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Monday, October 22, 2018

Outreach One on One: 9/11 Relevance Part 2

Second in a Series

Written by David A. Fura, Ph.D., Oregon State Coordinator, 9/11 TAP

This is the second article in a continuing series that discusses observations, insights, and methods developed over several years of direct face-to-face 9/11 outreach with the public. The experience underlying these lessons learned is based on an approach to outreach that is unusual within the truth movement. Rather than facing the public as a 9/11 Truther in a booth or at a table or rally, this approach has us approaching them as a generic petition collector, wearing nothing to give away our topic. Among the advantages of this approach is the broader selection of the public that we can talk with, as there are people who will approach a petition collector who will not (knowingly) approach a truther. This, in turn, has made necessary the development of a broad repertoire of responses to deal with this wider population.

These articles will complement the Teaching 9/11 Evidence in Five Minutes article that was published last year, and will lead to additional articles in that format to summarize and consolidate into standalone packages the material presented over multiple articles here.

Teaching 9/11 Evidence in Five Minutes Article

Sometimes when I'm asking a person to sign the 911TAP petition for a new 9/11 investigation, I get the discerning, skeptical eye and a version of, "WHO is going to do the investigation?" "Ah, someone who gets it," I immediately suspect and begin steering the conversation to where I really like to steer it. The big picture. The end game. The reason I'm out on the street or park with my clipboard and brochures in the first place.

The purpose of the 911TAP petition is not to politely ask the U.S. Government to investigate 9/11 again, and to do it right this time. No, there is zero reason to expect that any new government investigation at this time would yield anything other than one more whitewash.

Instead, the real purpose of the 911TAP petition, long term, is actually to help replace the U.S. Congress, peacefully and lawfully, with a "Truth-friendly" Congress that will fund the investigation worth paying for. Such a Truth-friendly Congress would offer benefits that extend well beyond 9/11.

The people of America largely understand that the country is on the wrong track, and has been for a long time. The control of our government by outside forces is evident to all, whether we attribute it to hidden "deep state" actors or merely the obvious large corporations through their campaign funding.

Where we fall short is in knowing what to do about it. We are divided. We fight each other constantly, left-versus-right, split into two major political party constituencies, always thinking, "if only our people were in charge, it would be better."

Experience has taught us that it never gets better, no matter which party is in charge. Sure, there are differences, but they are relatively minor differences. More importantly, the parties align in their support for the post-9/11 wars and clampdown on civil liberties, and the continual transfer of lower- and middle-class wealth to large corporations and connected individuals.

As pointed out in the previous article in this series, 9/11 is arguably the best issue to get us past our differences and into unified action, both because of the obviousness of the 9/11 lies and the extreme costs of the lies. In short, we can all agree, together and at the same time, to be outraged by 9/11, all it has inflicted on the world, all those who brought it about, and all those who deceived us.

Getting a new, independent 9/11 investigation worth paying for would imply a cleaning house of the U.S. Government. The resulting government would yield benefits that extend well beyond 9/11 justice and reversing the post-9/11 damage.

Such a "citizen-powered" government could be expected to finally address problems that are meaningful and common to the mass of citizens who recruited and voted them into office. It would be a citizenry that is fully awake and engaged, in the time of revolution, a Second American Revolution, peaceful and lawful this time. It would be an amazing time to be alive – marked by history as a turning point in America, and the world.

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