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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reach-Out to 9/11 Truth Activists and "Bones" Fans

Written by Carl Seeger Henry

The characters portrayed in the Fox Network television show, "Bones," are deeply adored by their fervent fans. The show is headlined by Dr. "Bones" Brennan whom her fans describe as lovely, admirable and quirky. Because "Bones" uses forensic science as an integral part of solving the plot's weekly mystery, the followers invariably develop an appreciation for forensic science.

Many people consider the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 at freefall acceleration to be the "smoking gun" of 9/11 that renders the official government story impossible. Another "smoking gun" has emerged that can provide us with a way to bring the actual evidence into the realm of public discussion.

Human remains, in the form of bone fragments, from World Trade Center victims were found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building, nearly 600 feet from the South Tower. The only way these bone fragments could have landed on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building is if they had been ejected from the Twin Towers by the explosive force of an unconventional controlled demolition.

  • What would Dr. "Bones" Brennan deduce from the location of these fragments?
  • What would Dr. "Bones" Brennan deduce from the size of these fragments?

Forensic Evidence to Consider

As background, the knowledge that Potential Human Remains (PHR) could still be found in the vicinity of the World Trade complex has made construction workers alert for potential bone fragments.

wtc impact locations mapFigure 1 - WTC impacts and resulting fireballs map

On May 1, 2013, the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner released its PHR Reconciliation Report. This reconciliation reported that "between January 2006 and April 2013, a total of 1,845 Potential Human Remains (PHR) had been reported as part of PHR recovery operations." This included 783 samples from the Deutsche Bank (previously known as "Bankers Trust") building since 2006. The scrutiny that these remains have been given provides a clear indication that vast majority of these are human remains awaiting to be matched with a victim of 9/11. This May 1st reconciliation report showed that 77 new PHR were added and "based on subsequent laboratory analysis the number of PHR was decreased by a net of 10." None of these reductions were associated with Deutsche Bank building.

The Deutsche Bank building was a skyscraper across from Liberty Street and part of the World Trade Center complex. On 9/11, the building was blasted by an avalanche of debris, ash, dust and asbestos from the South Tower's collapse. The Deutsche Bank building was damaged beyond repair and has since been completely dismantled. It was deconstructed piece by piece in a multi-year project that was completed in 2011—not "brought down" by a controlled demolition.

In September 2005, bone fragments were discovered on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building. Fewer than 10 fragments were found with none measuring more than 2 inches, and all were turned over to the city's medical examiner's office. [Boston Globe, "Bone fragments found on N.Y. roof" - by Pat Milton, Associated Press | September 28, 2005]

The bone fragments were discovered when workers were removing toxic materials from the roof prior to its deconstruction. According to the New York Times article, "Construction workers preparing to tear down the former Deutsche Bank building on Liberty Street discovered the bone fragments amid gravel as they were cleaning the rooftop. The workers notified their supervisor, who called the medical examiner's office, said John Gallagher, spokesman for Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which now owns the building and is in charge of overseeing the rebuilding at Ground Zero. 'They followed the protocol on uncovering human remains or something sensitive,' said Gallagher. 'They know it is important, out of respect for the victims and their families, that the remains are handled with dignity, care, and respect.'"

Earlier, in August 2002, three small pieces of bone had been found on the same roof, but tests at that time suggested they were not from humans, according to Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner (a conclusion that might warrant review based on the large number of bone fragments that have been identified as human since then).

By the summer of 2006, over 600 bone fragments had been found according the New York Times. [New York Times, "Bone search at 9/11 site hit - Americas - International Herald"]

A charred American Airlines seat cushion and a life vest were reportedly located on top of the Deutsche Bank building. These artifacts provide a cover story—that the bone fragments belonged to the American Airlines Flight 11 passengers.

