have also uploaded this to let viewers/listeners judge for themselves.

Playlist showing the interview in its entirety :

Dr. Judy Wood is the 'scientist' that made claims that 'Directed Energy Weapons' demolished the world trade centre towers.

Dr. Greg Jenkins, a physicist, poses fundamental questions to Dr. Wood regarding her research. The full interview was left uncut to allow the viewer to fully and accurately assess the credibility of Dr. Judy Wood to see what she has to say about her claims without it being biassed in favour of either Wood or Jenkins.

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