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Sunday, October 05, 2014

9/11 Truth Grows on Fairgoers at the Common Ground Country Fair

Written by Wayne Coste

9/11 Outreach opportunities are everywhere! In Maine, one of the premiere opportunities is the Common Ground Country Fair sponsored by MOFGA, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardening Association, the oldest and largest such group in the country. Common Ground has become one of the most popular destinations in Maine each fall with an estimated 60,000 visitors, many from beyond New England.


With some advance planning, a group of about a dozen volunteers for reserved space in the Social & Political Action area of the fair and organized a schedule of volunteers to be present throughout the three-day event. Many organizers have found that 9/11 outreach is welcome at most public venues on a non-discriminatory basis.

Lynn Bradbury, the lead organizer, was grateful for the wonderfully committed volunteers for truth. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to meet each other, who'd long been communicating by email. Not much socializing was allowed, however, due to the demand for public interaction. Dick Atlee's comprehensive DVD loop was set up on a computer by Stephen Shaw, who pressed 'play' at precisely the right moment whenever someone was curious to see the truth of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7) falling smoothly and symmetrically into its own footprint.

Paper information packets flew off the table, and "out of Jon Olsen's persistently offering hands, like hotcakes," said Lynn. (Note: Jon is an author and has a new book "Liberate Hawaii-Renouncing and Defying the Continuing Fraudulent U.S. Claim to the Sovereignty of Hawai'i")

The venue was so hurried and noisy that there was little time for lingering very long at any particular table. Thus, watching a DVD for a substantial length of time was difficult; but it will surely continue to be an invaluable tool in outreach efforts.

The enthusiastic and tireless presence of two 9/11 radio show host friends from CT, "9/11 Wakeup Call's" Cheryl Curtiss and Greg Longo, showed them to be a great team emphasizing the twin skills of close listening and crucial information sharing, not necessarily in that order! Cheryl's very successful method was that whenever anyone's eyes met her own, she asked: "Are you aware of the controversy surrounding 9/11?"

Frequently there were four of us at a time in conversation with those who'd stopped to chat. Some of the experiences were summarized as follows:

  • People collect so much info at this fair, that it's often good to suggest, "Please take this for winter reading."
  • People loved the deception dollars.
  • Several wished we had bumper stickers and fridge magnets.
  • Many people asked for and wrote down book titles. Pictures were taken of the display and 'book shelf.' One supportive woman couldn't believe we were there!
  • We emphasized the '' website created by Mr. Shaw several years ago, elegant text from which greatly aided our application last spring. To aid in contacting us, many wrote down the link, once all his fliers with 'fifty reasons' were gone: [hyperlink to:
  • It was very useful to have a collection of books and documentaries to support the evidence.

Since the table was set back further than most, a bit more room was provided for animated conversation with the many fairgoers obviously hungry for 9/11 truth denied to themnot only by the mainstream media, but also by NPR, PBS and Amy Goodman's Democracy Now.

When persons already well-versed stopped by to thank us and commiserate with the state of affairs, we usually suggested a visit to Maine Public Broadcasting Network's booth to ask about its lack of honest coverage of the thousands of intelligent, principled, courageousindividuals (including over 2200 architects and engineers) questioning the official fairy tale. Positive suggestions for their own possible outreach seemed to be met with a bit of delighted relief.

Normand Laberge, physicist Ph.D. and civil engineer/whistleblower who served fifteen years at Cutler (Maine) Navy base as environmental engineer, and thoughtfully provided the table, long electrical cord, and much other crucial help, said, "I was surprised with the degree of support for a new investigation based on all the new findings and on a deteriorating support for government. I enjoyed discussing scientific points of interest with whomever I could engage in a conversation."

Many of those at neighboring tables took printed information and over 150 DVDs from our table, so very well stocked by VFP Richard Cate, Dick Atlee, and Wayne Coste. Many visitors conversed at length with great concern. Long time researcher and lawyer David Bauer, (who appeared with Stephen Shaw a few years ago on registv/youtube, on behalf of 9/11 truth) informally chided us for being out in the aisle while talking with visitors. Our table was set back further than the others, purposely to allow for this conversation area.

MPBN had an old telephone booth in which fairgoers were invited to make a statement about 'sustainability.' Lynn obliged. "My spoken thoughts you will likely never broadcast, but: I love the Common Ground Fair. I used to love and financially support MPBN. But I don't think they're adding to the sustainability of democracy by refusing to cover 9/11 Truth honestly, or at all.'"

The Maine Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) booth, another media related organization, was nearby and they were very disinterested in discussing 9/11. From our interactions with them as we complained about the mainstream's lack of investigative reporting, they responded: "well, we're mainstream and we won't cover the story." They were provided an information packet and encouraged to do some research into an issue that certainly affects the public interest. They should have been asked "Why not?" Next time!

Bruce, a longtime peace advocate/writer, at the Veterans for Peace table in a different tent, claimed, "I'm a nine-elevener." At both the Maine state and national level, Veterans for Peace have voted to support a new/real investigation into the events of the horrible day, even while not all members are yet sufficiently comfortable with the 'issue.' Many veterans who stopped by our table were directed to VFP's table.

The press and flow of people passing by Friday and Saturday and stopping at the table was incredible. So very many thanked us for being there. The mere presence of 9/11 Truth being represented at the fair said a lot, according to an older woman reportedly amazed at the information. Many had been skeptical of the official story from day one, including a striking number of New York witnesses, who were very happy to have someone with whom to talk about the subject. All commiserated about the skepticism of families and friends and an often general unwillingness to listen. They were queried whether they thought it was 'disrespectful to the families' to investigate the truth of 9/11, as one hears in the media. Not one New Yorker agreed with that.

But the refreshing hunger for truth expressed throughout the three-day weekend was constantly heartwarming, as is the open-minded, enlarged worldview held by MOFGA. Indeed: they represent sustainability at its finest!


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