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Monday, November 03, 2014

Music Matters… it’s the Truth !

Written by Carl Seeger Henry
Gary Fox Jr., Host of Trusic - The Truth and Music Show Gary Fox Jr., Host of Trusic - The Truth and Music Show

There was a time in American history that music played a significant part is raising people's awareness and literally stopping a war. Many of us who were active during the 1960s Vietnamese debacle witnessed the power of music first hand. The tsunami of peace promoting songs and anti-war protest songs by so many outspoken musical artists galvanized a nation of activists who demanded an end to the war.

Music has an undeniable effect on educating and inspiring listeners. Providing evidence and promoting critical thinking skills is vitally important and music can augment this process and provide a way to expand the community of 9/11 aware citizens. Messages are received much more forcefully when the listener engages both the right and left sides of his/her brains.

eva-jamesEva James

We at 9/11 Truth Outreach have identified a significant repertoire of "9/11 Truth / Peace Music," that is being written and performed in many genres. We've found that the many artists who create truth music are very passionate about using their talents to enhance positive goals. This music is being written and performed all across the world today. This repertoire could be instrumental in enhancing efforts to bring the discussion the events of 9/11 into the public discussion.

Given the consolidation of radio and television since the 1960s, the current absence of socially conscious protest music on corporate controlled major media is not surprising. However, avenues still exist to develop, promote and use music to affect change.

Martin-Noakes-Mystery-to-this-DayMartin Noakes

Over the last year, the Hartford Connecticut 9/11 Truth group produced a 28 minute "Truth and Music video" called "Trusic." It is a compilation of six 9/11 Truth songs knitted together with introductions by Master of Ceremony, Gary Fox Jr. The songs and genres in the first compilation are shown below.

  1. Folk - "Building 7 (The Smoking Gun)" by Carl Seeger Henry and Mark Saunders
  2. Country - "Sharing the Truth about 9/11" by Eva James
  3. Light Rock/Pop - "911 Building Seven" by Martin Noakes
  4. Metal - "911 Was An Inside Job" by Brian Stewart Fox
  5. Hip Hop/ Pop - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" by The Sound of Reason
  6. Pop - Michael, Mohamed and Emily by Gary Fox Jr.

This "Trusic" Compilation is Ready for Public-Access Television Stations

"Trusic: the Truth and Music Show"

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Produced by Gary Fox and Carl Seeger Henry for CT 9/11 Truth, “Trusic” is a 1/2 hour show introducing 6 songs from different genres that all have to do with Sept. 11.

video Click on this link to download the full DVD of "Trusic: the Truth and Music Show." (301.61 MB)

To view this on YouTube, click here.

Provide it to your local public-access station!

Public-access stations are required to program material submitted by citizens from the towns that they serve.

Contact us at Trusic [AT] 911tap [DOT] org. We will provide a DVD or make available a download that complies with your system’s requirements for format and labeling.

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An MP3 podcast of "Trusic: the Truth and Music Show," is available for download by:

To play and download individual songs, click on this link: "Building 7 (the Smoking Gun)" PSAs/Jingles

Truth Music Producers - A Call Out To You

The Hartford Connecticut 9/11 Truth group is looking for material for a second "Trusic" compilation for cable access and podcast. We are interested in hearing your musical creations that you may wish to submit for consideration. We are interested in both music videos and audio-only recordings

We will use this music for non-commercial, educational use. Should commercial opportunities present themselves, we will pass the information along to the artists for them to determine their involvement. Future 9/11 Truth and Music videos and podcasts could cover a wide range of material in as many genres as we can find. Jazz Cats -- where are you?

Additional Music Venues

In addition to the cable access format, the material can also be used in several ways:

  1. Offering genre appropriate music to independent (mostly college) radio stations. For instance, several of our songs have been played on the show "9-11 Wake-Up Call" which originates on WWUH (University of Hartford) in Hartford, CT. It is rebroadcast on WESU (Wesleyan University) in Middletown, CT, and on several webcasts (one originating in the Czech Republic!).
  2. For the recent national debut of the film, "The Anatomy of a Great Deception" independent (mostly college) radio stations in the vicinity of a screening were contacted and asked to announce the event and consider playing songs we provided for the various genres they broadcast.
  3. Providing "walk in" music to play before events and "walk out" music as the crowd leaves.
  4. Making music available for independent film producers.
  5. Using music to enhance interviews. For instance, I appeared on a seven minute radio interview promoting a screening of "The Anatomy of a Great Deception" The producers used the thirty second chorus of my song, "Building Seven, the Smoking Gun" to open and close the interview. It was like airing two "Truth Jingles!"

We encourage you to continue Singing the Truth. Please send us your songs with the information asked for in the submittal form, including a limited release:

Trusic Form Submission Banner

Truth Music Seekers - A Call Out To You

If you're looking for music for a video production, to play on your show, to use as a theme song for your show...

Or any need you might imagine,

Please let us know. We may be able to lead you to just what you're looking for!

Thank you and keep creating, sharing and promoting music!


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