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Monday, December 12, 2016

The 9/11 TAP Petition Project

Written by David A. Fura, Ph.D., 9/11 Truth Action Project Staff

You approach the square and face the typical gaggle of clipboard-waving petition gatherers. This time you have a couple of minutes to spare and you stop. How could you possibly know how much the next 30 seconds would change your life? It turns out this clipboard waver is here for none of the issues being advertised on the radio. They are here to talk about September 11, 2001. What the heck? Isn't 9/11 part of ancient history by now? The words you're hearing are making your head spin. You don't know what to say and, besides, you can't move a muscle anyway -- your stunned confusion is controlling everything. The next thing you know you're looking at pictures of something called "Building Seven." The third tower? Weren't there only two towers? Later that night you find the website on the brochure you were given. Again, what the heck? The petition has 2.3 million signers. What do all these people know that you don't know? And why don't you know? You decide to find out.

Aside from the 2.3 million (not projected in 2017), this is the fate awaiting thousands of Americans next year as the 911TAP Petition Project enters full swing. This multi-purpose project is a cornerstone of the 9/11 Truth Action Project's top-level goal of achieving an independent, comprehensive investigation of 9/11. The project has a four-year lifespan with a million-plus signer target by the end of year 2020. A number of enabling objectives need to be met to achieve this target, but none are more important right now than the First Wave objective of 32,000 signers in calendar year 2017. Nothing is more important to 911TAP right now than convincing you to help achieve 32,000. Will you be a First Wave petition signer? Will you help recruit others to join the First Wave?

The Purpose of this Project

To be clear, the purpose of this petition project is not to ask the U.S. Government to investigate itself. Another investigation for the sake of another investigation would be counter-productive at this time, serving only to reinforce the official narrative. Instead, the purpose of this project is to provide a vehicle to replace the U.S. Congress with a "Truth-friendly" Congress. Such a Congress would fund an investigation actually worth having. Achieving this will require broad participation by the U.S. general public, in numbers far greater than today's 9/11 Truth community. Further participation will be required to monitor the process and results of the ensuing investigation and its successors. The 911TAP Petition Project aims to recruit the general public into the 9/11 Truth movement in sufficient numbers to gain the political power needed to elect and monitor a Truth-friendly Congress.

Unified Demonstration of Power

Public opinion polls consistently show that tens of millions of U.S. citizens understand the official explanation of 9/11 is wrong. In the presence of the ongoing information blockade by the mainstream news media, this achievement is due to people like us in the 9/11 Truth movement teaching our fellow citizens essential truths of 9/11, one at a time, over and over again. Some of us have been at this since the beginning, the only person in the room that day who noticed the "collapses" didn't look right. Some of us have become burned out by the lack of meaningful action over the years and quit. Some of us have joined more recently. Thankfully, even more continue to join all the time.

Today, the collective strength of the 9/11 Truth movement in raw numbers is not matched by any corresponding political power. In fact, when they are not ignoring us, the U.S. political establishment and mainstream news media are actively treating us with contempt, as an object of scorn, setting a tone that much of the country is too eager to copy. On a more personal level, we operate as best we can in a seeming fictional fantasy, an Alice in Wonderland existence, where the knowledge we possess of the real world is rewarded by even more ridicule from our fellow citizens who lack such knowledge.

In spite all of this, we continue to push on as best we can, by ourselves or in small groups. When we do unite locally, we still remain largely isolated from other groups like us across the world, unable to share our experiences, our knowledge, and our inspiration. We remain hopeful, however, that this isolation can be overcome and we can unite to become the powerful force for 9/11 accountability, justice, and remedy that our raw numbers suggest we can be.

The 911TAP Petition Project is our response to the unmet need for a unifying effort to organize ourselves into a focused, united movement for 9/11 accountability, justice, and remedy. The project's quantitative metric, petition count, offers features that serve this purpose surprisingly well. For one, it operates as a proxy for 9/11 Truth outreach in general as, for every person who signs a petition on the street, there are typically one or more who don't sign but learn some 9/11 Truth evidence for the first time. It therefore helps us measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our public actions. Personal satisfaction can be enhanced by a growing accumulation of signers, and group morale can be improved through friendly competitions that determine monthly petition count winners. A quickly-rising count published on the 911TAP website would elevate the confidence of the 9/11 Truth movement as a whole, encouraging more people to work harder. The general public would likewise be more willing to look at our evidence as a high petition count would improve our credibility with them.

The 9/11 Truth movement is not ready yet to take its cause into the streets in massive demonstration. In the absence of this, our growing political strength will be demonstrated by a rising petition count posted on the 911TAP website. The impact of this demonstrated strength on public perception will be determined by the number of people who are persuaded to visit the website.

Growing the Active Core

In traditional methods of 9/11 Truth activism, some part of the general public is made aware that others reject the official 9/11 story. Sometimes 9/11 evidence is shared that conflicts with the official story, and sometimes people take written or video materials home with them. What happens to the people who receive this information? Do they continue to learn more and become activists themselves? Do they soon forget everything? We don't know.

In contrast to this, when a person signs the 911TAP petition, they are given an opportunity to sign up for 911TAP newsletters, action alerts, and volunteer opportunities, a key advantage of petition-based outreach. People who sign up to receive the monthly newsletter not only stay informed about 9/11 Truth matters, but they stay connected to the 9/11 Truth network. Over time, this engagement supports people with a passive interest in 9/11 Truth becoming people with an active interest.

