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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Installation of a 9/11 “Memorial” in Melbourne Florida

Steel Piece Sparks Outreach Opportunity and “Sparks Fly”

Written by 9/11 Truth Outreach Staff

One of the most recent 9/11 memorials to receive a piece of steel from the World Trade Center was Honor America Inc’s Liberty Bell Memorial Museum in Melbourne, FL. The steel piece is an I-beam 33 inches long, weighing roughly 140 pounds and bearing the inscription H-54D. The steel relic is an interior I-beam from one of the towers and is “twisted like taffy.” Museum officials reported that they were told it showed cold compression damage received during the destruction of the tower.

The Official Reception

Dignitaries gathered for an arrival ceremony at the Vero Beach Regional Airport. After the ceremony, the I-beam was escorted north on U.S. Route 1 for a second ceremony at the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum. During the installation ceremony, the relic of the world’s most infamous skyscraper was placed atop a white pentagon-shaped pedestal, flanked by two black granite columns representing the twin towers.

John Tice, executive director of the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum and a West Melbourne city councilman said, “This steel piece will be on permanent display in the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum’s 9/11 exhibit. It will serve as the anchor for the museum’s focus on US history education. To better catalogue our exhibit,” Tice continued, “we're going to research and try to find out specifically where this steel was located inside the tower. They were not able to give us that information."

It was a curious sentiment for Tice to express – the importance of this piece of steel as an anchor for the museum’s “focus on US history education.” Curious, however, does not seem to be the best word to describe the relic’s place as a centerpiece for teaching American history – the word ‘fraudulent’ would probably be better. Those who have researched the events of September 11, 2001 know that the historical account the museum is attempting to congeal is provably false. The placement of this artifact in an exhibit with a fraudulent story dishonors those who died in the Towers – and those that died in the wars that followed. The falsehood of the museum’s 9/11 story also undermines the credibility of all the other “history” that the museum is attempting to convey.

The contradictions between the ideals of America and the current reality were illuminated by the reactions of the officials representing the government and the museum to the presence of members of the Central Florida 9/11 Truth Community. The actions of those dignitaries tarnish the ideals that the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum purports to promote – an honorable government worthy of respect that is “of the people, by the people and for the people” using democratic principles that are exercised by an informed citizenry.

An Encounter with 9/11 Truth

Bruce Morgan of Melbourne Beach with the help of other local activists carried out a well-deserved educational outreach event on Sunday afternoon, December 13. With the delivery procession transporting the WTC steel I-beam from the airport to the museum, Bruce followed behind the procession in his 9/11 Truth pickup truck which had a big sign in the bed and several more signs on the sides. The 9/11 Truth pickup truck travelled behind about fifty Vietnam Veteran motorcyclists that were following the WTC relic. The procession was filmed from a vehicle at the end of the procession.

Upon reaching the museum, Bruce parked his 9/11Truth truck in the parking lot at the front of the building. While thirty to fifty people, including the honor guard, waited for the ceremony to begin they distributed AE911Truth literature. As they distributed the materials outside the museum, they faced significant resistance from the museum and government dignitaries either sponsoring or participating in the event.

33 inch i beam 911 museumFor example, the director of the museum told people to “throw those brochures away.” When a woman replied she had not read them yet. The director instructed the woman not to read them. One is left to wonder if the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum has a copy of the United States constitution and its amendments in their collection. In particular, Amendment 1 to the Constitution states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

There was a TV news reporter present and Bruce did all that he could to approach him so he could present 9/11 related information and give him a copy of AE911Truth's "Beyond Misinformation." However, the museum volunteers and staff controlling the event were intent on keeping Bruce away from the reporter. Eventually, the reporter agreed to take Bruce’s card and literature – but—at the end of the event. However, when the ceremony was over, two volunteers from the museum got between Bruce and the reporter as he was leaving. The volunteers told Bruce, “You are not to talk to him.” As a good activist, Bruce protested the request to withhold information from a journalist. To emphasize his right to communicate with a journalist he followed the reporter to his vehicle presenting arguments all the way. Finally the newsman, rather caught in the middle, graciously took the literature and drove away.


When it was over, a man came up and identified himself as the vice-mayor, and said he would read our materials, including the new booklet Beyond Misinformation.

Bruce summarized the day with, “I was astounded at their tiny attempts to keep us silent in the face of an enormous crime against the world on 9/11. It was sort of like the boy with his finger in the hole in the dyke, trying to hold back a rising tide of 9/11 truth from reaching critical mass. But I was not surprised. So it appears the day was well spent, and I look forward to joining more WTC I-beam ceremonies in the future.”

Bruce Morgan’s Letter to the Editor

Bruce Morgan, an exemplary advocate for truth and justice, submitted a Letter to the Editor published in the Saturday November 28th issue of Florida Today, the major daily newspaper for Florida's Space Coast (home of NASA, Patrick AFB, Military Industrial Complex corporations and a very large retired military population). The letter used the information developed by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in response to an opinion piece by Charles Krauthammer where Krauthammer called Obama’s “war on terror” phony. Bruce’s letter is a great example of simple outreach that can be done by anyone interested in 9/11 Truth.

Krauthammer calls it on war on terror

Charles Krauthammer is right to call the war on terror phony, and not just for the reasons he mentions.

Going right back to 9/11 itself, our wars of aggression have been based on either incredulous evidence, or on supposed evidence which was never produced, like Colin Powell’s promised white paper to justify the Iraqi invasion. Now we can add exclusion of evidence to that list, a much more serious accusation because it implies a cover-up.

Thousands of licensed or degreed architects and engineers have united as Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and they have exposed how the official 9/11 investigating authorities withheld crucial evidence to support their own pre-determined conclusions. Several years ago these building professionals petitioned the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, compelling them to acknowledge as a true fact that World Trade Center Building No. 7 collapsed at complete free-fall acceleration. This is significant, because this one fact alone disproves the government’s finding that only fire brought the building down. Some type of controlled demolitions must have been employed, according to over 2,350 building professionals with well over 30,000 combined years of building experience. Incredibly, this paramount piece of free-fall evidence was omitted from consideration and censored when the official reports were compiled to explain why a third WTC skyscraper collapsed on 9/11.

To withhold evidence is to falsify, and falsification is evidence of fraud. A fraudulent 9/11 investigation is what justifies our war on terror, and it is making a mockery of American justice.

Bruce G. Morgan, Melbourne Beach

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