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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Why Congressional Action on 9/11 Matters - Part 1

Written by Les Jamieson

The effort to release 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11 which was illegally classified by George W. Bush in 2002 was reintroduced to the 114th Congress on Jan. 6, 2015. This action rose to national attention through mainstream coverage of statements by Zacarias Moussaoui in early February in which he named Saudi officials who provided funding for 9/11. This is consistent with what former Sen. Bob Graham has been asserting from the very beginning, and consistent with what government officials have asserted is contained in the 28 pages.

The resolution, now named H. RES. 14, provides an unprecedented opportunity for the public to demand full disclosure of what the government has wrongly withheld for all these years. The sponsors claim that it is now time to release the 28 pages for the following reasons: (1) government must be more transparent, (2) the 9/11 families deserve to have the evidence contained within, and (3) there is no negative impact on national security, but to the contrary, the contents of the 28 pages is actually necessary for an effective national security policy today.

The way this resolution came about is worth noting. Bob Graham decided to write a novel called "Keys to the Kingdom" as a way of conveying information he knew about the 9/11 plot without divulging state secrets. He used fiction to depict the scenario which was suppressed through the redaction of the 28 pages. Rep. Walter Jones, who was the one who coined the phrase "freedom fries" in the sword-rattling that led to the Iraq invasion, read the novel which caused him to have a serious awakening. It drove him to a distinctly different position. He then went through the process to request he be allowed to read the 28 pages. It took several requests but he finally was given access. Upon reading the pages, he was so moved that he was compelled to write a resolution petitioning President Obama to release them to the public. He shared his views directly with Rick DeSantis, survivor of the South Tower attack, and featured speaker at the 13th anniversary events in New York City which was sponsored by AE911truth.

Since HR 14 is an action on the political level with the potential to draw widespread awareness of not only the funding issue, but a wider spectrum of 9/11 research, it's of great importance that all within the alternative research community become aware of what's occurring, the potential it represents, and a few simple actions that will contribute to the cause. This unprecedented opportunity also provides a platform for movement organizing on a higher level than ever before. Finally, this community can become politically active and take part in the democratic process. The goal is to show that there is a substantial political constituency demanding truth, accountability, and justice.

There is a group of activists who have held weekly conference calls since October 2014. They've created a web site designed for public viewing at It contains an overview, as well as a Take Action section. The "Letter to Congress" tab takes you to a form that enables you to submit a letter to your member of Congress, which takes a few minutes. Also, you'll find an overview on requesting a meeting with your member of Congress or their staff. Ideally, we'd like to coordinate it so a small group can arrange a meeting which will carry more weight. This can be done by contacting us on the web site so we can join you with others in your district. The Resources section contains links to important articles and videos. There is also a Facebook group at This is a hub for information and discussion.

Possible Concerns

For those who may feel that this area of inquiry is somehow in contradiction with the work of AE911truth, please consider the following:

  • Actually, AE911truth has recognized the significance of this effort in Congress to address an aspect of 9/11 and found it important enough to send an action alert to its full list of petition signers back in November. This included an appeal to go to and submit a letter to Congress. AE911truth, while focused on the forensic evidence of controlled demolition, has never taken a position that there were no hijackers.
  • Acknowledging that there were 19 Arabs that played a role as patsies, plus understanding the discrepancies surrounding their roles, isn't incompatible with AE's work and scientific evidence of controlled demolition. It complements their work. Furthermore, AE recognizes that the effort to release the 28 pages is an action that Congress members can feasibly and safely act on without fear of jeopardizing their career.
  • False flag events always include patsies who are quickly put forth to have a culprit to assign the blame and divert the public's attention from asking serious questions. These patsies are typically led on and set up, often unwittingly, as part of a larger plot and wind up victims of that plot.
  • We know there was a desire to include Saudi figures because of whistleblower Michael Springman's reporting on the "visa express".
  • We know Saudis were evacuated in the days after 9/11.
  • We know that as many as 7 were reported as being alive, and as a result, Robert Mueller, then-head of FBI, admitted on CNN that they didn't have definitive proof of their identities. This further undermines the official narrative.
  • We know that the Bush dynasty has a decades-long relationship with the Saudi monarchy which resulted in extensive business transactions and military sales. Classification of the 28 pages was illegal because it had no bearing on national security. Therefore, release of the 28 pages will shine a huge spotlight on George W. Bush's action and draw significant attention to 9/11 and all of the devastating consequences over the last 13 years.

For those who point to Israel / Mossad as the main perpetrator of 9/11 and dismiss HR 14 as unimportant because it focuses on involvement by Saudi royals, sponsors of the resolution have alluded to "other governments" as well as certain U.S. agencies which are implicated in the 28 pages. There's no telling where this could lead. For a broader consideration of the various pathways that evidence leads to, it's highly recommended that you read this article at Global Research:

In Summary

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Hopefully it contains enough information to provide you with a basic foundation on why HR 14 is worthy of support and view more at And hopefully, you'll take a few minutes to submit a letter to Congress. If you'd like to participate in national organizing efforts or have any questions, please contact us at the website or Facebook Group.


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