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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Distributing Informational Brochures Spreads the Message about 9/11 Truth

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

In recent years, the receptivity to the 9/11 truth message – the message that something is really wrong with the official explanation about 9/11 - has improved. From the many activists that do outreach about 9/11, it is agreed that the message is getting out and larger segments of the public have heard part of the story – and that their curiosity has been aroused. This includes those who are curious but are too unsettled about what they have heard to take any action. Others may take the initiative to look into the events themselves.

Because people in positions of public trust are unlikely to move ahead with an investigation without a very large segment of people pushing for such a new inquiry, the numbers of people knowing the facts behind 9/11 must be greatly increased.brochures on bulletin boardThe public must have a greater depth of knowledge about the events that took place on September 11, 2001. With this knowledge, they can ask succinct and pointed questions to officials in positions of public trust – at any level - of government.

The 9/11 Truth Outreach brochures are a great way to increase the awareness of 9/11 issues and provide a basic set of information to use when talking to others about 9/11. These brochures can be distributed in various ways including by personal interaction or by leaving a trail of 9/11 brochures wherever you go. This latter approach is especially suitable for people who are reluctant to engage in conversations about 9/11 or hand out brochures directly.

brochure at gas station

An anonymous trail should include places where people stop for a minute and look around. While the public filters out advertising messages, something unexpected can create a momentary pause where a person might be receptive to something that they notice is out of the ordinary and arouses their curiousity. Placing brochures in public places is a long standing technique used for doing outreach and is appropriate because it does not deface property.

Leaving a single brochure on a gas pump is sure to get someone's attention during the day. Many gas pumps have locations suitable for holding a single brochure. People who need to fill their gas tank with gasoline may be paitently pumping gas with nothing to distract them for a few minutes.brochure at gas station 2If while they are waiting, they only see the brochure and recognize the topic, that is an acceptable outreach event. Of course , a much better outreach event would be if they took the brochure and read it. Even if a gas station attendent removes the brochure, they can read it -- and this too would constitute an acceptable outreach event.

Another serendepidious outreach technique is to insert the brochures inside a local newspaper in a place such as a coffee shop. Typically, local free papers in this type of venue will be opened and read leisurely. Inserting a brochure inside the front page of a newspaper puts the information in front of a reader right at the point they are looking to view something new and interesting. brochure in newspaperWhile it may be posible to "seed" a large stack of papers with brochures, doing a few now and then would start people thinking about how the official story of 9/11 doesn't make sense. Many coffee shops and other waiting areas have magazines for patrons to peruse while drinking their coffee or just waiting for their order. Courtesy magazines such as these provide a suitable locale for placing a brochure and creating a trail of information.

Another similar travel location that could be used in this way are the hotel coupon booklets which are available when traveling along many interstate highways. Travelers confined to their vehicles during a long trip would be likely to run across and peruse an unexpected informational brochure as they drive to their next motel.

brochures in hotel coupon booklets

Other locations ripe for holding and distributing a 9/11 Truth Outreach tri-fold brochure are the ubiquitous information racks that are usually set up for travelers for activities such as trolley museums or wineries. These information racks are available in various sizes and locations, including hotels lobbies, vending machines, kiosks and other public travel resource centers. The hard work of finding a suitable location where people will stop and have a moment to peruse literature has already been done by the kiosk service provider that maintains these information stands. As a courtesy to the kiosk providers, finding a suitable location on the rack that does not hide other information is a good practice. Kiosks are appropriate for a small stack of up to a dozen brochures. Adding too many would increase the risk that a large number may get removed by the kiosk attendant. These days, it seems unlikely that a viewer that runs across a 9/11 Truth Outreach brochure would be sufficiently offended by the message that they would remove and discard all of the brochures. Most likely, they would just ignore it and move on to another tourist item at the kiosk.

brochures in bathroom

One of the places that a 9/11 Truth Outreach brochure can be left is in public wash rooms. In such locations, people are pausing for a few moments and frequently have little to occupy their minds. A 9/11 Truth Outreach brochure placed on a tissue holder in a washroom increases the likelihood that someone will take a moment to look at it.

Because of the attention to clean restrooms that public restrooms frequently receive, multiple copies of the brochure in the same location may get cleaned-out.brochure in bathroom doorConsequently leaving only one at a time per location seems appropriate.

To make the distribution quick and easy, it is necessary to keep a supply of the brochures handy in a shirt pocket, briefcase, computer case or purse.

These brochures can be obtained at the 9/11 Truth Outreach store. They are $12 for a pack of 75 (plus shipping) with the proceeds helping to support 9/11 Truth Outreach.

We all know how time intensive activism of any sort is. Brochure-outreach activism, however, is an incredibly easy yet powerful way to get the 9/11 message out there and is something every single person who cares about spreading 9/11 truth can effortlessly do.


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