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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The 911TAP Action Starter Kit

Written by 911TAP Organizational Development Committee


The 9/11 Truth Action Project (911TAP) is pleased that our recent petition signers, and others, have shown strong interest in volunteering to help with 9/11 Truth outreach. To help convert this interest into action, we have developed a program of material assistance and education to support new volunteer activists.  The program features a starter package of 911TAP street brochures and paper petition forms.  Education and training is also provided to help new 911TAP activists of any experience level to become effective in using the 911TAP materials.

To encourage large-scale participation in this program, 911TAP will ship the brochures and petition forms at no cost to outreach volunteers.  In turn, 911TAP is interested in seeing that these materials are put to the best possible use.  The interests of 911TAP lie primarily in the following areas.

  1. Public education.  As we know, the combined effect of government and mainstream media (MSM) propaganda has convinced a majority of U.S. citizens that the official explanation of 9/11 is essentially correct.  Leading a grassroots education campaign to counteract this misinformation is a 911TAP objective of the highest order.  We need individual 911TAP activist volunteers, educating the public with brochures, knowledge, and determination, to be the heroes of this epic struggle.

  2. Public recruitment.  Based on repeated polling data, it is known that tens of millions of U.S. citizens already understand that the official 9/11 explanation is wrong.  Recruiting a critical mass of this population into active participation in the 9/11 Truth movement is another objective of the highest order.  911TAP activist volunteers, with their brochures  and petition forms are being counted on to achieve this.

  3. Volunteer education.  Individuals who sign up to volunteer with 911TAP bring with them a wide range of 9/11 knowledge and outreach experience.  All activist volunteers are expected to augment this background with eventual mastery of the 911TAP field-tested methods for teaching 9/11 evidence and continuing relevance, and for growing the 911TAP network.  At the same time, improvements to these methods brought in by new volunteers will be highly-prized and adopted.

  4. 911TAP reputation.  911TAP endorses and teaches in a relatively narrow slice of the 9/11 Truth universe, using information that meets high standards of evidence and logic.  All activist volunteers are expected to maintain these standards in their representation of 911TAP.  Volunteers are naturally expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner consistent with what is expected in a typical business workplace.

911TAP is motivated to support all activist volunteers working in the interest of 911TAP as outlined above.  The Action Starter Kit (ASK) consists of 75 brochures + 25 paper petition forms.  Volunteers are asked to distribute the brochures to qualified people (see below) and to make a good-faith effort to recruit petition signers (see below).  Volunteers who collect and return 15 or more completed petitions for each kit are eligible to receive a perpetual supply of no-cost brochures and petition forms to help you continue your good work.  Of course, we are pleased when volunteers with the financial means to pay for these materials do so, so that we can support more people.

9/11 TAP brochures, petition forms and envelope

Action Starter Kit (ASK) Agreement

To make sure that we have the best fit between the needs of 911TAP and the people who receive the ASKs, the following expectations describe the needs of 911TAP.   For people who might be interested in working with these kits, please read the following Action Starter Kit Agreement to determine if you can meet the expectations of a 911TAP volunteer working with the public.

  1. Petition signer.  You have signed the 911TAP Petition on-line at or have signed a 911TAP paper petition.

  2. Email group.  You agree to join the email group for the 911TAP Local Action teams, where we all meet as a community to talk about 9/11 Truth outreach.  As we are all too aware, being a 9/11 Truth advocate can be a lonely business at times.  This email group allows us to connect with other people just like us to share our experiences, practical tips, and moral support.  If you decide to participate in the ASK program, you will be directly added to the email group.

  3. Communication.  You agree to report the status of your outreach at least once a month, either to the Local Action coordinator or to the email group.  It is expected that in some months you may not have any progress because you were busy doing other things, in which case a short note stating so is good enough.  This regular communication is important for keeping everyone connected and feeling like we're all part of the same team.

  4. Brochure distribution.  You agree to distribute the brochures by handing them out to people face-to-face, and not leaving them at places like bulletin boards, etc.  The people who receive them will understand that the brochure is about 9/11 and agree to read it with an open mind, or good critical thinking, or something about as good.  This helps minimize the number of brochures that end up in the trash without being fairly considered.