Even better, when a petition signer agrees to receive action alerts or volunteer opportunities, they are agreeing to an engagement with the local group. Quick follow-up with these people maximizes their likelihood of becoming active and helping grow the group footprint. The 911TAP petition therefore supports building an "activist pipeline" by offering people the option to express their desire to become active precisely when their immediate interest in 9/11 Truth is high.

Petition Outreach on the Street

Petition gathering on the street is a form of public outreach with unique advantages. For one, this approach has a well-established routine with time-tested steps: we hold up a clipboard with attached petitions, we ask people if they want to sign, we hand out information, and we're done. Because mainstream America has a favorable view of petition gathering as a patriotic activity, we can feel comfortable doing this. Furthermore, our indirect entry into conversations about 9/11 can seem less awkward than direct "I-want-to-teach-you-about-9/11" approaches. Even more, people who approach us as petition gatherers are usually primed for a serious, political conversation. When they hear us introduce 9/11 Truth into the discussion, they take it about as well as they are capable of taking it from a stranger. Finally, people approach us expecting something familiar, or at least "normal" -- not this. It is remarkable to see them sometimes standing in front of us stunned, unable to talk or move, as they receive their first dose of 9/11 Truth.

Another advantage of petition gathering on the street is its flexibility. Gathering petitions does not need to be the primary activity. If we are handing out brochures, for example, we can hold off introducing the petition until we meet people with a high interest in 9/11 Truth. The same is true with outreach using signs or banners. Petitions fit in naturally as well at outdoor tabling and booth events, as well as presentations involving live speakers or videos.

Petition Outreach on Social Media

Tens of thousands of people on Facebook have self-identified themselves as 9/11 Truthers. This is a great opportunity for us, but one carrying some urgency as well in the context of present-day threats to Internet freedom that show no signs of abating.

Experience has taught us that asking Facebook Truthers to take an action is best accomplished by one-on-one conversations using the private message facility. Using prior experience with the AE911Truth petition as an example, broadcast requests to sign the on-line petition were met with low response in large 9/11 Truth Facebook groups (even one having over 30,000 members). The response for one-on-one messaging was better, with roughly 20-30 percent of the people who were messaged eventually signing the petition. Overall, the number of petition signers initially reached through private messages was far higher than the number reached through the broadcast messages.

The First Wave

The 911TAP Petition Project is setting challenging numerical targets for the next four years leading to over one million signers by the end of year 2020. At the same time, we begin this quest with a core group of active 9/11 Truth groups that is numerically small. The four-year petition collection plan recognizes and accommodates this by setting a modest target of 32,000 for the first year, 2017. But still, it has taken AE911Truth almost a decade to achieve 24,000 signers, at about 3,000 per year. What makes us think we can do better in only one year?

The answer is us, the existing core of the 9/11 Truth movement, dispersed and incohesive as we currently are. It is us taking on the First Wave challenge by getting to work finding petition signers in the most direct way possible, by asking people to sign. We will do this in face-to-face encounters on the street, on Facebook, and by contacting our 9/11 Truth-aware friends. In doing this, we begin coming together in common cause, connecting with each other, sharing our successes and our lessons learned -- on the way to becoming a unified 9/11 Truth movement.

By the start of year two, January 2018, 911TAP brochures and videos are expected to pick up more of the workload. On-going development and improvement are focusing on driving people to the 911TAP website to sign on-line. When people get to the website, their willingness to sign will be amplified by their comfort in knowing they are joining an already-established, substantial group. The First Wave signers will constitute that group, initially, and 30,000 will look far more substantial than 3,000.

What Now?

In the face of on-going hostility towards the 9/11 Truth movement, prominent people who have the power to help us achieve 9/11 justice are not going to help us. Attempting to do so would risk everything for them, and their elevated positions would only give them a greater distance to fall. If we want 9/11 justice, it will be up to us to achieve it. There is no one else.

The people of the United States largely understand that their government is controlled by corporations and connected individuals. What they don't understand is what to do about it. If we in the 9/11 Truth movement work hard enough, we can potentially offer a solution to fill this gap. Two features of 9/11 Truth make it attractive here: (a) the extreme obviousness of the 9/11 lies and (b) the extreme consequences of the lies that make them intolerable to the American people. There is arguably no other issue that offers this combination in such high measure, and for which the American people have the ability to address themselves.

Learning the truth of 9/11 is sufficient for a person to escape the fake version of reality pushed by a corporate-controlled news media that hid from them the videos of Building 7 going down. Getting a large, active minority of the U.S. public to reach this point, and to operate in a unified fashion from there, may offer the best hope we have of overhauling the U.S. political system in a peaceful fashion.

The 9/11 Truth movement, for the first time, has the structures in place to accomplish great things. The unimpeachable 9/11 evidence compiled by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is easily explained and readily accepted by the U.S. public. The network of 911TAP action teams already in place have the experience and expertise necessary to lead a grassroots public education and publicity campaign. The allied Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry provides the legal foundation necessary to navigate the U.S. judicial system. The surprisingly successful presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, combined with increasing support for third party candidates, indicates a growing public disregard for instructions being handed down by the U.S. Government and mainstream news media.

If the 9/11 Truth movement is able to impact the course of history in the way that we wish, the rejuvenation of justice and liberty in the United States would serve as a model for the world. People everywhere would hold in very high regard the people who made it happen. Special appreciation would be reserved for those of us who participated in the First Wave, when joining the effort was not the obvious choice that it later became. Joining now is simple. First, sign the 911TAP petition at using the link below. Second, ask your friends and people in your network to sign as well. From here, let your talents, interests, time, and finances be your guide. Above all, let your passionate desire for justice, liberty, and peace be your guide.

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