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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Boston 9/11 Truth Celebrates

Independence Day:

Independence from the Official 9/11 Fairy Tale

Written by Truth Outreach Staff
Figure 1: Boston 9/11 Outreach Team at the Charles River Esplanade on the Fourth of July Figure 1: Boston 9/11 Outreach Team at the Charles River Esplanade on the Fourth of July

On July 4, 2016, members of Boston 9/11 Truth celebrated their independence from the fraudulent official narrative of what happened on September 11, 2001. This was the Boston group’s 10th annual July Fourth outreach event. They celebrated it by visibly posting signs and handing out 9/11 Truth literature at the annual Boston Charles River Esplanade concert and fireworks event. The hardy Boston Truth activists were joined by Truthers from New York and Maine, making this year’s event a truly regional 9/11 Truth effort.

9/11 Outreach at Public Events

One of the goals of 9/11 Truth Outreach is to encourage people to take the educational message of 9/11 Truth to the general public. Outreach at these events is (usually) easy, fun, and rewarding. Wayne Coste, founder of 9/11 Truth Outreach, observed, “When I began doing 9/11-related outreach eight years ago, it was commonplace to be called names and to be on the receiving end of obscene hand to expose 911Figure 2: However, in recent years, the receptivity to the 9/11 Truth message is so much better. People really welcome the chance to hear new information. Many choose not to accept any handouts with a polite ‘No thank you’ or a shake of their head, but our presence gives them permission to rethink the incongruent presentation by the media about the events of September 11th. It reminds them that something is amiss with the information flow from our mainstream news outlets.”

Educational materials and banners created and produced locally can be supplemented from other sources such as the online store at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).

According to outreach team members, when people accepted the AE911Truth brochure, “What You Are Not Being Told About 9/11,” they tended to keep it. The same was not true of a second brochure which had a more aggressive headline: “Time to Stop the War on America.” A number of people who received that brochure looked it over and handed it back. These two common reactions suggest that people may be curious about the events of 9/11, but they are less willing to question the role of the military, which is continually sold to us by the media and recruitment advertisements as a force of good in the world. Adding resistance to the “War on America” message is the fact most people either have members in their extended families currently serving in the Armed Forces, they themselves have served, and/or their parents or grandparents may have served.

truth on the esplanadeFigure 3: Handing out brochures to passersby

Truth on the Esplanade

The Charles River Esplanade is the park and walkway that runs along the south bank of the Charles River close to the Boston Common. The Esplanade is the location of the famous Fourth of July Boston Pops concert extravaganza featuring Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, accompanied by the firing of brass cannons and a fireworks display over the river. Because of the popularity of the event and the large audience, it is a great place to do 9/11 outreach.

In the past two years security has been getting tighter. The 9/11 organizers had discussed their general presence with the park police and thought there was agreement on what was allowed and what was not. The outreach team set up at their usual spot at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Storrow Drive at the bottom of the foot bridge along the Charles River, hanging their banners on the fence that separates the Esplanade from the highway. However, once the information campaign was underway, the park police came by and said that the signs could not be placed on the fence and they needed to be removed. Al Magaletta, one of the co-organizers said, “In the past we have not had a problem handing out literature from this spot.”

Even though the police request contradicted the verbal agreement obtained prior to the event, the team took the banners down and devised a new outreach plan. The revised plan consisted of directing passersby to observe the smaller posters (Figure 2), while activists handed out literature to all who showed interest (Figure 3).

Meanwhile, just outside of the park and in clear view of substantial foot traffic, the outreach team displayed their ten-foot-tall, free-standing banner of the North Tower exploding (Figure 4). The banner posed the question in large letters, “Pancake Collapse? Or Explosions?” Underneath the image was the statement ,“Solve 9/11 – for World Peace and Justice!”

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

One member recounted the following interaction: “While passing 9/11 Truth literature out at the Charles River Esplanade on the Fourth of July with other members of our Boston 9/11 Truth Group, I imagined that I could quickly size people up as to whether they would be receptive or not to our message. Some people I simply passed by without even attempting to engage them because I was sure they were not ready yet to hear either the ‘Bad News’ of September 11th or the ‘Good News’ of the 9/11 Truth Movement. With such eyes of pre-judgment, my path crossed a middle-aged man in a white robe who stopped me and asked if I would like a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. I politely said I was familiar with and appreciated that holy text, but ‘no thank-you.’

I didn’t bother asking this man if he was interested in hearing my concerns about 9/11/01. Instead I started to walk away thinking to myself ‘Oh, those Hare Krishna folks are so focused on their religious concerns that they certainly won’t be interested in what I have to share.’ But then, thankfully, a little voice in my head said ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ I wasn’t sure if that voice was talking about the Bhagavad Gita or the man who wanted to tell me about its message. Either way, I knew it was instructing me that I had made a judgement without any real evidence to back up my prejudice.

So I returned to where the group of Krishna devotees were standing and asked the person I originally had passed by if they would like to receive some literature that raised doubts about the formal 9/11/01 narrative. Not only was the person interested, they were eager! They already had worries that our government’s version was a lie. They were glad to hear others shared their concerns, and were reassured to discover groups were working to find the full truth about 9/11 and expose it to the public.

Later in the day, I returned with another Truther to where the group of Krishna devotees had their stand set up. We had a productive encounter and traded some of our literature for some of theirs. As we walked away to continue our literature distribution mission, I realized I had learned a valuable lesson: Beware of judging a book by its cover, because many of our potential allies may not look or dress or talk just like we do.”

pancake collapse or explosionFigure 4: Large poster asking: "Pancake Collapse? Or Explosion?"

A Successful Day

Co-organizer Magaletta was disquieted by the turn of events this year, remarking, “I have to say that in the past being at the Esplanade used to be fun. Now it is like an armed camp with State Police, National Guard, Boston Police, FBI, and bomb squads all on display like the ultimate security state.” In fact, the increasingly visible presence of the security state may help explain the heightened receptivity to the 9/11 message. Magaletta observed, “I have found that the general public has become much more receptive to our message, and we have gotten many words of encouragement from them. Next year, I will lead our group again and lobby the Massachusetts Recreation and Conservation Department to permit us to put up our signs.”

By the end of the day, hundreds of 9/11 Truth pamphlets had been passed out, many people had signed up to receive emails from Boston 9/11 Truth, and a good time was had by all. The event felt especially rewarding for the Truth activists who came out to celebrate our independence from America’s false-flag fairy tale.

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