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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Presidential Primaries and Caucuses:

A Chance to Ask Candidates Questions About 9/11

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

The 2016 presidential primary begins in Iowa and continues through next summer. It provides an excellent opportunity to approach the candidates and ask them questions. This is an American tradition that the 9/11 Truth community can take advantage of to bring awareness of the need for transparency and accountability regarding the 9/11 official story. At these political events volunteers can ask questions about important 9/11 issues such as errors in the official explanation of the destruction of the World Trade Center, the anthrax attacks or the need for transparency by releasing the redacted 28 pages of the 2002 Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.

There are currently many candidates beginning to make local appearances in small venues in states that hold early primaries and caucuses. This gives you, the supporters of transparency in government, a unique opportunity to interact with the candidates. To educate them, you can make a brief statement, ask a simple question or even directly pin them down on the issue of a new 9/11 investigation. This opens up the opportunity for them to have to state their stance publicly – ideally in front of the media. As shown by an activist in Iowa, Rick Shaddock, this approach can lead to an entrée to discuss the issues with the campaign staff. A similar approach has been promoted in the past by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth as well as by many others. You can follow a candidate's campaign stops through their website, Facebook and Twitter feeds to find where they will be meeting voters and making statements to the press.

rick shaddock in oskaloosaTrump Family Picnic

Shaddock, a long-time advocate for exposing the reality of the events of 9/11, visited the Trump "family picnic" in Oskaloosa, Iowa on July 25, 2015, hoping to pose a question to the candidate. Rick recounted that, "As an internet investigative reporter, I was able to get in and ask questions. I had the opportunity to shake Trump's hand and to ask two questions at the press conference."

"To get a press pass, I used my credentials as an investigative reporter for my YouTube news channel, Truth Makes Peace. Although only a few of the journalists introduced themselves, the only journalists supposedly banned from the event were from the Des Moines Register. However, they still managed to have a complete report of the press conference.

Questions at the Press Conference

The two questions asked by Rick at the press conference consisted of a back and forth with Trump:

The first round of questions by Rick dealt with the redacted 28 pages.

Rick: Years ago you correctly identified George Bush as lying to get us into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And there is a House and Senate resolution to release the 28 pages that George Bush classified about who funded 9/11. We can't have an attack without funding. Would you support the release of those 28 pages to the public?

Trump: I'd have to see that. I was opposed to Iraq…

(See and begin at 19:30 minutes.)

The second round of questions was about the Twin Towers.

Rick: As a builder of many skyscrapers, you know they are built to be strong. Many people, according to a poll (, 60% of Americans have some questions about how those towers came down.

Trump: The World Trade Center?

Rick: Yeah, and how World Trade Center 7 was not even hit by a plane and companies that were not investigated, like Ace Elevator Company. They are in the shafts from 1994 to 9/11. They were not even mentioned, much less investigated by Bush's administration.

Trump: Is this a conspiracy man right over here? What do we got?

Rick: Would you support an independent investigation of the way the towers came down?

Trump: I don't want to go there. What are you saying?

Rick: It's just that Americans are calling for an independent of people who could have.

Trump: I think we know what happened to the World Trade Center. We know what happened.

(See and begin at 42:40 minutes.)

Lessons Learned

In retrospect, Rick mused whether there should have been a different approach to get a crisper question.

Senator/Governor/Representative or other appropriate title] _________:

I have a question about your commitment to openness and transparency of the governmental process that we Americans have come to expect.

More than 2300 independent architects and engineers are calling for a real investigation of the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the lesser-known Building 7 on 9/11. They are demanding scientifically valid engineering and criminal investigations into these events. It's inexcusable that no such investigations have yet occurred. NIST also admitted that Building 7 experienced freefall, which rules out fire as the explanation. The 2300 architects and engineers cite overwhelming evidence of explosive controlled demolition – and they are backed by the 9/11 victims' family members.

When you are elected President will you do the right thing and actively support a real investigation that examines the evidence at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth at AE911Truth.orgTruth at

At least now Trump has heard about the and we know that he has been surprisingly uninformed about 9/11 truth until now.

Rick's assessment is that, "Donald Trump is not afraid to bring out the truth and end the corruption in Washington, DC. I will be working with his campaign to developed contacts in his staff to get him the full message."

There are many such activities that are within the reach of people who live in states where primaries will be held.

Multiplying the Press Coverage

While getting the message out to the candidate – and in front of the audience – is important, there is also the chance that the question will get repeated in other press reports. While these are unlikely to be favorable to 9/11 Truth positions, their mere presence in the news stories keeps the discussions going and should make some people curious enough to look into the events on their own.

For example, Mother Jones Assistant Editor Ms. Inae Oh wrote an article entitled "Want to Meet a 9/11 Truther? Go to a Donald Trump Event." She reported that, "It's also where 9/11 Truth Activist Rick Shaddock happened to be before meandering into the press room to ask the following question:"

"As a builder of many skyscrapers, you know they're built to be strong," said Shaddock. "Many people have questions about how those towers came down."

According to the Washington Post, Trump rejected the question, asking the reporters in the room, "Is this guy some kind of conspiracy guy?"

A second example is about an article by David Weigel of the Washington Post. He wrote an article about the Trump visit to Iowa entitled, "5 things I learned by spending four hours in The Donald Trump Experience."

"He even took two questions from a 9/11 Truth activist, Rick Shaddock, who had somehow made it into the press conference. 'As a builder of many skyscrapers, you know they're built to be strong.' said Shaddock. 'Many people have questions about how those towers came down.'

'The World Trade Center?' asked Trump.

'Yeah,' said Shaddock. As he continued, Trump narrowed his eyes, then asked the other three dozen reporters in the room, 'Is this guy some kind of conspiracy guy?'"


Both these articles informed their readership that there was something called a "9/11 Truth Activist."

Plenty of Candidate Opportunities

Even in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa, Rick was able to speak to other politicians who visited.

"Senator Rand Paul spoke in the town square gazebo. Then there was a meeting with those who had volunteered to help set up his visit."

"Congressman David Loebsack walked into a local coffee shop. So I was ready with questions about the 28 pages."

"You can also write your representatives any time from the comfort of your home. Here are my responses from Senator Chuck Grassley, who is on the Judiciary Committee."

The 28 pages issue is a perfect introduction to 9/11 truth when speaking with politicians. There are specific bills in the House and Senate they can take action on.

Next Steps

Candidate appearances are a great opportunity to organize an event using the new 9/11 Truth Events Calendar – or to attend solo – and help spread awareness.


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