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Friday, September 30, 2016

9/11 Movement Presents Evidence for a Legal Case:

An Overview of the Justice in Focus Conference

Written by Sander Hicks

On February 27, 1860, Abraham Lincoln had a breakthrough moment in his political career, when he gave a major speech at Cooper Union. His research was impressive and his oratory was eloquent. He garnered much needed support for the anti-slavery cause. His Cooper Union speech catapulted Lincoln into front-runner status for the Presidential nomination. That single moment in the “Great Hall” changed history.

Likewise, 156 years later, the Great Hall at Cooper Union saw another spark of light in the dark night of American history. On September 10 and 11th, 2016, the Justice In Focus conference convened to hear legal evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, science contradicting the official version September 11, 2001. Two new organizations dedicated to countering the fraudulent official story were launched, the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and the 9/11 Truth Action Project.

In the opinion of this reporter, this conference was nothing short of a breakthough, on the scale of Lincoln. The country is desperate for answers right now, masses of enslaved minds are on the verge of a new kind of slave revolt. 9/11 truth has come of age. It’s our time to change history.

Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

daniel sheehan portraitDaniel P. Sheehan

This 9/11 Anniversary was different. This time, NY’s 9/11 truth conference had a team of articulate lawyers from across the USA, assembled as the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. The Lawyers Committee brought together esteemed guest speakers such as “People’s Advocate” attorney Daniel Sheehan, and the Italian Supreme Court’s Ferdinand Imposimato. Architect and founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Richard Gage brought in members of various disciplines to present scientific and forensic testimony to the Lawyers Committee, who sat in a half-moon configuration on the stage. The event had grandeur, import, and cinematic lighting. It looked just like the Congressional hearings we have dreamed of.
Attorney Sheehan told the assembly that this gathering should be considered a formal “Rule 11 Proceeding,” referring to the investigation into the facts, the inquiry all attorneys must undertake before filing litigation. "We need to present the questions we want answered" he said in his opening statement.

ferdinando imposimatoJudge Ferdinando Imosimato

Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, the honorary president of Italy's Supreme Court, presented remarks on the "Strategy of Tension" --the basis for the State Crimes against Democracy known as Project Gladio. He recounted the issues in fighting the Mafia and other powerful corrupt forces in Europe. "These types of crimes are not new."
Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey presented his team’s preliminary findings of their WTC 7 Evaluation — a computer modeling studying of WTC 7’s collapse. Hulsey is the chairman of the civil and environmental engineering department at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. He summed up his team's study by telling Daniel Sheehan that there is "zero" chance that WTC 7 collapsed because of fire. Sheehan asked what grade would be given, if the Official Story had been submitted by a student. Hulsey said he would have flunked that student in a heartbeat. Hulsey's remarks were supported by other engineering experts during the rest of the program.

Codeword for the Unspeakable Truth

Radio personality Lionel quoted the late great writer Gore Vidal who said, "Conspiracy theories are codeword for the unspeakable truth." He also quoted Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, “Truth is the greatest enemy of the state."

former sen bob grahamBob Graham

But 2016 has been a breakthrough year for a thing as banged up and batted around as “the truth.” The “28 Pages” were released by Congress this Summer. These documents lay out many unpursued evidentiary leads that key members of the “19 hijackers” of 9/11 were actually funded and supported by US ally and Bush confidant Prince Bandar, the Saudi Arabia ambassador to the United States. Senator Bob Graham (D-FL, retired) has been a tireless advocate for transparency around the 28 Pages, and appeared on “60 Minutes” in April. He says that there are 80,000 other documents the FBI needs to release, next. It’s that kind of withholding of pertinent information that underscore the need for programs like the Justice in Focus conference.

Executive Intelligence Review editor Jeff Steinberg pointed out that Prince Bandar the Saudi Ambassador is not a strict Wahabist. “Bandar Bush” is a highly Westernized, scotch-drinking, modern aristocrat. Steinberg pointed out that according to Colin Powell's Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson, in December of 2002, Vice President “Cheney was all over the place guaranteeing the word Saudi Arabia never came out. Powell was approached 10 times by Cheney urged that Powell blame Saddam for 9/11.” The 28 pages were classified at about this time. Certain words and phrases remain redacted from the released version of those pages.

michael springmanMichael Springman

Next up, at the conference, was J. Michael Springmann, former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He focused on the process where 11 of the 19 accused hijackers received visas from Jeddah. Furthermore, those 11 were issued from the same officer, Shayna Steiger. Springmann in the late 80’s was fired from the US State Department for protesting that the CIA was rubber-stamping dangerous recruits for Bin Laden through his visa bureau.

wayne costeWayne Coste, P.E.

