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Thursday, May 28, 2015

9/11 Outreach at the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Conference

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

The 2015 United National AntiWar Coalition (UNAC) Conference was held at the Clarion Empire Meadowlands Hotel in Secaucus, NJ from Friday to Sunday, May 8-10. The purpose was to discuss and debate the state of the world and the state of wars at home and abroad. 9/11 Truth Outreach was there and our message was warmly embraced by most attendees.

For the first time, the concept that the official story of 9/11 was false – and should be included in the arguments against the current round of war – was raised from the UNAC podium. These words were not from the UNAC leadership, but rather put forth by two of the invited speakers. One of them, Mauri Saalakhan of the Peace and Justice Foundation, will be speaking at a 9/11 Truth Outreach event at the 2015 Left Forum. Undoubtedly, these speakers felt encouraged and supported to question the official story about 9/11 from the podium by the presence of the 9/11 Truth Outreach table at the entrance to the ballroom where the plenary sessions were held.

UNAC claims to represent thousands of members via dozens of groups under their umbrella. This conference attracted over 400 attendees with representatives from 116 organizations. Joe Losbaker, a UNAC leader said,unac image 2 "The UNAC conference was the first national meeting of the anti-war movement since the march against NATO in 2012 in Chicago. That march was the largest national anti-war protest against the wars of the Obama administration." The UNAC call for the 2015 conference was broad:

The world is being ravaged by endless U.S. wars, both open and secret; life-threatening global warming and environmental destruction; devastating poverty and disease. Here at home we face unprecedented attacks on labor, immigrants, the poor and oppressed; a massive and racist prison-industrial complex; the increasing militarization of the police and an epidemic of police abuse as in Ferguson, Mo.; widespread domestic spying and an expanding "national security state"; trillions of dollars spent on the military to police the world and bail out the corporate 1 percent while we face severe attacks on the basic necessities of life. It's time for a massive, united and independent response!

Many of the above assaults on civil society were institutionalized and accelerated directly as a result of the events of 9/11. Unfortunately, the details of the official story of 9/11 are never scrutinized at UNAC. To date, the organizers have refused to include presentations during plenary sessions with evidence that 9/11 was staged for full-spectrum dominance abroad and repression at home.

Many prominent anti-war leaders and experts came together expressing their hopes of stopping the endless U.S. wars and occupations. Joe Lombardo, Sara Flounders, Cynthia McKinney, Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern, Joe Losbaker and many other important anti-war leaders spoke. People's lawyer Lynne Stewart appeared on Saturday afternoon. Although Lynne's trial and subsequent imprisonment have been covered by the alternative media, key information about FBI involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing has never been exposed by the Left media; all the more reason for the continued presence of 9/11 truth activists at public events.

unac image 3Bill Solow of People’s Organization for Progress shows his support for a new investigation

There were dozens of workshops making the connections between movements at home and abroad, including linking current events to the consequences to today's wars. For example, one of the speakers described a political rally to stop police violence in which a dozen mothers of African-American children killed by police noted that all the police officers that did the shooting had spent time in Iraq during the US occupation. The dehumanizing consequences of serving in an occupying force abroad has implications for those personnel when they return. Employment in police departments is a frequent career path for veterans returning from the 9/11 related wars.

[Photo Caption: Bill Solow of People's Organization for Progress shows his support for a new investigation.]

There were over thirty breakout sessions on topics such as Muslims and the peace movement, confronting Islamophobia, the prison injustice system, and challenging imperial wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and beyond. However, there was no open discussion informing the participants that the official story of 9/11 was false.

Afghan Quagmire Panel

For example, in the panel session, "Afghan Quagmire: U.S. Death Squads, Drones, Warlords & Heroin," five very knowledgeable members discussed the past policies that brought about and sustains the U.S. quagmire. The panelists were Rory Fanning (former U.S. Marine and friend of the late Pat Tillman), Kathy Kelly (lived in Kabul as a guest of the Afghan Peace Volunteers), Ray McGovern (former Army Intelligence and CIA analyst), Barry Weisleder (New Democratic Party of Canada) and Ann Wright (retired U.S. Army Colonel). The current state of Afghanistan was painted with bleak vignettes, many based on personal experiences. Among the panelists, the hope for a positive change was dim. The lack of any solution to the quagmire brought a pointed question by one 9/11 Truth Outreach volunteer.

"The war in Afghanistan is based on the events of September 11, 2001, and especially the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center which could not have been done by Osama bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan. Over 2,300 architects and engineers say these buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition. The events of 9/11 were the primary cause of the United States entry and continuing involvement in Afghanistan. Why don't any of you mention that telling the truth about 9/11 could be part of the solution to the quagmire?"

Due to the format of the Q&A session, only Barry Weisleder addressed the question by saying he was unaware of any evidence for an alternative hypothesis contrary to the official story. This shows that one reason for the decade-long damage to Afghanistan people is that activists opposed to the war do not know basic facts about the events of 9/11 and/or peer pressure keeps them silent.

