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Sunday, September 21, 2014

9/11 Truth Outreach at the People’s Climate Change March in New York City or “Look Up! Look Up!”

Written by Wayne Coste

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 an estimated 400,000 concerned citizens participated in the People's Climate March in New York City. The March was a large-scale event organized by a broad coalition of unions, environmental organizations, youth groups, to name a few, to energize global action against climate change. The route took the marchers under a two cornered 45 foot by 45 foot billboard that was sponsored by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. New York City's irrepressible 9/11 Truth group, led by Les Jamieson, organized an outreach effort to leverage the message on the billboard and inform the marchers about the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

About a dozen activists brought their Rethink 9/11 signs, banners and flyers to set up on the sidewalk beneath the billboard. "The location of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth digital billboard was really perfect for the type of educational outreach they are doing. It is diagonally across the street from the 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Terminal. That is just one block west of Times Square," said Les. "Earlier in the week we debated the appropriateness of having a presence at the march. Then when we realized that the march was going to pass under the billboard we knew that we had a unique opportunity to organize 9/11 outreach to this group of involved citizenry. "

The marchers began arriving at the billboard location about noon and continued non-stop for the next five hours. "It was great to see all the people and to see so much energy from so many people. The marchers ranged from children, to teens, to young adults, to middle-age and to the elderly -- all getting involved. My wife and I came to New York to be in the march, but when I heard about this opportunity, I wanted to join in the outreach," said Wayne Coste who is one of the leaders in the Hartford Connecticut 9/11 Truth group. As the throngs of climate marchers passed by, our 9/11 truth contingent shouted "9/11 caused 13 years of wars for oil. We've got the proof. 9/11 was a new Pearl Harbor! They're not just lying about fracking!"

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Under the billboard which Rethink911 shares the space with six other digital ads, the group was always awaiting the end of the Honda ad which signaled the start of the Rethink 9/11 segment. When the start was imminent, the group would yell, in unison, "Look-Up! Look-Up! Look-Up! Watch Building 7 Come Down on 9/11!" while pointing up toward the billboard. Usually about a third of the marchers would look up and see some part of the Rethink 9/11 ad. This amplified the impact of our presence, and caused the billboard to be seen by many thousands of marchers.

The organizers estimated that nearly three thousand flyers were handed out during the five hour event. The reception was very good from the marchers. While most of the marchers were absorbed with the climate change issue and interacting with other marchers, many accepted brochures as they walked by. Many walked across the sea of marchers from the other side of the street to get an informational packet. Many others gave a thumbs-up. Additionally, countless others said that they "were with us" and didn't need a brochure. We were left with the realization that years of hard work by the 9/11 truth community has reached far beyond our own networks into the general public.


After the last marchers passed by the billboard and the packing-up began, the consensus was that it was a real positive experience to be here are witness the positive interest in 9/11 related information from so many of these newly involved citizens . Part of this receptivity could be attributed to the ongoing High-Rise Safety ballot initiative [ ], which if approved by voters will require the NYC Department of Buildings to investigate high-rise building collapses in NYC that occurred on, or any time after, September 11, 2001. Its provisions apply to the collapse of World Trade Center 7 and any high-rise collapse that may occur in the future.

Every outreach effort that a 9/11 activist performs creates ripples that are now gathering strength and creating waves. Thanks to the many supporters who participated in, or helped out in any aspect of the great event on 42nd street.


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