At the end of the day, it was time for the launch of the Truth Action Project. Director Wayne Coste gave an overview of the website. Sara Nelson, of the Romero Institute, spoke of her experiences building broad coalitions around controversial causes. DC attorney, author and founder of the Justice Integrity Project, Andrew Kreig gave us a few key pointers on reaching out to Congressional representatives, and other public officials. Andrew advises to meet with a staffer first, to develop a rapport. For the meeting: write a one page sheet with the required action at the end. Spend time asking about how we can overcome their objections. Explain who your allies are. Ask them what the impediments to getting the member of congress to support our cause.

andrew kriegAndrew Kreig

This reporter was also a part the Truth Action panel. I asked the audience to recognize the spirit of the Great Hall, and reflected that Lincoln was with us. He actually began his political career as a ‘truther.’ As a freshman in Congress during 1846, he stood up to wartime hysteria, at the outset of the Mexican American War. Democrat James K. Polk claimed that Mexico had invaded Texas, but young Abraham had the audacity to ask for the “spot” where American blood had been shed on American soil. The media attacked him, and tarred him as ‘Spotty Lincoln.’ He lost re-election next year. But, 13 years later, Lincoln’s breakthrough moment was right here, in this very room: The Great Hall at Cooper Union.

One statement that Daniel Sheehan said numerous times was that that there needs to be a grassroots movement to support the legal movement in these types of cases. To support that need, the first day ended with the audience breaking out into various local groups based on congressional districts to make acquaintances and plan some preliminary next steps.


Day two of the conference was a bit dryer, but just as important. The program included “Presentation of Legal Standards and Key Evidences” and “Legal Campaign Strategy.”

william pepperWilliam Pepper

MLK assassination researcher, whistle-blower, and attorney William Pepper was the Master of Ceremonies for the day, and opened up with the pertinent fact that the cultural bias against any use of the term “conspiracy theory” stemmed from a certain 1964 CIA memo (Memo# 1035–960). Here it was decided that in light of all the questions about JFK’s murder, it was time to tar and ridicule dissent. This memo set the tone in the corporate controlled media, and made conspiracy theory a pejorative term. After all, said Pepper, there were 12 slots at the New York Times that were controlled by Allen Dulles of the CIA.

According to attorney Jane Clark, the Southern District of New York is where all 9/11 cases go. The Transportation Stabilization Act capped monetary claims against the airlines. It routed all cases to the Southern District. Only 95 families sued. Most cases were sealed and settled.

Except one. Ellen Mariani sued over losing her husband, Louis, and the judge did not seal the case. It’s quite odd: the court wrote in extra parties to the settlement. Mariani settled with 150 people she did not ever sue! 150 other defendants that she did not name or claim against were somehow tacked onto her settlement as a mysterious addendum. They included heavy hitters like Silverstein Properties.

mick harrisonMick Harrison

Attorney Mick Harrison said, “Before the Magna Carta, the Sovereign could kill us with impunity. Isn't that what happened after 9/11? Before the Magna Carta the sovereign could take us into war without end again. Isn't that what happened after 911? Lawyers take an oath to protect the rule of law and the Constitution." Quoting Lincoln, Harrison said that regarding 9/11, “We must think anew.” The entire Lincoln quote is worth reviewing:

"The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country."


richard gageRichard Gage

In his presentation, Richard Gage pointed out that World Trade Center 7 had a structural redundancy to a multiple of five. I.e., it was five times stronger than it needed to be. It contained 40,000 tons of steel. “No structural building codes have been changed after 911. This is an important point. The NIST model for WTC one and two assumed a 5,000 pound force - a fictional force pushing in on the perimeter columns.” But the failure of the “hat truss” at the top of WTC 2 with a tilt of 22 degrees is a dead giveaway. “In the south tower the top tilts at 22° at first,creating the conditions for an asymmetrical collapse, so it's not a pile driver.” So much for the NIST theory of collapse by “pile-driver” effect.

NIST tried to hide their findings. “At first they refused to release this information, citing ‘public safety,’” Gage explained. But of course, releasing this information would be in the interest of the public safety so that architects could learn how to prevent these kinds of failures in the future. If this had been an architectural failure.

Which leads to a real kicker: No building codes have been changed, in light of 9/11. It’s as if none of the building trades, (construction, architecture, planning, developing) seem to think that any of these major, historical structural failures from 9/11 could possibly happen in the future. This is a silent smoking gun. Surely a judge would agree. There’s a tacit acceptance here that 9/11 was an extraordinary architectural anomaly, since no steel frame structures have ever before been brought down by fire. It’s a cold silent acknowledgement, high up in the billion dollar building industry, that something bizarre, and criminal, happened with the collapses of the three WTC buildings.

erik lawyerErik Lawyer

In a similar way, according to Erik Lawyer, founder of FireFighters for 9/11 Truth, “No massive changes, no complete overhaul of fire codes” took place after 911. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) wrote the hand-book on fire investigations. It’s worth noting that the NFA was itself was created by insurance companies, who of course, are keen to develop strict procedures to find evidence of arson, and thus insurance fraud. The NFPA manual also has procedures to investigate possible use of explosives in a fire disaster. But none of the NFPA procedures were followed at Ground Zero. Evidence was swiftly removed from the site.

niels harritNiels Harrit

Via teleconference, we heard from Danish scientist Niels Harrit, who was part of a team of scientists that published a peer-reviewed paper on the evidence of red-gray chips in the dust from Ground Zero. This was evidence of the use of “Nano-Thermate” a military-grade, super-hot incendiary. Erik Lawyer noted that thermate is designed to obliterate the evidence of itself being there, according to the product information from thermate itself. There's also no loud sound or flash with thermite.

