What About Nanothermite - Iron Microspheres

What About Nanothermite - Iron Microspheres

What About Nanothermite - Iron Microspheres

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Starting in 2007, a group of independent researchers began examining the dust from the World Trade Center disaster to see if identifiable residues might help explain the highly energetic destruction that was observed in the videos. Naked-eye and microscopic examination revealed numerous tiny metallic and magnetically attracted spheres and red/gray chips, quite distinctive in the dust samples.

The existence of iron-rich microspheres in the WTC dust was documented in 2004 and 2005. But nothing yet had been published about the red/gray chips in the dust until Steven Jones first described them in 2007. What might have been misinterpreted as the residue of common paint when seen with the naked eye proved to be a highly energetic advanced nano-composite material when viewed under a Scanning Electron Microscope.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TV Interview With Niels Harrit

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The excellent work by Niels Harrit, Farrer, Jones and Ryan et. al in the recent journal article (Thermitic Material Discovered in WTC Dust) has paved the way for some very good media coverage in Denmark. At around 10:30 pm on Monday April 6, Harrit was interviewed for 10 minutes during the late news program on one of the two most respected Danish television channels (TV2). On Wednesday April 8, Harrit was interviewed for 6 minutes at 8:45 am during a live news and entertainment program on the same channel. In both cases, Harrit, and the claims of the article, were…


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