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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Take Action

Written by Sandra Jelmi

The ultimate mission of those involved with 9/11 Truth Action is to achieve an independent investigation with subpoena power into the destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11 which would expose the true perpetrators and their motives, hold them accountable and ultimately stop and attempt to reverse some of the disastrous consequences that resulted from the official account (wars, lost civil liberties, abuses of those in power). But in order to achieve this, strong pressure must come from below, and that requires that more and more people be made aware of the scientific impossibilities that underlie the official version.

So whether you stand alone in your immediate environment with the conviction that the truth about 9/11 still needs to be told, or whether you are part of a small group of people already working together, whether you are American, or a citizen of another country, whether your resources consist of time, money, energy, ideas or grass-roots experience, whether your specific environment is blue collar, white collar or any colour in-between – there is something you can do, and no excuse not to. Sitting in chat rooms arguing with trolls and debunkers will only get you so far. Concrete action is necessary.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Sign the Petition

petition article banner 6dc2eIf all you have is 5 minutes and no resources, you can at the very least be counted and have your voice heard. There are many petitions circulating, but you can begin with the AE911Truth petition as well as the 9/11 Truth Action Project petition (9/11 TAP petition), two of the most credible and solid truth organizations.

The AE911Truth petition is available for all to sign.  For reporting and display purposes, the petition is separated in two lists: one for architectural and engineering professionals ("A&Es") and the other for members of the general public. So far it has received signatures from over 2,750 certified architects and engineers, and over 21,000 signatures from the general public. You can find it here: The AE911Truth Petition.

The 9/11 TAP petition, launched just recently, also demands a new, independent investigation with subpoena power. You can sign the 9/11 TAP petition here: The 9/11 TAP Petition - TO THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

2. Donate

donation jar 967f3If you can offer financial support more than anything else, you can donate to both organizations, either by making a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly member. It’s very easy to set up in both cases.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth: Donate Online

9/11 TAP: 9/11 Truth Action Project Donation Form

You can also support AE911Truth specifically by acquiring some of its merchandise in the AE911Truth store: AE911Truth online store!

3. Become a Volunteer

Both organizations can use all the help they can get, and you may have the specific skills they are in desperate need of, whether it’s writing, graphic design, translating, Content Management Systems, Web programming or other tech knowledge or something entirely different. Contact the organizations and see if your skills might come in handy:

volunteer now 9a910AE: Volunteer with Architects & Engineers for 9/11

9/11 TAP: 9/11 TAP Petitioner's Survey

(The 9/11 TAP Petitioner’s Survey is the first step to volunteering for the 9/11 Truth Action Project.)

4. Take Action

take action a84daEven if there is nobody in your immediate environment who feels as you do that the truth about 9/11 still remains to be told, there are still many options available to you in order to make an impact, reach people with information and put pressure on various individuals or groups.

a) Share information with friends & family

Bring up the subject, ask questions, send them links to the AE911Truth ( & 9/11 TAP ( sites. If you live outside the US and your language is one other than English, AE911Truth now has an international section with any material available in that language. To date, there are 22 languages listed, see if yours is there:

You can also send links to pertinent videos, of which there are many, ranging from very short to 2 hours long. Check out AE911Truth’s YouTube channel, and especially its list of translated material covering 31 languages:

The most popular videos are Solving the Mystery of World Trade Center Building 7 (a 15-minute clip narrated by Ed Asner), the two documentaries 9/11 Blueprint for Truth and 9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, as well as Richard Gage’s interview on C-SPAN, which received over 400,000 views on the C-SPAN site.

b) Share information with architects, engineers, university professors, politicians, media representatives (TV, journalists, editors), lawyers, student associations, and – why not - celebrities

Send emails, write letters, offer links to the videos mentioned above, purchase some of the materials in the AE911Truth store such as the chart cards, brochures and booklets which can do all the explaining for you and encourage the people you are addressing to research the matter on their own by suggesting web sites that provide more detailed information. Explain the importance of why 9/11 still needs to be investigated, and how its aftermath has directly or indirectly impacted their own reality. There is nobody who hasn’t been affected in one way or another.

Make sure to establish a connection that is relevant to THEM. If they are an architect or engineer, make sure they know that 2,750 professionals in their field are questioning the physics behind the official version. If they are professors, refer them to Scientists for 9/11 Truth. As politicians, they might be interested to know about other political figures who are also demanding a new investigation: Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth. The important thing is to point out that people from their own “flock” have already begun questioning the official version, and this may allow them to more comfortably do the same without being fearing that they may be immediately ostracized for doing so.

