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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Truth Booth at Arizona State University

Joining Others to Break the Silence of 9/11

Written by By Sean McConnell

After doing research for myself, I decided to become active with the 9/11 truth movement.  I was upset that this issue basically vanished yet the war on terror seemed to have no end in sight and also upset that bringing up 9/11 to family and friends was met with disapproval and the term conspiracy theory was a constant response. I was beginning to see that the mainstream media had a much tighter grip on the perception of reality of those around me than I ever imagined and I was starting to feel more and more isolated. Words alone were not effective in my efforts to shine some light on this ugly topic so action was my next step to take.

There is a group of people who get together for meetings once a week at Arizona State University called "A.S.U. 9/11 Studies and Outreach Club" that was suggested to me by a like-minded person online, I was delighted to learn this. They discuss 9/11 as well as current events and most importantly what can be done to help raise awareness. After going to my first meeting I found it refreshing to be in the company of individuals who share similar concern over the direction our country is heading, humanity and the world as a whole.

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A part of the action that this club takes is something called the "truth booth" where they set up a station around the city, at events, or on campus to hand out information on 9/11 to whoever wants it.

My first experience in helping with the truth booth was just the kind of activism I was looking for. I joined up with a fellow named Steve who is one of the group’s organizers.  We met at a location on campus near where a human rights event was taking place. It was a good area to set up the booth because there were many people walking by on the sidewalk in front of us and crowds of people on the patios in the restaurants directly across the street as well as the people attending the human rights event in the building behind us. Steve brought a nicely organized cart with him that contained all the material to set up the booth which consisted of a big folding table, two folding chairs, a canopy tent that we set up over the chairs and table, A.S.U. and U.S.A. flags that we hung from the back side of the tent, four big banners from that we hung across the front of the table and on the right and left sides of the tent. On top of all of that we placed a few handmade signs around our vicinity. We had informational brochures, books and DVD's on the table for people to take and a computer to sign up for follow-up information if they wanted. Lastly the most immediately effective piece of equipment Steve brought out, I thought, was a flat screen T.V. that he used to play short clips of Building 7's collapse.  The T.V. was on a stand next to the table. All of this only took a few minutes to set up and when we were done it was a very effective eye catching area we created and you absolutely could not walk by without noticing us.

At the beginning of the day I had no idea what to expect and no experience doing anything like this before so I sat back at the table and watched how Steve approached people and listened to what he said to them. It didn't take long for me to start talking with people and handing out the pamphlets Steve brought from ReThink911. Mostly people would take a pamphlet say thank you and keep walking or say no thank you as they walked by but a lot of people stopped to talk to us as well. The majority of people who stopped by were already "awake" to the truth and were really happy to see us there spreading awareness.

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One specifically was a campus officer in uniform who had done his own research on 9/11 so he knew the "official story" was not right. It was great for me to talk with him because personally I have never been more on the same page or agreed wholeheartedly or had such a deep talk with any authority figure like that before in my life. I went from thinking he was coming to shut us down to totally bonding with this guy, awesome! We met other people who were a bit skeptical, who maybe haven't done any research, but were open minded enough to chat with us like the two gentlemen from Iran. They were curious what information we were handing out and were convinced by the short Building 7 videos that the government’s explanation for that collapse didn't make any sense. They took some of the brochures and thanked us for being there.

Another group that stood out to me was a mother and four children. One of the kids pointed at the booth, he was maybe 9 or 10 years old and said "see I told you mom" at which point they stopped and the mom started talking with Steve, she said her son had been trying to talk to here about 9/11. My hats off to that little man, good job buddy! They were talking in front of the television she was watching as Building 7 collapsed over and over from different angles, she had never seen the videos before so she was baffled. She asked "why don't people know about this and how could this have happened without the media covering the story and bringing it to people’s attention." Maybe she will do some more research so she can draw her own conclusions about the main stream media, one can only hope.

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All we can do is plant a seed of information then it’s up to that person if it will grow or not. Periodically cars would drive by people would honk their horns and wave in support to us, I thought that was really cool! Towards the end of the day I met the only person who completely disagreed with us. This man said he was an engineer and he understood how the jet liner impacts and thermal dynamics could explain how the towers, one and two, could have come down in accordance with the official story, he used the "zipper theory" as his example. I was ready for this, I have done my home work on the construction of the twin towers, my professional background is in structural steel erection so I knew this theory could not explain the destruction of the cores of each building or the hat trusses or Building 7 or many other things. To make things simple I asked if he knew about Building 7 to which he replied he was aware of Building 7 so I then asked him to please come watch the short clips of Building 7's collapse, he would not. I don't know why he wouldn't but I asked him twice and he refused both times. We then talked for a few more minutes about the state of this country and both agreed that it’s pretty messed up. He then left saying he was going to maybe spend more time reading about the events and that he didn't intend on having such a conversation with me. I felt very good about the conversation with that guy and felt like maybe I put a few cracks in his dam. All in all I felt like spending that Saturday afternoon at the truth booth was a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. I invite anyone who is on the fence about becoming active to come out and give it a try, you might be surprised at what you find.

I would like to thank Steve, the 9/11 truthers and everyone who took their time to speak with us. I can't wait to do it again!

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