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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

9/11 Truth in the 2014 Arizona State University Homecoming Parade

Written by Eddie Martinez, Steve Cohn and 911TruthOutreach Staff

2014 was the second year the 9/11 Studies and Outreach Club at ASU was able to march in the ASU Homecoming Parade. According to club organizers, everything went according to plan, there were more marchers and the signs used by club members were better than last year's. The 9/11 Studies and Outreach Club marchers had a Rethink 9/11 Banner, an Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Banner plus several "chalk board" signs that were easy to make and helped get the message across.

Homecoming Day was a beautiful day with a festive atmosphere. Eddie Martinez stated in his Facebook post later that day: "Ooh, the marching band in its full glory playing the music. It was -- on such a beautiful day, on that shaded part of University Road, at that time of day -- quite the dreamy treat." In his post, Eddie continued by thanking the club members who marched saying "It was a huge success."


The club president, Joel Baer said, "I was extremely excited to be allowed to share our important message through means of a parade. It was a thrill and I felt good for doing it. The goal was to share the concerns about an untruthful government with many, and I was glad to do so successfully. I had a smile from ear to ear. I just wish we could participate in a march in Washington DC."

According to Steve Cohn, the club's organizer, "For the second year in a row, nobody heckled us, some people cheered for us, and lots of people read our bright orange sign and started conversations with their neighbors." He continued by saying, "I can say it was an invigorating experience, not just to be in a parade, but in a parade with this message. It just goes to show, people are growing less offended at honest questioning of 9/11, as more and more of us come to grips with the cold hard truth." This sentiment was echoed by other volunteers who marched in the parade.

Eddie remarked, "Marching right down the heart of popular, mainstream-accepted culture, it looks like -- oh I don't know -- twenty-thousand people just found out that World Trade Center Building 7 was the third building to completely collapse on 9/11. We were in front, and we were pretty good about leaving a large space between us and the group in front of us so the spectators could see our lead banner clearly."

The public address system announced the arrival of the 9/11 Outreach Club at six locations throughout the parade route with:

"Did you know THREE towers fell on 9/11? The 9/11 Outreach Club honors the heroes and victims of the September 11 attacks. 9/11 Truth: Good for America... Good for ASU!"

Eddie recounted in his Facebook post that, "I did not see one jeer the whole way marching down that whole parade. The sting of suddenly cognizing such a painful fact -- the complete collapse and total media black-out of World Trade Center building 7, and the implications that carries -- oh yes (hey somebody's gotta do it), but not one outright negative response. Not even somebody nodding their head 'no-to-to'. Huh, how 'bout that."

The evidence for the change in attitudes was right behind the 9/11 Studies and Outreach Club this year. For the second year, the Pi Phi sorority was right behind the club in the parade. Steve recounted that, "None of the young women that our club members talked to had ever heard of World Trade Center Building 7. We showed several of the sisters a video of Building 7's demolition. They were shocked and confused, as you might expect, but they were open to hearing the information."

Parents & Grandparents of ASU Students was the group in front of us. They liked our logos, both the AE911Truth banner and our club logo featuring the ASU official mascot, Sparky the Sun Devil at the World Trade Center. Last year when the club marched in the homecoming parade for the first time, Eddie said, "If America was earnestly transforming to that of an honestly politically aware country, this is exactly what it would look like. And that's exactly what I'm saying again this year. I'm appreciative of the great announcers along the parade route."


Eddie summed up his hopeful sentiment by saying why he believed the United States will not succumb to a totalitarian dictatorship -- unlike Russia during the Bolshevik revolution, or Germany in the 1930s -- is that unlike those two societies in their respective times and place, modern American society is substantially more aware in whole to the implications which lead to totalitarianism: "A watched pot doesn't boil, if you know what I mean. I'm partying. You know why? Because we got this, oh, this is a beautiful, beautiful era in history; we're the nation that doesn't go down. That's why my fiercely cherished and beloved guru Sri Nithyananda Swami, head of the international Nithyananda Sangha in response to being asked 'Dear beloved Swamiji, who was behind 9/11, and what is going to be the fate of the United States, is there going to be a police state, is there going to be a civil war?' said '9/11 was committed by a department within the US government while the rest of the government was made to be ignorant of it. And the US is going to be fine, it's actually getting better because the youth are becoming aware.'"


The 9/11 Studies and Outreach Club at ASU is looking forward to more events in the upcoming year and marching in their third ASU Homecoming Parade in 2015. They encourage other to do outreach in their communities in whatever way they can find.


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