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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Six Panels on the Deep State at 2016 Left Forum Conference in New York City

Written by Cheryl Curtiss and Cat McGuire (panel organizers)

On May 21-22, six panels on Deep State topics were presented at the annual Left Forum in New York City. The event was held at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which is affiliated with the City University of New York (CUNY).

The panels consisted of over 15 speakers, including some of the leading personalities in the 9/11 truth movement. The following links provide incisive descriptions of each panel, speaker bios, as well as links to the archived panel presentations:

Description: False Flags -- Defeating a "Global Gladio" Agenda
Speaker bios: Kevin Barrett, Richard Dolan, Chris Emery
YouTube video:

Description: The Fabricated Global War on Terrorism
Speaker bios: Jim Fetzer, Michael Springmann, Gearóid Ó Colmáin
YouTube video:

Description: 9/11 -- An Ecumenical Approach
Speaker bios: Barbara HoneggerKevin Barrett
YouTube video:

Description: Assassinations and Their Cover-Ups
Speaker bios: Andrew Krieg, Russ Baker, William Pepper
YouTube video:

Description: COINTELPRO Post-9/11 -- First They Came for the Muslims
Speaker bios: Lynne Jackson, Mauri Saalakhan, Taalib-Din Shakir
YouTube video:

Description: Islamophobia -- Fallout for Failure to Challenge the Proxy Role of Muslims in 9/11
Speaker bios: Stephen Downs, Kevin Barrett
YouTube video:

william pepper russ bakerDistinguished Panelists William Pepper and Russ Baker

For years, the Left – or at least the Left leadership – has kept its distance from 9/11 and other truth topics. The 9/11 truth movement began making inroads at the Left Forum about two years or so ago with a small presence, mainly by 9/11 activists Dave Slesinger and Wayne Coste who gave presentations on Islamophobia and the controlled demolition of Building 7.

This year, in conversation with a Left Forum board member, Cheryl was told that our proposed Deep State track “did not align with the Left Forum,” and that the Left Forum was taking an “ecumenical” approach and wanted “diversity.” In light of this unsettling feedback, we carefully worded our panel descriptions with Left Forum conference-description terminology as well as verbiage used by the board member when he spoke with Cheryl.

Prior to the deadline for submission, we worried that our panels might not be accepted. We are happy to report our concerns were all for naught. All six of our Deep State panels were approved without question. We breathed a sigh of relief and informed our out-of-town speakers that, yes, they could now finally book their travel tickets.

In spite of several logistical ups and downs that at the time we viewed with suspicion, at the end of the day, except for the above-mentioned board member, all the other Left Forum organizers we interfaced with went out of their way to help us, and in no way hindered or were politically prejudicial to our panels.

For example, we bought a half-page ad in the program guide for our six Deep State panels, while another 9/11 activist putting on a panel for the 28 pages likewise had purchased a half-page ad. The organizers thoughtfully put both our ads together on the same page. When there was a room re-assignment the organizers had no control over, they proactively edited our ad to reflect the last-minute change, and even provided a partial refund for the ad to compensate for confusion over rooms.

Acts such as this affirmed our assumption that the rank and file Left are far less prejudicial to truth issues than the Left leadership. Truth activists have absolutely been on the receiving end of blatant shut-outs at other Left conferences, so it was gratifying to have experienced positive support by the Left Forum organizers.

About two weeks before the conference, Allan Rees of No Lies Radio in California contacted us and offered to live-stream all six panels. We felt very technically challenged, but Allan superbly guided us through the process, got our computers set up, walked us through a dry-run practice session, managed the live feeds for our remote speakers, and expertly supervised the day-of-event logistics, including sound, camera, and online connections. Thanks to Allan, thousands of people were able to view the presentations in real time. Equally important, the entire world can now access the archived panels on No Lies Radio’s YouTube channel (see links above) or on No Lies Radio archives.

In terms of metrics, the physical attendance at the panels was excellent, especially given the heavy competition with over 200 panels to choose from over the course of two days. The number of attendees at each panel were:

  • 9/11 – 45
  • Terrorism – 41
  • False Flags – 35
  • Assassinations – 28
  • Cointelpro – 25
  • Islamophobia – 21

In addition to the panels, we also had an exhibitor table where we sold books and DVDs and speakers did book-signings. Last year, our fledgling group’s table was located in “Siberia.” This year we were quite pleased to be on the main floor and be able to put forth a strong truth movement presence. A special thanks goes to Fran Karas and Gregory Longo for staffing the table for long stretches while we were involved with the panels.

On Saturday evening, we organized a dinner at a nearby diner for our speakers, volunteers, and other fellow members of the truth movement. Almost 30 people ended up coming. Midway through the evening, activist Deb Lee asked if anyone had noticed the art on the wall. Low and behold, by sheer coincidence, the metal sculpture artwork in our section of the restaurant was of the Twin Towers!

twin towers roomAfter-party in the “Twin Towers Room”

In sum, it was a wonderful, memorable weekend. Renowned speakers got to come together, network with each other, and mix with the public and supportive allies. It was highly successful and, inshallah, we’ll create the same magic again next year at the 2017 Left Forum.



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