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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Firefighters, Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths

Review of New Video

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

On September 11, 2015, New York City was the location of the premiere screening of a new joint DVD from Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth entitled, "Firefighters, Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths." This DVD is based on a presentation held in Seattle on May 8, 2010 which covered the events at the World Trade Center from the perspectives of family members, firefighters, architects and engineers.

Erik Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, awakens the audience to the startling evidence found by firefighters at the World Trade Center crime scene — and explains what a real investigation should have looked for.

As a former Seattle firefighter, Erik has over 25 years of emergency services experience. He compliments the expertise of Richard Gage, AIA, 28-year architect and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Over 200 firefighters and 2,300 architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation of the destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center.

Honor the Fallen

The film opens with Michelle Weiss Little, sister of Firefighter David M. Weiss who was killed that day, making a short memorial statement and reminder to viewers that "as a nation we promised we would never forget ... and the least we can do is call for a new investigation."

Introduction and Orientation

Peter B. Collins, an internet radio show host from San Francisco {} was the Master of Ceremonies. He puts the audience back into the moment which then provides context for the evidence presented by Richard Gage and Erik Lawyer. He reminds us that on September 11, 2001, the greatest destruction and loss of life associated with a purported terrorist attack occurred in New York City.

After a decade that has seen several flawed and willfully incomplete government investigations and multiple corporate media documentaries that reinforce myths about what happened on 9/11, it is not unexpected that many public misconceptions still persist about the unprecedented destruction of the steel frames skyscrapers at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

Destruction of the Three Towers

Paralleling the multi-media format of the original event, the video provides comprehensive technical background to support the claims that a new investigation is needed to explain all of the evidence. Using well-documented forensic evidence, news footage and eyewitness accounts, Lawyer and Gage seek to correct the public record. During the presentation these experts examine the myths surrounding the events at the World Trade Center.

Exposing 20 Myths

The documentary provides a factual rebuttal to 20 often restated myths regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center. The experts discuss and reject each of these 20 myths:

  1. Myth: Normal evidence procedures were followed (at segment 2/11:55)
  2. Myth: Fire is the obvious cause of the high-rise collapses (at segment 2/18:47)
  3. Myth: The scientific method was used in the investigation (at segment 2/22:47)
  4. Myth: There were only two towers destroyed on 9/11 (at segment 3/00:01)
  5. Myth: Fire has caused high-rise collapse before (at segment 3/06:04)
  6. Myth: The government looked for evidence of explosives (at segment 3/10:51)
  7. Myth: There were no witnesses to explosions (at segment 3/13:35)
  8. Myth: The firefighters did not report explosions (at segment 3/19:32)
  9. Myth: Jet-fueled fireballs shot down the elevator shaft and blew out the lobby windows (at segment 3/20:40)
  10. Myth: There was no reason to test for explosives (at segment 3/24:16)
  11. Myth: Thermite doesn't cut steel (at segment 3/29:58)
  12. Myth: The Twin Towers were not adequately designed (at segment 4/00:01)
  13. Myth: This was a "classic progressive collapse" (at segment 4/03:35)
  14. Myth: There was a stack of pancaked floors at the bottom (at segment 4/04:42)
  15. Myth: The Towers look nothing like a controlled demolition (at segment 4/05:50)
  16. Myth: The building tenants would have seen workers planting explosives (at segment 4/06:30)
  17. Myth: The columns significantly slowed the collapse (at segment 4/07:49)
  18. Myth: The Towers collapsed in a natural manner (at segment 4/09:53)
  19. Myth: The top "block" above where the jet plane impacts drove the rest of the building down to the ground (at segment 4/10:36)
  20. Myth: The NIST Report analyzed the collapse (at segment 4/12:35)

Where Do We Go From Here

Unlike most 9/11 documentary films, this documentary includes insights for a process to build community across the world. The process emerged from Erik Lawyer's personal challenges that arose after his frustration and anger at trying to bring awareness to a public that was unwilling to look at the evidence. Erik's rejuvenation began after loneliness, exhaustion and despair caused him to withdraw from his substantial outreach efforts.

He said, "I was desperately trying to convince people [about 9/11] from a place of fear, instead of connecting with them from my heart... I saw corruption everywhere and could no longer appreciate the simple beauty in life." During his hiatus, he found a new community and he improved his understanding of the core personal struggle faced by himself and other activists.

Eventually Erik encountered a mentor who "helped me see that by focusing on the darkness, I was creating more destruction and division in the world. By blaming others I was giving away my powers." This paradigm shift was a spiritual moment of transformation for Erik that opened a door to envisioning a process that promotes connectedness among people around the world.

Erik noted that "people act the way we do because we have been born into a system that creates an 'us' versus 'them' attitude." Based on his personal experiences as a firefighter, he envisioned a more cooperative model that parallels core functions of a typical fire department such as comradery and cooperation. Erik calls the new framework he created "Community Unity Departments."

For individuals and communities, Community Unity Departments increase resiliency, reliance, response and regional mutual aid capabilities. The Community Unity Departments would support 9/11 Truth using categories that parallel firefighting approaches:

Fire Department Approach Parallel With 9/11 Truth
Alert to fire Compassionately increase awareness
Locate seat of the fire Help identify underlying brokenness
Extinguish hot spots Provide unitive community actio
Request backup Invite new members
We got your back Be there for each other
Prevent new fires Reduce possibility of new fires


9/11 Wisdom Circles

Due to the worldwide impact of the events of 9/11, Erik began implementing Community Unity Departments by first creating Wisdom Circles. A Wisdom Circle is a process for consideringunity in the community community impacts in a new and transformative way. They begin with the assumption that the underlying brokenness has existed for a long time. Many people have played a role in fostering that brokenness, most of whom will never be prosecuted in a court of law.

9/11 Wisdom Circles are designed to gather together small groups of people who consent to reconsider 9/11 and possibly other traumatic events. They will:

  • Help people process the events of 9/11
  • Connect with others from a place of shared pain
  • Identify the source of our societal brokenness
  • Rediscover our individual and unified power
  • Take new and unifying actions based on what the circle discovered together

A Word From John Perkins

John Perkins, the author, activist and economist, gave a keynote address at the "Declassify the Truth: 9/11 Transparency on the Rise," 14th Anniversary Symposium, September 12, 2015, New York City, at the West Park Presbyterian Church. He noted similar hopeful signs. In his speech, entitled, "The Tragic Events of September 11, 2001," John gave this assessment that supports Erik's perspective:

"People are waking up. I believe that we are perhaps in the biggest revolution that history has ever known. A consciousness revolution. It is a bigger revolution than the agricultural or industrial revolution. We are waking up .... I think perhaps that the United States has been one of the slowest countries in the world to wake up. As I travel around, I find many more things happening in other places.... But it is happening here now. It is totally happening here."

To learn more about Community Unity Departments and 9/11 Wisdom Circles, visit

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