  5. Petition collecting.  You agree to make your best effort to collect signed petitions while handing out the brochures.  The petitions that you collect will be from people who sign in your presence or who you know personally.  The Local Action coordinator and others in the email group are happy to help you develop your strategy for collecting petitions, and will consult with you on this before you start.  The group is counting on you to collect petitions and join the 911TAP network build-out across the U.S.  You are eligible to receive additional ASKs, on us, as long as you continue sending back more petitions.

  6. Personal conduct.  You agree to conduct yourself as a professional would in a typical work environment.  It can sometimes be challenging to deal with people who reject 9/11 Truth and perhaps say things to provoke us.  You agree to meet this challenge by remaining respectful of everyone you talk to.  You will avoid getting visibly angry, calling people names, raising your voice, and so on.  Instead, you will take the high road with phrases that allow you to maintain control while remaining calm.  For example, you might say something like, “You have a lot to learn, my friend (smiling)” or “We’ll get back to you when you’re ready,” etc.  By treating people this way, we avoid reinforcing stereotypes of Truthers as “fueled by emotion, not facts.”  Remaining calm and respectful makes it more likely that people who are not ready for 9/11 Truth today will be ready for 9/11 Truth tomorrow.

  7. 9/11 evidence.  You agree to represent the 911TAP position on the 9/11 evidence using the evidence taught and endorsed by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).  This evidence is defined by the content of AE911Truth videos and articles, and consists of evidence at the World Trade Center in New York, and positions against unsupported hypotheses such as directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and nuclear blasts.  You also agree to learn and consider using the 911TAP field-tested methods for teaching the evidence that are optimized for  short conversations with the public (see Five Minute Evidence).  Beyond this, you can cover other topics as you’d like, including the Pentagon and Shanksville, provided that your positions are evidence-backed and stated as your own personal opinion, and not a position of 911TAP.  To be clear, 911TAP has no formal position on the events that occurred at the Pentagon and Shanksville.

  8. Assignment of blame.  Even if you are prompted, you agree to avoid making blanket statements of 9/11 culpability on behalf of 911TAP such as, “Bush,” “the neocons,” “Israel,” “the Jews,” etc., were behind 9/11.  You agree to avoid any statement at all that could be interpreted as being anti-Semitic by the general public, as such statements play directly into stereotypes promoted by our adversaries.  It is fair to describe uncontested evidence as just that, “evidence of” involvement by certain individuals or groups.  For example, you might say that the flawed 9/11 investigations are evidence of U.S. government complicity in 9/11, or that the “dancing Israelis” are evidence of Israeli involvement.  Any assertion of 9/11 culpability stronger than this must be stated as your own personal opinion, for which you can provide ready evidence.

  9. Modesty of claims.  On all topics, you agree to do your best to avoid making unnecessarily-strong statements of certainty behind what you claim to be true.  For example, instead of saying that something is “proof” of some conclusion, it is better to say that there is “evidence” for the conclusion, and then describe the evidence.  This less aggressive approach is, first of all, all that we need to get our points across while, at the same time, less likely to evoke emotion-based resistance or even well-considered attacks on the claims that are difficult to rebut in a short amount of time.


The 9/11 Truth movement has reached a crossroads, whereby we must decide if we are satisfied to remain a hobby movement, or if we intend to make a serious effort to win.  911TAP was founded by people who are serious about winning, and is attracting others with the same mindset.  The dedication of 911TAP to this purpose is evident in our painstaking craftsmanship of a comprehensive Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan Article) to identify obstacles to achieving an independent 9/11 investigation and to generate a plausible plan to overcome them.  A cornerstone of this plan is the deployment of a proliferation of very big and very active local action teams throughout the U.S.  The ASK program is part of our response in support of this objective.

The absence of existing action teams in most parts of the country today means that they must be created.  Fortunately, it only takes one person to do this.  911TAP brochures and paper petition forms, and support, provide the means to always be recruiting the next member of your team, even if this would be member number two.  The 911TAP Action Starter Kits (ASKs) are available right now, so that you can be the person to start an action team in your area if no team exists yet.  If a team does exist, then you can integrate the ASK into your team's activities.  Independent of your experience level or financial situation, if you are a person who can walk the walk, then email us at action [AT] 911TAP [DOT] org so that we can get you started.


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