However, as shown in the earlier figure, the required trajectory for Flight 11 impact debris to land on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building would have required traveling 1,000 feet in an arc around the South Tower. While heavy massive objects from the impacting aircraft were documented to have traveled over a 1,000 feet before landing on the ground, lighter objects cannot travel significant distances due to wind resistance.

top of deutsche bank buildingFigure 2 - Top of Deutsche Bank Building

Because larger body parts were not found on the roof, these tiny bone fragments must have been deposited as small fragments— entrained in the debris cloud that deposited asbestos and other toxic materials across Liberty Street during the destruction of the South Tower. Chief medical examiner's spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said that "one victim was identified from remains found on the roof of the 40-story Deutsche Bank building in April 2006." However, the victim's name was not released because their family had not agreed to do so. [New York Daily News, "Two 9/11 victims ID'd from bones at Deutsche Bank" By Amy Westfeldt, The Associated Press, Thursday, July 19, 2007]

The presence of only tiny fragments suggests another hypothesis is needed. This hypothesis would be that a group of victims were "blown to smithereens" during the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers. If the remains were from Flight 11 passengers, this would make matching much easier because of the shorter list of possible matches.

Last year, these bone fragments may have been entombed with the remains of other 9/11 victims when, in May 2014, nearly 8,000 small bags containing 9/11 victims' remains were moved from the office of the city's chief medical examiner to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. [ - '9/11 Memorial'] These fragments can be retrieved if necessary. The city medical examiner's office released a statement saying, "The repository provides a dignified and reverential setting for the remains to repose—temporarily or in perpetuity—as the work to identify the 9/11 victims continues."

Call out to Dr. "Bones" Brennan

This suggests the need for Dr. "Bones" Brennan to step into the void and help solve the mystery of the 700 bone fragments with an episode or series of episodes:

Bones: "The Mystery of 700 Bone Fragments" – Dr. "Bones" Brennan investigates a cold case of bones fragments from 9/11 found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building."

For fans of "Bones," an Australian writer, Dalia Mae, wrote an article that recently appeared in the AE911Truth website [ - "Down Under 9/11 Blogger Dreams Up Episode for Dr. "Bones" Brennan"] entitled "Bones: The Forensic Evidence of Explosives." [Gunshoe News, "Bones: The Forensic Evidence of Explosives," September 8, 2014 by Dalia Mae]

The bones angle Dalia brought up presents an intriguing possibility for an international outreach to the very large, accessible and passionate fans of "Bones." For example, during the summer of 2014, "Bones" fans reviewed 200 episodes.

200 episodes to die for

None of them dealt with any real world "cold cases" that need the spotlight such as the bone fragments on the Deutsche Bank building.

9/11 Truth Activists and "Bones" Fans infiltrate fan base!

As part of an outreach initiative, fans can look at the indisputable evidence and logic and begin to debate this discovery among themselves on "Bones"-related blogs. Much of this international fan base is reachable via accessible, independent fan clubs, blogs, etc., some of which are listed at the end of this article.

Fans should feel free to question their heroine via the Fox Network's official sites about this smoking gun. They could also lobby for a "Bones" episode or series of episodes on this topic. Fox, as part of the corporate major media system that avoids "fair and balanced" coverage of 9/11 related issues, may refuse to consider any probing episodes. Or they may use flawed forensic logic to support the official story and downplay any questions about it. This latter approach is unlikely because it would undermine the forensic credibility of Dr. Brennan.

Conversations on these blogs and forums will open up bewilderment and discussion in the fan base of those that are unaware of this real world "cold case." Even the most uninformed will have some reason to doubt the official story of 9/11. All of this will encourage lively exposure, discussion, debate and enlightenment.

The 9/11 Truth Movement will benefit tremendously with the support of other forensic scientists who recognize the irrefutable forensic evidence provided by the study of the bone fragments found at the World Trade Center. If other professionals chose to advocate for episodes focusing on this forensic evidence, it would be a boost to the innumerable volunteers who seek to bring 9/11 Truth to light.

This evidence of another "smoking gun" has emerged to give us an unprecedented opportunity to educate others in our quest for truth and peace. Please contact us to discuss how to add your invaluable voice to this discussion. It would be great to develop the presence of 9/11 awareness raisers in the "Bones" fan base to stimulate exposure to an intriguing episode. We need YOU to help us plan and organize this effort, and to make your voice a part of this international Internet campaign!

List of "Bones" fan clubs, blogs and forums:

If you would like to be a part of our Bones outreach, or have a great idea about a Bones episode that would solve the mystery of the bone fragments on the top of the Desutsche Bank Building, fill out the form by clicking on it's image below and submit it to us.

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