Scholar and retired academic Graeme MacQueen gave testimony regarding the voluminous eyewitnesses to the collapses of the three WTC buildings. In oral histories, 31 members of the FDNY use the term “bomb,” and many observed patterns of explosions.

But the official story NIST reports, ignored all witnesses, in all 4,000 pages of their work. Many attendees have noted that Graeme MacQueen’s presentation was especially moving. There is something very compelling about a large amount of eye-witnesses, hearing “BOOMS” and hearing bombs. And yet somehow, these hundreds of eye-witnesses were ignored by the powers-that-be. Surely a judge would find this amount of evidence compelling.

Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry – –

mustapha ndanusaMustapha Ndanusa

The presentation by the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry opened with a discussion of considerations for a call for a Federal grand jury, or a civil trial. Attorney Mustapha Ndanusa stated that a "Extraordinary Grand Jury" might be applicable in New York State law and courts. According to this 1936 article in St. John’s Law Review, in New York the Extraordinary Grand Jury was used when the investigation of corrupt public officials was extremely serious, (in this case, regarding penetration of government by the mafia.) When a normal Grand Jury is unable to complete an investigation, an Extraordinary Grand Jury is appointed with a serious budgetary allowance, and a Special Prosecutor.

david meiswinkleDavid Meiswinkle

According to NJ Truth Aware activist and attorney David Meiswinkle, 687 victims on 911 we're from New Jersey. A grand jury in New Jersey is 23 people, and you need 12 to indict. "In 15 years, there has been no grand jury on 9/11." A grand jury is a "people’s court" - it does not assist the prosecution, the prosecution is supposed to assist the grand jury. A grand jury is not limited by any of the original accusations that called it into being - it and can investigate and indict for what it finds.

Grand Juries, in practice, however, have often been controlled by the prosecution. According to Attorney Daniel Sheehan - he urges us to sue civilly. The state statutes allow private attorneys to act as private attorney generals according to title 18 2338. We want to be "as orthodox as we can be." Sheehan pointed out, “we do have a statute of limitations we need to be aware of. Our case must be filed by 12/2019. There's an 18 year statute of limitations from the day of the event and terrorism.”

David Meiswinkle says that the system is rotten but there are some good judges.

The So Called “Hijackers”

One shortcoming of the conference is that Justice in Focus could have mined the rich vein of evidence regarding the “19 Hijackers” especially in light of the revelations of the 28 Pages. These “19 Hijackers” have a long evidentiary trail: the congressional hearings into the Able Danger operation shows that key hijackers were given special treatment by Pentagon Top Brass, before 9/11. Senator Bob Graham’s book “Intelligence Matters” shows that the Senator was keen to sub-peona the FBI regarding the mysterious informant who was living with two key hijackers before 9/11. We could spend a whole day, or a week, or two years, hearing testimony about Mohamed Atta’s CIA drinking buddies, and cocaine and pork-chops and strip club girl-friends, in Florida, before 9/11. However, time was short, by the end of Day Two, so we heard a lively but cursory presentation on this subject from former Reagan Administration official, and military affairs author, Barbara Honegger.

barbara honeggerBarbara Honegger

According to Honegger, there are a total of 17 references to Prince Bandar in the 28 pages. That’s a great zinger to remember, right up there with Maryland attorney Barry Kissin’s quote, “The 28 Pages nail Bandar.”

Bush called Bandar "brother". Former CIA Analyst Bruce Riedell says Bandhar was in the Bush White House almost every day.

Attorney Mick Harrison and the lawyers resolve to find out who the real terrorists are, by formally beginning a legal investigation.

So, in conclusion, upon looking at these notes, there was a lot of evidence, a lot of legal strategy, and now we have to focus on the activism. It’s up to us.


Two weeks after the conference, activists in NYC met in a packed room for a raucous follow-up meeting. The energy was high.

Just today, September 28, the US Senate and House over-rode the JASTA veto of Obama. The cover-up for the Saudis is over. Hopefully the Saudis will expose the real perpetrators.

In light of all the major attention given to the 28 Pages and JASTA this year, this conference was the most important 9/11 conference ever. It sets the stage for us to be like Lincoln, to grow into a role, to play our part to the hilt. To think about where we have been as a country, and where we must go.

Now, we have a lot of work to do. Lincoln is marching with us.

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