Here's a list of the main groups and their web sites:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

Politicians for 9/11 Truth:

Pilots for 9/11 Truth:

Journalists and Other Media Professionals for 9/11 Truth:

Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth:

Scientists for 9/11 Truth:

US Military Officers for 9/11 Truth:

c) Get the documentaries Blueprint for Truth and Experts Speak Out aired on your local public access cable TV channel.

In many countries, states and cities, there is an option to submit suggestions for broadcast, find out what can be done in your area.

Do Outreach

outreach 62792a) Try Congressional Outreach

If you are in the US, you can try congressional outreach by finding out who your congressional representative is and schedule a meeting to present the evidence so that they may forward a letter to NIST or another Federal agency. They should be willing to do this as a constituent service.

b) Meet up with Firefighters or Law Enforcement

You can also meet up with firefighters or law enforcement officers and share the evidence with them. Firefighters specifically may be interested to know more about a group called Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Unity (

c) Do Street Action

If you are courageous, you can also do street action on your own – armed with flyers, brochures, DVDs you can approach people in public, or set up a stand (make sure to be respecting the city’s regulations and possible permits for this). A laptop running the 10-second clip of WTC 7 collapsing in under 7 seconds is a quick way to grab their attention, especially if you ask them to describe what they are looking at. Most will reply with the phrase “a controlled demolition”. Local events such as conferences and congresses may constitute ideal places for you to set up a table nearby.

d) Leave Material in Public Spaces

You can also leave material in public spaces wherever allowed, your imagination is the limit – doctor’s offices (among the magazines), libraries, hairdressers, bus shelters, waiting areas in general. The bottom line is that you never know who may come across the flyer and then connect-the-dots because of the information.

e) Wear a 9/11 Truth T-shirt in Public

It’s generally a good idea to wear a 9/11 Truth T-shirt in public on a regular basis – you can purchase one or make your own, with a succinct message such as “Investigate 9/11”, “9/11 Truth Now”, “Google WTC 7,” “Ask me about 9/11” or "I Am the Face of Truth." Make sure to always have flyers handy, so that even if someone just seems curious and doesn’t approach you with a question, you can at least quickly offer them the information.

f) Put a 9/11 Truth Sticker on Your Car

You can take it one step further, as many have, and put a 9/11 Truth sticker on your car, either on your rear bumper or trunk, where it would most grab people’s attention, literally making you a driving force for 9/11 Truth.

g) Become a presenter yourself

If you are familiar with the science behind 9/11 and feel comfortable in the spotlight you may want to approach engineering firms or universities and offer to do a presentation yourself.

If you are part of a larger group, you may want to consider hosting a conference and have Richard Gage present his material himself. Ideally, this should be done in cooperation with other cities nearby because it would lower the cost of travel, especially if outside the US, and make it more feasible for all parties involved. Richard has undertaken a handful of European tours, and other ones are foreseeable.

h) Establish or join an action group

All actions mentioned so far, while manageable by individuals on their own, are much easier if you are part of a group. You can contact 9/11 TAP to see if any such group already exists in your area, or if they know of other individuals in your city (or country, if it is a small one!) who are looking to form such a group, and they can put you in touch with each other. But you can certainly search on your own and may be surprised at which one of your acquaintances might have had the same idea and not known where to start.

The importance of having a network that provides support, encouragement, ideas and extra helping hands cannot be overstated.

i) Put your creativity to use

Do you make music? Then how about writing a 9/11 Truth song? Maybe make a video out of it and share it far and wide?

Are you good with designs? Then come up with your own 9/11 Truth logo and share it. Make it your profile picture or post it on Facebook without any explanation and make people curious and have them guess what it might be. It will pique their interest. Create memes – people love a smart meme, and right now, it seems the same ones are always being recycled in social media.

Again, your imagination is the limit. Paint it, write it, blog it, sculpt it, mold it, spray-paint it, sing it, dance it, act it out in a play, incorporate it into your comedy routine by poking fun at the all the holes in the official story. There is no bad way to make it visible if it is done with taste and class.

Most importantly, in all interactions, stick to the facts. Refer to the scientific evidence. Avoid logical fallacies. Remain respectful - it seems rather obvious, but discussions about 9/11 tend to get heated and at times derailed by people and their passions dealing with people and their fears. Certain individuals need time to absorb the information, others never will. Don’t get discouraged by the lack of feedback, because you never know who you may have reached on any given day.


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