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Thursday, December 03, 2015

9/11 Truth Grows on Maine Fairgoers

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

On a beautiful fall weekend this past September, volunteers from Maine 9/11 Truth (with some help from their 9/11 friends from Connecticut) once again hosted a table in the Social Responsibility tent at the annual Common Ground Country Fair sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). Over 60,000 people attend the fair in Unity, Maine each year, and a good number of them passed by our 9/11 literature table. While most attendees were native residents of Maine, many were from other New England states and some were from distant places outside of New England, including New York.

The majority of those who passed by the Maine 9/11 Truth table were curious and open to the information. There were also those “who just can't go there,” although they seem to be fewer and fewer each year.

Lynn Bradbury, the lead organizer, was grateful for the strong showing of committed volunteers for truth. She remarked, “Many 9/11 organizers have found that 9/11 outreach is welcome at most public venues on a non-discriminatory basis.” Lynn went on to say, “One of the best parts of the weekend was connecting with our 9/11 colleagues and sharing ideas, books and other resources. It was a wonderful opportunity for all of us who have long been communicating by email to meet each other in person. However, there was not much time for socializing due to the continual flow of visitors who wanted to talk.”

The volunteers passed out hundreds of flyers, pamphlets and videos. The weekend was a great success. There was even a box of the newly released Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth booklets, "Beyond Misinformation,” donated by a supporter who exclaimed, “I’m really glad that you are here!”
The enthusiastic and tireless presence of two 9/11 radio show hosts from Connecticut was indispensable. They made a great team, emphasizing the twin skills of close listening and crucial information sharing. Cheryl Curtiss, who has been hosting “9/11 Wakeup Call” for nearly ten years, has a wealth of knowledge about 9/11 and related events. Cheryl's very successful method for engaging people was that whenever anyone's eyes met her own, she asked: "Are you aware of the controversy surrounding 9/11?"

The volunteers at the table had many great conversations with the visitors. Cheryl said, “One of the most memorable conversations for me was the teacher who came by and was thrilled to see us there. She asked for lots of information because her students ‘get it’ and she wanted to know what they knew. Later in the day some of her students came by and also took information and chatted with us. This was a case of the students teaching the teacher. Fortunately, their teacher was open to what they were saying.”

The location allowed ample room for animated conversation with the many fairgoers who were clearly hungry for 9/11 truth. It was frequently heard that such news was not only denied to them by the mainstream media, but also by NPR, PBS and even Amy Goodman's show, Democracy Now!.
The volunteers recounted a conversation with a woman who said she worked for the CIA after 9/11. Her job was to help figure out what went wrong on 9/11. As recounted by Cheryl, “The woman seemed to think that we were at her level of questioning. She went on to say that the CIA concluded that it was a lack of communication between the different government agencies. However, when I said, ‘Well, no, there are mountains of evidence of controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers,’ she looked alarmed and scurried away.”

Lynn recounted another memorable interaction. “Particularly interesting was a conversation with a big fellow, a former soldier who'd been in Afghanistan or Iraq. He lingered silently reading the info. I was suspecting opposition to the implications contained in the materials. To my surprise, when we started talking I found that he was in agreement with the evidence we presented. Then he emphatically asserted that ISIS was created by the CIA / US – and that he and his fellow soldiers knew it.”

The press and flow of passersby on Friday and Saturday and who then actually stopped at the table was incredible. So many thanked us for being there. “The mere presence of 9/11 Truth being represented at the fair said a lot,” according to an older woman amazed at the information. Many of those whom the volunteers talked to over the weekend said they had been skeptical of the official story from day one, including a striking number of witnesses from New York. They were very happy to have someone to engage with on this subject. All commiserated about the skepticism of families and friends and an often general unwillingness to listen. They were often queried whether they thought it was 'disrespectful to the families' who lost relatives on 9/11 to question the official story. Not one New Yorker the volunteers spoke with believed that speaking about 9/11 is disrespectful to the families.

The refreshing hunger for truth expressed throughout the three-day weekend was constantly heartwarming, as was the open-minded, large-worldview held by many MOFGA fairgoers. For an event organized by organic farmers, the attendees represented sustainability at its finest!
One of the favorite quotes of the weekend was from a young man who said, "When you're studying history and it seems boring, it's because it's not the truth."


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