Educating Anti-War Activists

The 9/11 Truth Outreach table made a significant impact with many attendees and our presence helped bring 9/11 Truth into many side-bar discussions at this influential event. Many of us have seen an increased receptiveness of 9/11 Truth in the rank-and-file of anti-war organizations. However, the political calculus of the leadership continues to be a strategy of trying to stop the wars without acknowledging the most powerful tool available to them: the truth – that 9/11 is the root cause of U.S. warfare since 2001, and that the events of 9/11 bear the hallmarks of a fraudulent story that cannot withstand the slightest scrutiny in the face of all the evidence.

Plenary Session for Next UNAC Conference

David Slesinger, a long time 9/11 Truth activist, submitted a resolution calling for a plenary discussion at the next UNAC conference entitled: "Civil Debate Regarding the Evidence that Islamic Jihadists Were Not the Primary 9/11 Culprits." The resolution stated:

Whereas peace advocates recognize that advocates of invading other countries regularly lie and generate public support for their wars by "othering," using race and/or ethnic and/or religious differences, and

Whereas in the post-9/11 world this has taken the form of Islamophobia, and

Whereas the leadership of UNAC has consistently taken steps to prevent discussion of the evidence that Islamic jihadists were not the primary culprits of 9/11, while UNAC's rank and file has proven much more open to discussing this evidence,

Therefore it should be agreed that the next UNAC conference after May of 2015 will include a plenary session -- during which no other events are scheduled -- in which a civil debate is held over the evidence that Islamic jihadists were not the primary 9/11 culprits.

In the discussion of this proposed resolution, it was emphasized that the proposal was not to be interpreted as a statement demanding the UNAC to publicly adopt a 9/11 Truth policy statement. It only required a civil debate of the 9/11 issues during a plenary session at the next UNAC conference. David added that, "The UNAC leadership can still refuse to endorse 9/11 Truth and focus their efforts on 'stopping wars.' But, ignoring the factors that provide the tacit support for these wars (i.e., 9/11) by a bewildered and misled public creates a great risk to the credibility of an important anti-war organization."

Cynthia McKinney, former US Congresswoman, spoke to support the motion even though the UNAC chair tried to silence her. Cynthia was one of the more respected speakers at the conference. In describing how missing information can distort the perspective of an historical event, she noted that the 1994 airplane crash that killed the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi was not properly investigated and the slow response of the West to the genocide in Rwanda can be better understood within the context of that information[1].

Jeff Mackler (Director of the Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal) was the last commenter allowed before the vote. He said that "the problem of war should not be reduced to the technical specifics of a building collapse." This reply is indicative of the need for continued outreach, education, and active participation from our movement at events like these. David was not able to reply that, "the technical specifics are crucial in proving the official explanation of 9/11 – which incriminates 19 Muslim jihadists by asserting that they alone were responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers, Building 7, the Pentagon budget office and flight 93 which allegedly crashed in Shanksville, PA – cannot be true."

A vote on the resolution was allowed, but was defeated 23-29. Many supporters outside the plenary session were unaware of the parliamentary procedures that allowed discussion of the resolution and a vote to be taken.

UNAC is focused on many important issues related to war, peace, economic justice and racism. However, as long as UNAC members continue to be uninformed about the alternative evidence of 9/11 which clearly exposes the true agenda behind the attacks, and continues to forbid a genuine debate about 9/11, including its pivotal role in American warmongering which UNAC claims to be against, UNAC is not only patronizing and muffling its membership, it is acting as a de facto gatekeeper to the very authority establishment it purports to oppose.


[1] Cynthia McKinney mentioned the democratically-elected presidents of Rwanda and Burundi killed in 1994 in the intentional downing of their plane which was the kickoff point for the Rwandan genocide. The U.N. investigated the violence that came after the act of terror, but not the initial act of terror that started the bloodletting. It was all carefully orchestrated by the U.S. who was interested in regime change in the region. Both a Spanish court and Jean-Louis Bruguière, the leading French investigating magistrate in charge of counter-terrorism affairs at the time, found that Paul Kagame, now the sitting president of Rwanda, led a team of soldiers that was guilty of genocide. Bruguière traced the missile that shot down the plane carrying the two presidents and determined it came from the U.S. – from Iraq to Uganda and then transferred to Kagame who was trained to handle missiles at Fort Leavenworth. This is the part of the Rwandan genocide not celebrated in movies, not written about in books, not recounted in Congressional hearings. But the truth of matter is that the Clinton Administration sold the Great Lakes of Africa to Microsoft and other Western corporations and installed Washington's successor to Angola's Jonas Savimbi (African terrorist financed by the Reagan Administration) with state power in Rwanda. Cynthia's point was that not knowing about the downing of the plane was to not really know about the Rwandan genocide. Similarly, not knowing about 9/11 is to not really know about the Global War on Terror, U.S. wars, and the U.S. shadow government.

Those wanting to learn more about the truth of the Rwanda genocide can listen to the following podcast:


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